Calorie Burning Low Impact Cardio Workout for Beginners – Recovery Cardio Workout with No Jumping

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Madelief R.S says:

can you do the floor exercises on your bed? I don’t have a mat or something
like that.. When I do it on the floor it hurts my back so much..


definitely be using this workout video for the next 3 months :)

bobbie mitchell says:

I had a massive stroke three years ago that left me partially paralyzed on
the left side of my body, this looks to be the best workout for me to start
getting back into shape

ravishingelite says:

first time i tried it only go half way thru (2 days ago) and today i made
it thru!! so happy with myself!!

Asieńka93 says:

I love these exercises ! I suffer from anxiety neurosis and the return to
working out was enourmously hard as I had anxiety attacks connected with my
health. But this set seems to work with me just fine, cross your fingrs for
me because I need to lose 44lbs!!

AnnaShefia says:

This is literally the best workout for beginners! Been doing this 3 days in
a row and I loose track of time every time, love everything about your
channel thank you!

aryabluebird1 says:

He keeps saying ‘Keep those lungs open’. Can anybody please tell me what
that means?

Daniel Gray says:

I cycle quite a bit and I walk miles and miles. Just completed my first
session of this and quickly realised that I’m completely inflexible!
Hopefully as I undertake more sessions that would improve. I think I’m made
of plasterboard.

Beáta Strapáková says:

Hello, know anyone which of numbers “Calories” are right? Are they mean
burn calories? Or what? I mean the Title in the left corner. (Sorry for my
english ;) )

citromfelho says:

I just found what I was searching for. I had an ankle accident in July, so
this workout is so for me. Thank you so much! 

maribel mendez says:

I tried this like 2 weeks ago and I made through the first time. I never
did it again till today and I made it through the whole video and it feels
so good. the sweat running down my face feels so good. thank you +

my2cents2u says:

I love this workout, but it makes me laugh every time. It always sounds to
me like they are saying “heinie kicks” instead of “high knee kicks”.
Nothing like a little humor in the middle of your workout to keep things
light lol.

George Williams says:

Check out this video on YouTube:

Meg Bh says:

This makes you sweat like anything, felt awesome :). Happy that i could
complete it in first attempt taking exactly the same time :).

R Fernandez says:

Finally I got great low impact routines.

fingerluck says:

i just did… Fiuuhhh get sweat!!! niceee

Stephanie Lynn says:

goint to try this tonight because i cant really jump cause i have joint
paint in my knees so its hard for me to jump so i hope this will work for

Melai Abinal says:

my favorite exercise….

Denise Cedeño says:

I’m trying this workout is awesome

Samyutha Balasubramaniam says:

This was great, after a knee injury I’ve been looking for low impact
workouts to get back into shape, thanks for this video!

Leticia Olivo says:

this really work out from me

salma momen says:

i just finished the whole workout & i already feel good about myself. 

Jae Martinez says:

Today was the second time I tried this workout and I actually pulled
through the whole thing! 

mir farhad says:

hachi89 says:

Started the workout today! Really excited! it’s perfect for me as I’m quite
out of shape xD

Odenny Pérez says:

Hola D&K – Fitnessblender:
Les sigo desde Caracas-Venezuela, desde Febrero 2014 hasta la fecha
(Septiembre 2014). He perdido 8 Kg, y he definido un poco mis musculos. Les
agradezco su generosidad y profesionalismo.
Sra. Odenny Pérez

Deirbhle Buckley says:

i love it thank u omg i was looking for a workout for beginners all day
just found it xoxo i thought i would hate it but its great love it !!!!

Missy Ramsey says:

What do you recommend I move to after I’ve done this workout for a few

Giovanna McCartney says:

I did this workout with another 10 minute video that is more challenging.
And a soap ad played right after the video. Right, I’m gonna need that.
Thanks for the amazing videos!

Veronica Marras says:

For the first time I see: Workout Complete
Great video, can’t wait to do the 37 minute workout!

seekandestroy77 says:

I nutted 3min in. She’s awesome and fine as hell. I love your curvs and
juicy ass. Great video and Thank you. Thumbs up that butt ferr sure.

Pero Popa says:

I did it and love it

Bella Andreea Nicola says:

My every morning exercises, are so good.

buse f says:

completed! this makes me energetic when i do this before breakfast

Stephanie Taylor says:

Thanks for sharing this workout. I’ve been inactive for 3 years and was
nervous to start a regimen. This session allows me to challenge myself and
still stay at my own pace! 

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