How to lose and burn chest fat man boobs

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You have to be consistent stay in a caloric deficit day after day is ok to have cheat days or cheat meals once in awhile. And remember is only overeating that gets us fat. Cardio and weight training will help you reach your goals faster. Be consistent


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Bob says:

I’m 13, 152 lb, flabby belly and man boobs, don’t look fat with a shirt on.
Any suggestions?

EnvyNinja says:

I’m 9 years old, 327lbs. Any suggestions

greg f says:

im 14, 5,7 and weigh 164, and tips on losing weight? much appreciated. 

NFLPumpkinKicker says:

it sounds like he says die instead of die

Paramanic Ireland says:

I am 6′ 4, and weigh 232 lbs, am I overweight? If so, how much should I

xPoseidonsxTridentx says:

i am 14 weighing 315 pound. suggestions???

GuitarGuitarGuitable says:

*I agree you **+eval222000** One of its greatest points is that it is
*powerful w/o applying laser devices, medicines or something different*
*which is possibly dangerous. The only technique this system applies*
*a workout w/c confirmed to get rid of cellulite naturally just tat quick.
*tried it myself and it was great.*

YoLoBROL0L says:

Im 12 189 pounds help me pls. Fat manboobs

Darwin Sanchez says:

I’m 12 and weight 140lbs any suggestions 

Deine Mutzter says:

u have no man boobs. U have man tits. AHAHAHAHA

Esar Persaud says:

I am 14 and weight 200
Lbs and 6.1feet tall

El Tiburón says:

How can you tell the difference between man boobs caused by actual fat and
man boobs caused by gynecomastia?

Gabe gamer says:

im 10 i wait 120 im 5 foot my man boobs i hate themm plz help me

Sea FX says:

I hate my Man Boobs and Belly, Ass Fat, I don’t know what to do :( I’m only
16, I wish I had no Ass, Belly and Chest Fat…. 

andre rowe says:

aww hes so…imma try what u say

Abelia Clissett says:

“You are what you eat”
You actually can burn fat faster, more effective by eating the real good

TheBeast Incarnate says:

You can’t lose the fat no matter what if you have gyno

Marco Samir says:

Hwy I’m 17 … I have alot of fats on boobs ….. but I cant get red of
them ……. suggestion. ?!!!!

79God says:

men that are bulky look better when they loose the fat. cardio is key dont
fuck with the weights anymore

NamskramEht says:

Your eyelashes make you look like a girl

mike white says:

Where in the what deficit?

Shak3n"not"Stired says:

I work out 4 hours a day every day and have a healthy diet but there are no
changes any suggestions? I am the strongest lifter on the team should I
drop the weight and do light reps instead? 

Arron Deon says:


Staroy AK says:


GMAD11 says:

If you die who cares about your “moobs” …. Hmmm?

saurabh singh says:

Disliked because of creepy arse thumbnail. 

Abdul HAMID says:

It’s so hard to diet someone please give me tips :)

Jeffery Pendergrass says:

What type of diet

grifftrain says:

I like the way this guys tells it to you straight. He doesn’t promise
miricles, or overnight fixes.. But he still tells you it can be done if you
are disciplined. Thanks for your video 

dinoideas DINOBLADER says:

I want a fat free flat chest not a muscular one .wat do u suggest

Gibberish Gamer says:

Weight about 140 pounds, man boobs and a disgusting gut. Anyone else lol

Nayan Rai says:

Have you tried Skinnimaker System? (Go google it) It is a quick and easy
way to shed pounds fast.

grifftrain says:

Hello… Please explain caloric deficit to me. I think I know what it is,
but I would like someone to explain it to me in simple terms. 

David Flores says:

Back to bench press:/

Mandi Bennett says:

interesting… NOT!!

yousuf muhamad says:

thanks alex

prabash Kumara says:

Hiya, have you experienced Ready Set Ripped? (Go Google it) You will
discover the serious crimes we commit against ourselves. With Ready Set
Ripped, you will discover how to get ripped quickly.

Thelegitrager says:

I built muscle under my fat so my man boobs got bigger 

Pedro Cazarez says:

Thanks for the tip im going to try it 

الناصر لدين الله says:

where is the exercise ? 

Dujuan Mask says:

You sure came out swinging

Suffering Lion says:

Fuck im just lazy and i like to eat food that is with a lot of fat only
vegetable i like is tomato so i dont eat any salad 

Eli Presley says:

@Mr *Don’t Feel Yourself As A Failure…You Can Now Change Your Destiny And
Vanish Man Boobs PERMANENTLY!*

Kieran Rehbein says:

It’s so hard man am 15 years old am trying I will take what you said and do
it thanks man

daniel ramirez says:

Is the voice on the video slowed way down for anyone else? 

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