How To Burn Fat Fast With HIIT Cardio “Suicides” Sprint Drills (Big Brandon Carter)

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High-intensity interval training (HIIT)sprint interval training, is an enhanced form of interval training, an exercise strategy alternating periods of short intense anaerobic exercise with less-intense recovery periods. When I Do HIIT cardio I normally only do it 9–20 minutes. These short, intense workouts improve athletic ability and condition, increase metabolism, and burn fat WAY faster that traditional cardio. There are many ways to do HIIT. You can do hit buy sprinting, jumping, Jumping Rope, and many other ways.

Sprinting To Burn Fat Fast – How To Get Ripped With HIIT Cardio (Big Brandon Carter)
How To Burn Fat Fast With HIIT Cardio “Suicide” Sprint Drills (Big Brandon Carter)


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Philly Blunt says:

Lol…we used to do these on soccer fields 5-10 times at the end of
practice…oh, and we would run a couple miles before practice as a warm
up…talk about murder

chinacane says:

I totally forgot about these. I’ll start this weekend.
Jogging is for old people? Try doing a hilly 5K in less than 18 mins.

Albrecht A.H says:

Guys, If I do Hiit cardio with some weights, even in my core or my arms and
legs, does it have better results? Yes or no? and In which way? XD I really
need to know that. Thanks

gavino thegreat says:

sprints cant hurt, but this guy had liposuction and did roids, so expect to
do the same for same look

Danny Saldana says:

I’m in a boxing gym and first we run all the way to the back wall like 5 or
8 times then we do 3 or 4 suicides and then we do 1 suicide with 10
push-ups,10 mountain climbers, 10 burpees and 20 punches talk about a pain
in the ass Cx

Random White Dude says:

Does this lose muscles? 

Alexander Anachkov says:

1. Do 5 of those
2. Lay down
3. Try not to throw up.
4. Throw up
5. Go home and cry
^ My story :D

Jake McCoy says:

0:41 I hope you were tired right there. Otherwise, you’re slow.

ian tay says:

i liked this video because of that ,

” i dont jog man , jog is for old people. ”


Mizza Deca says:

Why does that burn fat better? 

Theo Dunnett says:

at my school we do this ten times on rugby pitch but every time yo hit a
line you do 10 push ups

spdy1020 says:

LOL at the end I thought he was going to say something else.

3089280288 says:

5-10 times? one minute rest? Are you crazy?

pramod anuja Wickramasinghe says:

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Formula so you can get started

Subash Shrestha says:

Copy and paste into google Muscle Maker Method to find out how a unique
discovery made an average guy ripped.

carda rai says:

This Almost-Magical Workout Regimen gets regular guys built up easy. Copy
and Paste Into Google Muscle Maker Method to find out more.

John Moore says:

‘jogging is for old people’ lmao man gotta love life.. sub?

Stetson Clement says:

in basketball we do these but first we run to the foul line do some stupid
thing than the halfcourt and 25 jumping jack than other foul line for high
knees than we do a suicide

sexyndacityable says:

You are fine. Damn I would sprint as many times you say to

kadayalee chisolm says:

yu have ig or a number lol my ig is

oeawan janmanee says:

Go google Skinnimaker System and you’ll realize how some foods ‘explode’ in
your stomach.

3089280288 says:

there’s different ways to do it

shaikh sadique says:

Technically known as german drill

Al Red says:

yo homie i was wondering what can you do to get better at arm wrestling
then i was like “ohhhh shiiiiit big b should know this”

Oscar Lozoya says:

i took a soccer class n they did that but when they hit the baseline they
do a set of pushups or situps.

Marcelo Flores says:

a fuck, i only rested for 30 seconds, i forgot it was a minute. sheeeit

Brandon Carter says:

lol check my video on forearms, that will help A LOT with arm wrestling.
also check out a movie called “Over The Top” on netflix lol

Brandon Carter says:

lol thanks for your support bro! it really means a lot!

II II says:

gu run than m8, do not advertise on somebody else his vid

Tomasz Prochownik says:

What are the best practice on jump according to you?? Great video.I follow u

HeartHunter says:

every time i look at your body i get motivated

Nayden Kovachev says:

what’s the distance that you cover from the baseline to the 1st,2nd,3rd,4th
line ? Thanks in advance bro !

Unrealbarracuda says:

Damn brandon got bitches wantin to hop on dat D!

Brandon Carter says:

thanks homie!

Vincent Dohna says:

I would be interested how Big Brandon Carter sees da world!

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