The Best Way to Burn Fat Running : Gain Muscle & Get Fit

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The best way to burn fat while running requires you to think very closely about what is actually going on during the run. Find out about the best way to burn fat while running with help from an experienced physician in this free video clip.

Expert: Charlie Seltzer
Filmmaker: Brandon Somerton

Series Description: Working out isn’t just about losing weight – it can also be about gaining muscle. Gain muscle through workouts with help from an experienced physician in this free video series.


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Anne J. Anderson says:

Everybody can increase more than 10 pounds lean muscle in 8 weeks and get

Karen M. Baker says:

I’ve discovered a tested program that can help you gain 10 pounds lean
muscle in 2 months from today no matter how fat or skinny you are.

Abelia Clissett says:

“You are what you eat”
You actually can burn fat quicker, more effective by eating the real good

Adham Horani says:

Thank you so much you really helped me im gonna follow your guides for my
whole life…..
And mohamd jmal go bar brothers…
Cuz im14 years to and i follow there guides they have great routines to
workout without gym or any supplise exept than the floor and the bar!! :)
have a good day…..

Jamie O'Hara says:

How long do I run a day

Alex Sharma says:

This Almost-Magical Exercise Regimen builds muscle faster than steroids. Go
and Google Ready Set Ripped to find out more.

محمد جمال says:

I am 14 years old can you tell me what is the age to build muscles I don’t
if it 17 or 16 help!

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