8 Minute Cardio Workout at Home, Exercise Routine & Fitness Training for Fat Burning

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8 Minute Cardio Workout at Home, Exercise Routine & Fitness Training for Fat Burning

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8 Minute Cardio Workout at Home, Exercise Routine & Fitness Training for Fat Burning

Home Butt Workout: Tone & Shape For Beginners | Psychetruth Fitness Training | Dena Austin

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PsycheTruth says:

Are You #Cold ?!?!
Get your Hot n Sweaty ON With Dina Maddie’s 8 minute Cardio!!

You know you LOVE IT!!!

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Miss_MusicXOXO says:

I love this video so much I feel so great after I do it, I do it every
night its awesome

linh america says:

your legs are amazing

Ann-marie Graham says:

love this
will be coming back daily

keyboardchicken says:

you have a sexy body

David Sweeney says:

Its great when we get a Dena video, she is the best, right down to the last
millisecond ;)

Deep Subedi says:

It would be a shame for you not to melt fat when these people accomplish
it easily with Skinnimaker System (go google it).

Briana Horton says:

Only 5 min but yet this workout kicked my ass i will surely be coming back
to this

Olivia H says:

when you keep saying to like it, it makes me want to shoot my laptop and
burn it so would you PLEASE STOP IM SCOTT HOY

ReaperGamingDK says:

I’m about to loose some weight to get six pack abs, but how effective is
this? if i’m 15 and my weight is 59.0kg and want to loose 10 or so just i
can see my abs, is this effective for me?

Mandakini Roy says:

share some exercises to reduce the breast … i so want to do it….plss

justanotheryummymumm says:

belly hips and thighs!!! :(

Nathaniel Guerreiro says:

subscribe me and watch my new workout video. hope you enjoy

Bryn Roy says:

This is Great. Im a pro athlete and am in good shape but always seem to
find a way to make myself feel guilty for not doing more. This is an
awesome home workout! I do this one and your 8 minute abs.

Alex Hurtado says:

Nice workout for busy people like me:) tnks

lfinney11 says:

Im jiat starting out with this “healthy” life thing. This was my second
workout… I’m dying over here. Sheesh. Thats awesome. I feel good

yuukowolf says:

That was great! Thank you :D

Magie Sugue says:

This is good…love this workout.

George Baskharon says:

she doesn’t look that fit to me

Cesar Moreno says:

whoooooooooooooooooooooooooooo awesome!

TIffany Oakes says:

That is rude, rude, rude. What you said is totally inappropriate. If you do
not like her video, then don’ t watch.

derekperez43 says:

I threw up doing this. Like literally maybe cuz i ate 20 minute before i

Dena Young says:

check out my website for recipes and motivational quotes! It’s
todayIwillbefit DOT C O M

Dena Maddie says:

That’s awesome good job!

Brittany Hitchcock says:

I just started this workout and the 8 minute ab workout yesterday. Omg I
never realized how out of shape I am!! I’m trying to lose 10 Ibs.. and get
more fit.. I want abs lol.. is that a good option? Doing both of these
workouts everyday?

Shelley Hooper says:

Modify the squat jump with just a simple squat or something else. As a rule
I wouldn’t add in a squat jump to my routine unless I knew the person could
execute a perfect squat technique first and pain free. Your knee pain could
be associated with with an issue with the knee, weak muscles or could stem
from hips or other joints to which muscles cross over. Try some isolated
exercises for the hams, quads, calves etc to see if that helps your knee

Keith Horan says:

Some great tips. =)

Dena Young says:

Thank you! Also don’t forget about your nutrition, as diet and exercise
combined are the best way to be healthy and stay fit!

Andriy Kombolov says:

Hello! I’m Kayla.I did -45 lbs in one week.More here aidadiet.com

Dena Young says:

You’re very welcome! thanks for commenting :)

erica ely says:

your good i wish you was in portland or

Tomas Tomavykas says:

It would be a shame if you did not bulk up when these other people are able
to get ripped so easily with Morsch Muscle Madness (Google it).

ella hood says:

Love this work out and the fact that you do it aswell and not just give us
instructions! I’ve only recently started working out and have found that
this is easy enough to start of with thanks :)

Rachel Laansma says:

welcome to hell

Naomi Fuentes says:

This helps alot

Poviis says:

Is this only for ladies?

Toffnm says:

Telling someone to go kill themselves is not cool, dude, even if you don’t
like her voice.

hottybabe88 says:

With the squat jumps are your knees meant to hurt?? Because my did

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