FAT BURN ULTRA. BOOTCAMP taebo amped jump cardio

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marifer lucero says:

y si no tengoo el paliitooo ese .. ???
con un palo de escoba o ke ??

derya öner says:

I love your workout!!

Cassy Charles says:

did anyone lose weight from this workout?

Danny Gomez says:


Red Reed says:

How amazing you are . 

Raquel Garcia says:

Genial rutina! hace sudar bastante con el esfuerzo necesario

Gloria Patricia García R. says:

Si quieres rebajar, estos ejercicios debes realizar

Gladys nicolich abud says:

estos ejersicios son geniales buenisimo

Cassy Charles says:

ce sport est bestial!!! o.O

manoj ms says:

To folks who want to get thinner eventually, Go google Fat Blast Furnace so
you can get started


Super:)estoy feliz

kavidu srinuwan says:

Just google Skinnimaker System and you’ll discover why particular foods
‘explode’ in your stomach.

rio rawan says:

جدا جميل ومفيد ايضا اشكرك فعلا 

carlos fuller says:

Billy still rock:-) 

Cynthia Genao says:

I love u billy u the best GOD bless u

timo kopo says:

Have you seen the weight losing system that lies hidden in your body. Just
google Fat Blast Factor to activate it.

Saa Ndya says:

nice one! i stopped twice (needed to breathe lol) but it was good! i really
like his workouts

Kitty Sanchez says:

I love taebo ? I work out with him everyday?

alexsandro xisto says:

Amei o seu vídeo.

Kevin Brooks says:

Love taebo! I just got amped!

sooraj alanal says:

very good for diabetics

MaRy San says:

Este Profesor tiene buenas técnicas que permite al cuerpo quemar muchas

Gaquin Audrey says:

thank you Billy!!! it s a great gift you are giving us, thanks for all the
encouragments. you video are wonderful! i m french, from Paris. your advise
and workout are precious worldwide!!!

gleydi castellon says:

se puede hacer todos los dias?

lalayna ww says:

tae bo rocks!

Tito Quiroga says:

Con la aeròbica propuesta por este buen hombre (Billy Blanks) me siento en
inmejorable condiciòn fìsica y mental a mis 65.
Lo fusiono con mis entrenamientos de karate shorin ryu…grandes resultados

albertmarble says:

the best!

mayada79 says:

Omg. I love you

Luluu Franco says:
lulicheva says:

ONE, two, THREE, four, FIVE, six, SEVEN, eight.. :)

Valeria Luz says:


Ty Wills says:

whats the song that plays @ 31:20 wheres yo action where yo power i like it

coso mocoso says:

cuanto peso pueden perder hacndo esto 5 veces a la semana? o cuantas
calorias quemas con esto? :) how weight you can lose if you do this five
days at week? or how many calories do you lose?

Seferina SOSA says:


Doris Rudolf says:

gracias comenzar la semana, con estos ejercicios, hace mucho bien, cariños

Renee L. says:

Love this video supplements and a good diet helps but when you combine
exercise you are on point there are too many lazy people who don’t wont to
put in the work but want results, it took time to get out of shape and it
will take time and dedication to get back in shape !

Jephias Mundondo says:

Great workout, love it

Grosu Cornel says:

You do a very god job gays,y really like your videos,bat y also recommend
adder very god method ” adf.ly/3926760/muscle-maximizer ” try this with

Sandra Francisco says:

it annoys me that they are counting all the time…

manowar40 says:

I have been doing this workout for a month alternating with the 8 minute
workout depending on how much time during the day I have.There is a huge
improvement to my arms,core and legs,and endurance.Keep with it people,Be
encouraged ..it works!!!

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