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Once u get used to it, it gets very very easy.
a really good workout if u don’t have time/money to go to the Gym… it takes only 32 mins off
of ur life and it’s pretty easy, you can do it when u’re having a lazy day.

Hope u enjoy it…If it’s hard for you then don’t worry, just keep working out & it’ll get easier & easier…. stay healthy.

1) Don’t deprive yourself ever… Always find a healthier alternative to what you like to eat, find a better recipe. Contact me for resources with healthier recipes of your fav. foods!
2)Drink lots of water during the day & a glass before & after u start working out.
3)Eat clean: Lots of veggies, fruits,nuts, and seeds and stay away from processed foods, artificial colors and flavors, and preservatives.
4)use healthy oilsl (It doesn’t mean that they have less calories, BUT they’re much healthier) & u wanna stay fit AND healthy =)
5)Don’t restrict calories & don’t u ever starve yourself, EVER!! You only have to eat when you’re hungry and stop eating when u’re full & satisfied.Don’t eat when u’re not hungry just because it’s lunch time or whatever
6)MOVE UR BUTT… take the stairs instead of using the elevator, u don’t have to park ur car right in-front of the building,play with ur children,YOU go get that glass of water, YOU go get that remote, YOU go open the door.
7) Don’t go 3 days in a row without exercising. (EXERCISING NOT WORKING OUT)
8) Don’t force yourself to eat something you don’t like just because it’s healthy, find an alternative and don’t force yourself to do a certain exercise that you don’t like, enjoy what you do!
9)Don’t buy foods that are not good for you, because if they are around you…. u’re gonna eat them =)
10) PLAN…. If you get hungry and have no idea what to eat, u’re gonna eat whatever u see infront of you, especially if you have unhealthy people that live with you and they buy unhealthy foods and drinks.

Alot of u have been askin…:”How many calories did I just burn??”
Well as @cmenochs said:-
everyone burns calories differently, it depends on how much work you put into it, your weight, height, etc. I would suggest buying a heart monitor, it will tell you exactly how many calories you burn specific to you. although they can be expensive unfortunately.”

Many people share how many calories their heart monitors says the burned…. The average is around 400 calories if you do your best.

You can do this 3-4 times a week & yes u can do it daily if u want to! Just make sure you talk to your doctor first especially if u have injuries or knee pain or any pain/injury/surgery…

Wanna download this?Here’s a link:

Wanna download my fav. workout? Here’s a link:

Last but not least.. I DO NOT OWN THIS!


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belenbutt says:

my brother walked in on me and I think he lost more weight laughing than I
did with this video xD still a great video though thanks! :)

Emilios Loizou says:

OMG i love this vid every morning i am doing this!!! thanks for sharing
this to us!

Asteroid Belt says:

this is fun! and great for beginners or moderate exercisers or those who
have lost conditioning from a sedentary job! makes me feel confident and
happy. :-) thanx so much +Shorouk al-ma!

danijela perkovic says:

great workout, i do it everyday, and i just love it!!

Natalija Nikolic says:

Does this really burn 500 calories? I don’t think so… Maybe 250-300 for a
person 5’2” and 120… What do you think?

heyymipa mipa says:

Thank you so much for sharing this video! It’s so much fun! And I can do
the whole section! It’s easy to follow! 

Hansley Dookee says:

thank you it`s really great

heather swisher says:

should of drank first almost passed out

minecraftt red ninga girl says:

thank u

Jay Reck says:

I let myself go for about a month do to not being able to afford being at
the gym and I swear im going to get rite back on it now that I found a job,
not only am I gona get rite back on it but im going to stay on my workout

linda howell says:

stuck to it and enjoi’d it thanxs for share , I usually find them to
complicated or hard think this is just right even thou it was hard work

Simra Ali says:

I really like this exercise it makes you whole body sweet and after doing
it a few weeks you can tel the difference .I lost a lot of weight and i
recommend this exercise to be ur daily routine .

Savannah Reed says:

Wow that’s gave me a workout for the day!

renee warren says:

i love this, I do this everyday and ive slimmed down woot woot

joann soto says:

Thanks I love it

Luisa Jane Garcia says:

Wow I really did burn fats,this video helps, thanks 

DaBishop says:

Does anyone know how many calories that you actually burn from doing this?

Mark Nataro says:

It’s a fun exercise. I lost 10 pounds for about 3 months by doing this
exercise. Mahalo!

Sandra Tutu says:

thank you so much. this is efficient and safe. I´ve trained with the Tracy
Anderson Method, it is good too, but I´ve hurt my back and my right feet.
With THIS I can do good workout with good results

regular joee says:

Great video. I also used this app to help me:

combicleaner says:

this is like the best workout on youtube, very motivated, at the end i was
like screaming all the shit out haha the time was like nothing, this 30
minutes felt like at least 5, thanks for this

Melissa Snyder says:

I loved this video!!! If anyone thinks that they can’t do it, I’m here to
say you can. I’ve never worked out a day in my life but I’ve been doing it
for the past 7 months and I’ve lost a total of 110 pounds. I look and feel
great. You can do it!! Believe in yourself!!!

Hao Liverpool says:

I’m finished in 15 min. :(

yunuen guerra says:
Monishka Deveaux says:
isekc Johnson says:

I hate this vid

heartribbonhairband says:

oh thank god i dont have to buy one, thanks! 

Hassan EL FARGOUNI says:

je vous remercie infiniment de ce video

RainbowVeinxX says:

this was actually fucking easy!

Mike Jones says:

hulk hogan’s son.

Mark Ramos says:

i will start working it today,,,,,,,,,,,,thank you for this…

Wipsnan Jitint says:

Bootcamp Calorie Burn – Workout Video – ExerciseTV:

Joy Tovar says:

Thanks for the tips and for sharing this workout.

NikiaTre says:

My new favorite!!! Thank you!

Giulliana Ferreira says:


Jo Jo says:

Woooo not too tiring but i feel that i’m just BURNING!!! Hope it works!!
Keep going dude!!;)

aliiipep says:

this guy is evil……but I’m covered in sweat and completed the video!!!
feels good

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