Fat Burning Cardio Workout – 37 Minute Fitness Blender Cardio Workout at Home

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FitnessBlender says:

Hi Guys! Doing this workout right now!

FitnessBlender says:

What is it that you guys like best about this workout video? Tell me, and I
will make more like it!

Universal035 says:

When you workout, how is that suppose to build up your confidence?

Dendoi Akuu says:

Hi! I’m 17 yrs old weighs 50 kg, do I still have to do this workout for me
to loose my weight to 45 kg? Thanks :)

Wei Shen says:

This past few days,I was motivated to lose fat and burn some of it. I
decided to workout first with this video. And this is soo fuckin hard so
nahhhh..I’ll just quit

Emily Lockwood says:

26:50 i burnes 225 or 406 kcal ?

Kiwa says:

*I mainly feel the power in my legs?*
I’ve been doing this for a few days now, and almost never feel different
anywhere else in my body but my legs?
Does this still mean I’m losing fat in the other parts of my body?
Please respond!

Jessica Murillo says:

I am committed to losing weight this workout is great I’ll be doing it 3-4
times a week :) has anyone here lost weight doing video exercises?

Liz Taylor says:

Do you burn the same calories if you take breaks during the workout? 

Sinister woop says:

males can do this workout right? I am sorry I just want to get any doubt
out of the way that will stop me from dedicating my self to this workout.
Someone respond!

Chancito Evers says:


AndrijAna Obradovic says:

can sameone explain me what is the difference between the first and the
second calories? 

Sherry Itaou says:


DeadBread says:

so at first i thought this was going to be easy…
6 minutes and 21 seconds in i had to stop because i felt like my legs were
about to fall off.

Shayla Martin says:

loved the workout. Stopped after 20 mins. I suck. Thank you

rachana lama says:

So cardio is basically a way to burn fat but not gain muscle, right?

Cat Lynne says:

YAY I finally made it through with only stopping on the break part to get
water! And I did some of the jogging on the rest parts (I was only
shuffling my feet before) I’m hoping I’ll get good enough to do some HIIT
training eventually. I remember doing this vid for the first time and
stopping after every 2 exercises and that was w/o the jogging. But I
started doing the beginner cardio vid and it got a little easy and now I’m
so proud this is getting to where I can really do it!

Aaron M says:

This isn’t hard it just makes you super hot and causes you to sweat!

Sms Mchunu says:

I should consider cancelling my gym membership…… This is awesome

Janette Lopez says:

how many calories does this burn?

JohnsonKayla12 says:

Made it to 18 minutes today, plan to go through the whole workout tomorrow.
Thanks to the people sharing how much weight they lost from this x Its a
big motivation :)

Lana sos says:

OMG i totally love this workout
But I really need anyone’s help… So I’m 13 and recently in Summer break I
ate a lot of junk food with friends. I’m trying to get in shape again
because my basketball coach wants to position me in point guard again…
The thing is I’m getting out of breathe in only 14 mins!!! What do u think
I should do to get back in shape?
Basket ball season starts around Nov 20 >< (Point guard need to constantly run back in forth throughout the game)

Gabby Cee says:

I’m 14, 123lbs. With a few of these workouts I hope I’ll be 110 – 115 by
the end of the summer to improve my running abilities. Great videos,

jessica mckenzie says:

I can only make it to 22 minutes 

PVZGirl says:

I’m 12 and I weight 50kg, ik I’m really fat. I’m gonna start doing this
everyday and drink water I also heard lemon water is healthy? I have most
of the fat in my belly and legs. Pls can someone tell me if this will make
me lose weight and I’m 163cm tall so yeah… pls don’t have bad replies I
know I’m fat and I dint like my body either :( also does playing and
running also make u lose weight

beep272 says:

after this workout i always look like i´ve had sex..:D

Ant Woods says:

Yes great video 

Oliwia Eliasz says:

I love it:)

MouseeCoverz says:

Will this make my tummy flat? I’m about 90 pounds but have a little bump on
my tummy and want to get rid of it also how can I make my face slimmer ??

Neptune Gaming says:

I can’t breathe from 37 mins.I’m so fat :(
14 year- 52 kilos,1 meter 60

MrsKurry says:

I made it till 12:34 at first try although I’m obese. I am so proud of
myself. ^-^

Julia Jackson says:

Um yeah I’m 12 going into the 7th grade and I want to lose weight and kid
exercises arent working so I tried this and it worked a lot I use to weigh
197 pounds now I weigh 176 pounds by doing these everyday I’m really proud
of myself.

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