How To Lose Belly Fat – 5 Reasons You Can’t Burn Your Belly Fat

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Want to learn how to lose belly fat? Here are the top 5 reasons you can’t burn you belly fat. Stop wasting your time and watch this video :)

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-Vince Delmonte

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kikkirow says:

I have been eating well and dieting for 4 years… I still have a belly… 

GenuinePuncher says:

“Cardio is gonna make you from a Big pear to a small pear” LOL!

Ricky Monterrosa says:

Carido And weight lifting go hand in hand when losing fat. But cardio does
not only burn calories but also helps your circulation and heart. I don’t
understand why people are so against cardio. Cardio is on of the best
things you can do for your body. Sure, you can be all muscular and massive
but what’s the point if you can’t even last 5 minutes jogging? We often
tend to only focus on training our biceps , traps, pecs etc. but we seem to
be forgetting that the heart is probably the most important muscle in your

hiscibus says:

dude i am so sick of hearing contradicting points… I THOUGHT CARDIO WAS

ffgou says:

sources stress = not growing big OR not losing fats

Tom Smith says:

I’m sorry but if you can’t run around the block without panting or stopping
for air there is no reason to be working out. Being in shape is what people
should want, not just muscle. That’s why I lift weights then run at a
incline at a decent pace for 5 minutes after lifting.

Khalid Alsulaiman says:


Philip Joseph says:

i do ab workout everyday n im gud results on my upper ab part but my belly
fat is about d same wat should i do

Nataliya Litvinonko says:

“You are what you eat”
You really can burn fat quicker, more efficient by eating the truth good

manjit rana says:

Are you making these awful mistakes in your diet? Go Google Ready Set Belly
Blast to find out.

darknaster88 says:

wtf is this guy saying its bs that stress and sleep blocks you of not
having belly fat

Kevin Kennedy says:

No offense Vince, to lose a belly.. cut beer, bread , start running three
days a week, and do a sit-up routine that involves obliques. You have to be
more straight forward with abs, act like your in Boot Camp. 

Eric Hartman says:

Vince is spot on

wildnaturebeauty says:

guy with belly teaches how to loose belly fat hahaha

neeru maka says:

To ordinary people who want to get skinnier some day, Go and Google
Skinnimaker System and get started.

Craig B says:

In my experience, stress seems to be one of the biggest causes of belly
fat. Stress causes cortisol. Cortisol breaks down lean muscle tissue and
cause more fat. Especially in the abdominal region. Along with the interval
training, diet and other tips in this video… make sure you get your
stress under control.

RL387 says:

He looks like vataly

Badr Kwaik says:


Robert cacao says:

i hear ya…. i was 292. in 2011.. now im 174 .. 6’1.. i did alot of
things. tryed everything.. even counted calories… 174 is good, but not
for me. i lost alot of lean muscle counting calories, i know this now..
ooops.. im very weak now, i need some sort of plan…

dbzlover27 says:

This all sounds good, but guess what? I’m 5’10”, 153, about 15% bodyfat,
and i have a huge gut. I eat PERFECTLY, ONLY healthy food, no soda, beer,
junk food, sugar, anything and i still have a gut. I’m so lean everywhere
else it makes no fucking sense. i have veins in my arms and biceps. i do
cardio 4 days a week, at least, and i weight train like 4 to 5 days a

Colleen Turner says:

Don�t waist much time here have a look at VISIT MY CHANNEL FOR MY FAT LOSS
SECREAT SLIMBODY dot UScoz my needs also stopped here finally got 42 lbs
loose in my weight in 10 days 

Vince DelMonte says:

Cut out ALL processed foods. Replace them with whole, unprocessed foods.
Also eat lots of veggies.

alex dejesu says:

dont you mean june

luis60290145 says:

Can you please help me with a routine? Im 15 5’5 160 lbs and 14-15% body
fat. Im trying to get down to 10% but i cant. I have been gaining muscle
but no fat loss. I will tell you my weekly workout plan and diet but can
you please help me??

Alex says:

how do uou lose lovehandles??

Robert cacao says:

ok so yeah i was 276,, yeah i got diabetes, sucks for me but oh well..
everyone has a quick fix, cause they wanna make money, why do you think
your system is better than others…

mfk12340 says:

I diet and the cardio I do is just a hard sprint, I sprint till I can not
even stand up anymore, it doesn’t seem to work.

KinkyCactusFace says:

Love the attitude.

Gage Bernal says:

Hello, I’m trying to lose some body fat in my abdominal area, and I have
been doing the workout, “Insanity” for about 3 months now. I’ve lost a lot
of weight, but I’m looking to improve my diet, and all of the little things
to help out. I mainly need help on the diet part. I don’t know when to take
in carbs, how much fat I should have, and what I need to lose the last
twenty pounds. I am 5′ 11, about 180lb. Thanks!

Fasttobeslim says:

does your programme help to lose overall weight? Im a female and I had two
babies and I still have a belly and Im overweight. Thanks.

joseph says:

lolzz and the other guy moella mad funny lmao i feel u tho

snakelock2007 says:

Vince looks stale in this video compared to now.

James Wilson says:

This Guy Vince is so cool ! He’s the “Real Deal” ,his routines and
knowledge is First rate and his Physique is Too !

jonisha thapa says:

Put Your Comment Here–Spintax Does Work

Mike Money says:

How soon after a session is too soon to workout again? Not the same body

eleven0xi says:

man I love this guy I’m gonna subscribe a lot of usefull information, thank

ZebraF4CE says:

nice quality

Vince DelMonte says:

Never EVER give up hope. Nothing ever happens in your body or in your life
without a reason. Shoot me an email and let’s see what’s going on.

odyzevs says:

Yes, but eating 5000 calories a day will not. Besides, you can’t target fat
deposits. Your body will eat fat equally over your body. Genes have a small
role here, but don’t you spew some crap at me saying you CAN’T because of
your genetics. Don’t be a lazy cunt.

Vince DelMonte says:

Cardio is catabolic in nature when done in excess. That is what I am
getting at.

Vince DelMonte says:

Cardio is catabolic in nature when done in excess. That is what I am
getting at.

Jasmine Gutierrez says:

Hello there :)…i am an 18 year ild female…im getting a “beer belly” i
don’t know how to get rid of it…i want to do something before it gets
worst…what would you recommend?

sainglain says:

Good mention of SLEEP – your muscles develope after a hard workout the
longer you Sleep.

Anders Behring Breivik says:


Vince DelMonte says:

Great. Thanks for the post!

moella11 says:

I wanna kick this guy in the balls for some reason

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