Bodyweight Only Fat Burning HIIT Cardio Workout + Total Body Toning: Fitness Blender Blend

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bombshellyellabone84 says:

How many calories are burned? 

FitnessBlender says:

This workout has everything you need to get fit at home without a single
piece of equipment. Fat burning, lean muscle building, total body toning,
flexibility, endurance, coordination and speed – you name it – it’s tackled
in this workout video. It will change your body quickly, and it wont cost
you a penny. Read more @

AnastasiaRaw says:

THANK YOU for not being highly sexualized

FredyHannover says:

Seems like a really good and hard one. Gonna try this tomorrow but when I
see how sweaty you (as a professional) are … I’m starting to be anxious
:D … I’m always drenched like a pig when I work out even though the
trainers seem to be perfectly okay. This will be pretty much challenging!

958409850a says:

Cant do a pop squat without my back rounding. anyone have any tips?

Connie Navarro says:

Hi Guys do u have any advice l am so frustrated l haven’t lost weight for 3
months l lost a pound then I got it back what can l do please l need your
help ..thanks so much

Karina Guimarães says:

Bodyweight = no excuses ;)

buschibe0r says:

This workout comes in handy. Will try it now :) Thanks for your efforts and
keep up with your great work :)

Ingrid Williams says:

I like what I’m seeing, but can you pleeeaaase do a similar workout that
doesn’t require all that jumping (eg Burpee Holds, Burpee Splits and Broad
Jump Rewinds). The Hop Drops and Pop Squats are ok, but those kill my
knees:-(…Will still try this workout later and do alternate moves for
those moves. Most of these HIIT workouts tend to have some form of
Burpees and Jumps, and the low impact HIIT are too tame for me…just have
bum knees but need the high intensity to burn the fat. Thanks Kelly!! 

willbeaperfectgirl says:

How much calories burned at the end? 217 kcal or 372 ? Why are these two
numbers, i dont understand. Sorry for my question.
But Omg good workout! 

olga bear says:

Do I do this everyday?

warren01 says:

So in the end you burn 217 or 372 calories? i don’t get it :/

Dea L says:

I ended up drenched like I never thought I would, this was a hard workout
but I made it :). Thank you so much I am so happy.

Olivia Nottage says:

Amazing as always :)

Tânia Parreira says:

It seems a great workout… I will try it now!! :)

Mejo Hawsawi says:

Rest your muscles for 24hrs

papikabron18 says:

im so sored my muscles are so sored you made me very tired this time

AwesomenessBigRock says:

My Best Workout Yet

Megan Rodricks says:

I love working out with you Kelli, seriously you’re amazing.

sasha star says:

love this! thank you another fat burning break sweat workout! I don’t know
if its possible but I was wondering if there is anyway you could do another
one of you famous HIIT Like a Girl Round 3? 

Maude Morgan says:

Seems great 

TheConcorde47 says:

After this workout,i sweat like hell. Then i had a shower…and imagine
WHAT ??? I am still sweating….Very Effective

ธนัทชัย กิจบุญ says:

i would like to know about this workout for lost weight or muscle building
my weight is increased 

Michelle Grebe says:

Good job Kelli! :)

Marina Toledo says:

I have a question for Kelli, do you take suplements or something to have
those legs and that booty ? if I do FitnessBlender everyday, will I have
the same results ? pleaseee answer me, love your channel! byeee 

Deanna Porter says:

I really love your workouts. I lost weight after having a baby and have
kept my weight off by doing your workouts, and I am happily doing them
throughout every week. This workout is actually one of my favorites! :)
Kelli is awesome! 

Curvy Chick says:

Great workout, Kelli! Your body is banging, girlfriend! I will do this one
tonight..with slight modifications, of course!! LOL!!

Eli Dominguez says:

Omg thiS kicked my butt I was literally dripping in sweat but worth. It i
am so grateful I Found ya becus with kiddies it’s impossible to hit the gym
and ya are free Thank You Guys! 

Sonja Koruga says:

Thought this workout might be ‘easier’ than some of the longer ones you
guys have, but It was quite hard ! Loved it 

Rajendra Vyas says:

Best workout for cardio and fat burning.

Diamantesoles enelaquí says:

Thank you for this really nice work out!

Mike Codi says:

where the hell did daniel go?how dare he leave you doing this on your own..

poopsik31 says:

Amazing!!! Thanks for this workout!

Paulina Dzul says:

OMG!! This workout it’s amazing I will continue doing it, 2 times per week,
because I do another of your workouts that is more lower for me hehe.
Thank you :)

an6elba8y126 says:

It’s been awhile since I’ve done a fitness blender workout and I was
sweating my butt off!!!!! Thank you!

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