Extreme Total Body Fat Burning Workout | Level 3- BeFit in 30 Extreme

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Extreme Total Body Fat Burning Workout | Level 3 from BeFit in 30 Extreme is an explosive full-body workout that employs a unique blend of strength-training, plyometric, and aerobic exercises to elevate the metabolism to burn calories, increase endurance, challenge the core, and tone the abs, arms, legs, glutes, shoulders, chest, and obliques through 3 high-intensity cardio circuits consisting of 4 moves each, with only brief rest periods separating them. Prepare to enkindle your fat-burning potential and fight through the burn with Fitness Expert & Professional Trainer, Susan Becraft as she provides inspiration and leads you to a lean and shapely physique in this fiery segment from the all new third and final level of the “BeFit in 30 Extreme” program, that takes you through a series of effective, high-energy moves such as push jerks, jump squats, rotating planks, jump lunges, burpees, push-ups, single leg strikes, power jacks, mountain climbers, snatches and squat holds. You will need a set of dumbbells, a towel, and a bottle of water to complete this workout that can be done anywhere. Adjust this routine to any skill level by trying the modifications that demonstrated in the segment as well as adjusting reps, rest periods, or height of jumps. Look and feel your best with this effective, free, new system and create a stronger, leaner, and healthier new you. See below for a complete list of workout moves, time codes, and suggested reps. Click here to tune in to the BeFit in 30 Extreme playlist for new workouts featuring Scott Herman and Susan Becraft: http://bit.ly/UomNG3
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Circuit 1: * (15 Seconds Rest After Each Move)
[2:08] Push Jerks 60 Seconds/ Maximum Reps
[2:14] Jump Squat W/ Rotation 60 Seconds/ Maximum Reps (Alternate Sides)
[2:23] High Knee Touches 60 Seconds/ Maximum Reps (Alternate Sides)
[2:30] Burpees To Push Up 60 Seconds/ Max Reps
Circuit 2: * (15 Seconds Rest After Each Move)
[7:43] Single Leg Strike 60 Seconds/ Max Reps (30 Seconds Per Leg)
[7:48] Single Leg Tuck 60 Seconds/ Max Reps (30 Seconds Per Leg)
[7:54] Mountain Climbers to Burpees 60 Seconds/ 4 Reps into non jump burpees
[7:59] Plank Tuck-Ins 60 Seconds/ Maximum Reps (Alternate Sides)
Circuit 3: * (15 Seconds Rest After Each Move)
[13:08] Power Jacks 60 Seconds/ Max Reps
[13:13] Alternating Snatch 60 Seconds/ Max Reps (Alternate Sides)
[13:21] Plank with Rotation 60 Seconds/ Max Reps (Alternate Sides)
[13:32] Rotating Jump Lunges 60 Seconds/ Max Reps (Alternate Sides)
Cool Down:
[18:44] One Leg Squat Hold 30 Seconds each leg/ Max reps
[20:12] Stretching Series

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Theresa Engel says:

Now that, was AWESOME!!! Thanks Susan

Yessenia Barrera says:
Minara Mowshumi says:

this L3 areeee extreme.. phew really sweating.. thanks susan (and scott
ofcourse) for these amazing videos .. really helpful

sierrauniversal says:

the whole time I was working out I said I needed a glass of water but the
15 second rest was almost up dang!

-艾勒 马德琳 says:
evdryst says:

Workout was ok but the presentation was awful. If she runs out of stuff to
say she should talk about which muscles the exercise is working, or
exercise/breathing tips, anything but “that was great, woo, that was
awesome, woo, good energy.” I got the feeling the verbiage wasn’t rehearsed
or even thought about at all. There was also a person in the background
keeping time and somebody was screwing the pooch with that.

Carol D Vasquez says:

It is possible to get rid of 10 pounds in 30 days, and stop rebound gaining
weight by follow a healthy living.

Monique Bartlett says:

Awesome workout! I thought I was fit but you definitely challenged me. It
was my first time doing this workout but not my last!!!

Eleonora Dri says:

Wow good job

Shelmith M says:

thanx! that got me sweating like rain:xD

Cleo Patra says:

Finally found what I was looking for! Thank you!! And Susan: Love the
spirit! :D We Want more extreme fatburners!!

Nicole Scarapicchia says:

Great workout thank you!

Laura DeFilippo says:

WOW! I’m 52…trying to challenge myself… I did this workout, and had
to modify, but I LIKED it and definitely felt challenged. 

finley cadet says:

part 2 of circuit 3 was AWESOME and easey

dkresha adams says:

Absolutely positively without a doubt Loved This it’s a great warm up
before you do your workout so I’m love with it

finley cadet says:

it’s funny how on circuit 2 part 3 that guy was doing 5 mountain climb
instead of 4 ha ha ha

JennWakely says:

Susan is pretty ditzy. lol

eyesignful says:

Super, love it! You are all great instructors as well! Put my weight down a
few times, but it was a fun fast workout! Thanks so much

Kiki Martin says:

I love how when she’s doing the workout , you can see how tired she is , so
she just like “Imma check on my team ”
I see what you did there XD

Rosey Liu says:

Awesome workout! Had me sweating.. after a couple I will be increasing the
weight to add more resistance. Go BeFit!

finley cadet says:

what a workout

Flora Sauceda says:

Love this..did it 2 times for a good 44 min workout….thought I was in the
best shape but I felt every min of it..thanks for sharing!

Valerie Lester says:

It’s a good work out you tube video I feel great “!:!

Leticia Robles says:

Gran trabajo, gracias.

A.B. Maynard IV says:

This is an awesome workout. Kicked my butt !

Morgan Immo says:

toujours un plaisirs ;-)

Tameisha McGruder says:
fonzo179 says:

Took me less than 3 minutes to subscribe. Remarkable training!

Jenni Webb says:

Drenched after this! Excellent thanks!

Carla G. Martínez Cortés says:

Love it so helpful…..!

Deasia Wilson says:


Joy Braswell says:

Please more level 3 workouts!!!!

Samantha Ann says:

I really like this instructor, she gives great motivational advice unlike a
lot of videos I’ve tried, where I feel behind whereas she seems so kind and
helpful and it just makes you want to continue :)

Marika Arkoncel says:

2 thumbs up

Health and Fitness Page says:
lepatsedap says:

this workout really help u a lot if u r a runner..ill try my best to
increase my body stregth…thanks Befit….i will be die hard fan for this

paulie negrete says:

Thanks for this workout. You all are incredibly fit!

Jorge Ajax Montenegro Rodríguez says:



the girl in the purple in the back irritates me so much i want to punch her

missaysa says:

OMG Susan ! Are you trying to kill me ?!! This is my favorite extreme total
body workout !!! Soooo challenging, exactly what I have been looking for !
I kept looking at the timer screaming and panting “ARE WE DONE YET ?”.
Thank you soooo much for this AWESOME video !! Greetings from France !

jazza2009uk says:

Pretty cool workout couldn’t do it without stopping though them quads were
burning thanks Susan

Kaprice Higgins says:

I’m definitely going to take the 30 day challenge. I have to begin
preparations for my upcoming wedding in April!! Let’s hope it works. Need
to focus on the stubborn abdominal area.

Tati Ambia says:

Susan Becraft is probably the most senior in this video and just look at
her fit body. I love you Susan, you’re the best!

Priscila Nery says:

i felt muscles that i didnt know exist. OMG.

Phyrra502 says:

how many calories does this workout burn?

missbellajoe57 says:

looking forward to level 4

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