4 Rules to Lose Body Fat Quickly

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4 Rules to Lose Body Fat Quickly

Today i am gonna mention 4 basic rules that can help you lose body fat quickly,so if you wanna remove belly fat ,fat around your butt, thighs and arms then following these four rules can really help to lose body fat easily and quickly.
Number 1 – Make sure that you incorporate multi joint exercises into your exercise routine as they work on multiple muscle groups together and help burn more amount of calories in lesser amount of time.So stop wasting time doing crunches and side bends as they burn very less amount of calories and are poor choice of exercises if your goal is to lose body fat.Squats,Clean & Press,Dumbbell Swing etc are all examples of multi joint exercises.
Number 2 – Eat Smaller and Quantity and Frequently – Anytime you eat large quantity of food whatever is needed by the body gets utilized and the extra which is not utilized will get stored as body fat.In the video i have explained that if your calorie requirement at a particular point of time is 300 calories and instead you eat 1000 calories then the extra 700 calories will get stored as body fat as it not utilized.Eating frequently also helps to lose body as every time you eat your body has to put an effort to break it down, so if you eat 7 meals a day then your body has to work 7 times a day to break it down.
Number 3 – Increase your Protein Intake – Protein helps you to build muscle and muscle enhances your metabolic rate which in turn helps you lose body fat quickly. So consume lots of protein like chicken,cottage cheese,fish,soya and even protein shakes.
Number 4 – Avoid all Processed Food – Now not all processed food is bad but most of them are especially the ones which are high in sugar,white flour,high fructose corn syrup and trans fatty acids.So you gotta avoid all chocolates,pizza,pasta,burgers which consist of refined sugar,white flour etc. which is the reason why you have accumulated body fat.I find it funny when people go on a strict diet to lose body fat and then by the end of the day they still have that one small piece of chocolate thinking how bad it can be …it is bad coz no matter what amount you eat …..its going straight to your thighs/butt/stomach :-)))))

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Isobel West says:

It is advisable to regularly monitoring your weight, setting realistic
goals getting helps from family and friends to lose excess weight properly.

Debashish Mandal says:

Thumbs up for an Arsenal Fan. :D



Korban Ali says:

Best way to lose weight is have hard core sex. 

shacharit22 says:

What should i eat instead of pasta and white flour ? it’s a big part of my
diet right now..
what is not considered as processed food? for example ,for lunch?

Omkar Devasthali says:

Hello Raghav, I have mailed you with my queries. Please reply as soon as

Isabella Conway says:

No ­one is able to burn fat without risk with­out having ex­ercise
cor­rectly and handle the diet. Pills and drugs includes harmful

rukshan nilanga says:

It would be a shame for you not to shed pounds when other people burn fat
easily using Fat Blast Furnace (Google it).

Roneisha Clark says:

Can I loose 4% body fat in a week? 

Chathura Wellington Wijewantha says:

hey bro u workout at a gym or home gym?

David Quintana says:


mub9087 says:

great explanation!!

spookyoyster says:

Great job Raghav!!

HorsePower_FirePower says:

The Indian accent made me believe him more then anything 

fit Trainer says:

Bdft % reduce with weights 

Raghav Pande's XCell Fitness says:

4 Rules to Lose Body Fat Quickly

Sashi Ghising says:

You bet !

Raghav Pande's XCell Fitness says:

Thx Soni ..check out more on my website :-)

Raghav Pande's XCell Fitness says:

Cool that’s a great progress…for more check out Body Transformation
Program on my website :-)

10000diamondeyes says:

Hey man. I would highly recommend green smoothies. Take green vegetables
(lettuce, kale, cucumbers, celery, broccoli, etc.) and throw them in a
blender with some water and a fruit or two. This stuff will give you more
energy than cocaine I swear haha And its HEALTHY! What do you have to lose.
Give it a shot!

gnne house says:

regard small quatity and more meal per day. if 6 meal total compare to 3
meal, if both total calories intake are same. the amount of energy use to
break down the food will be the same right?

Raghav Pande's XCell Fitness says:

Hey aspen …..well i personally avoid all white flour based products..yes
i do consume whole wheat flour at times mixed with extra fiber in it ..for
more check out my website :-)

Raghav Pande's XCell Fitness says:

Thx Amir :-) …for more check out my website :-)

Harish Varman says:

White Flour…? Is it consist of bread…?

Raghav Pande's XCell Fitness says:

Cool ….for more check out my website :-)

Geronish says:

Nice vid Raghav, something i really wanna ask, if i were to go on a cut, am
i suppose to have about 10-20% calorie deficit daily or there should be one
or two days a week where i should have normal or maybe a surplus calorie
amount? If i were to want to preserve as much muscles and lose as much fat
possible! I visit the gym frequently(5-6 days a week) too!

TheFreshReaper says:


nimby25 says:

You explanation are so straightforward yet very accurate. And your videos
dont consume alot of time also! Thank you for your effort into helping out

RPLAYER5588 says:

thanx for the video raghav i will begin these all steps can u tell
something more to remove lazyness so that i can begin this soon

TheOracle101 says:

Hi Raghav, Thank you for your videos! I normally do weight training
(everything: biceps, triceps, legs, chest, etc) for 3 sets of 10-12 reps
each. After my full body workout for weights, I go on the treadmill for
about 15 minutes and just do a run and then finish it off. I do this for
about 3-4 days a week. My goal is to lose body fat AND build muscle. So is
it better to do cardio before or after weights? I use lighter weights for
warmups and then increase the weight on each body part.

krishna bhandari says:

Protein and Masterbation. Can you relate that Raghav ?

Raghav Pande's XCell Fitness says:

Sure… try home made egg rolls,paneer filling in multigrain sandwich :-)

Trey Schumy says:

Hey guys, I’ve gain muscle mass very fast and easy By following the best
customized nutrition plan from MAXIDALE.com Lose fat and gain muscle Follow
MAXIDALE.COM for best results This is 30 minutes a diet and gain muscle

rohan sharma says:


Shuffle3dition says:

Doesn’t make sense, what the actual fuck dude

Sudhanshu Gautam says:

Brother…. You are a GOD GIFT…. Thumbs up

Raghav Pande's XCell Fitness says:

Hi David …not not everyday man as muscles need rest , if you do these
exercises everyday then chances on injury are extremely high plus your body
cannot sustain these exercises on regular basis …you need to cycle your
training from time to time ..for now i would say max thrice a week ….for
more check out Body Transformation Program on my website :-)

kuldeep baria says:

Very helpful video thanx man i want to know that how much calories shud be
in each meals means if my requirement is 3000 calorie how much of calorie i
have to consume in each meal

Harry Isa says:

yeah.skinny guy with some belly. not sure but it seems hard a bit to lose
last bit of belly fat for me.maybe it takes longer time than normal person
i guess

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