Bodybuilding Tip: Best Cardio to Burn Fat Not Muscle

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Keith and Kevin Hodge the “Hodgetwins” are famously known for their comedic commentary on the following Youtube channels “Hodgetwins”, “Twin Muscle Workout” “AskHodgetwins”and “fastingtwins” They have earned a respectable 2 million loyal subscribers and grossed over 400 million views over these channels.

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TheNad says:

Usain bolt and prtty much all sprinters are cut as fuck. Hiit/sprint doesnt
burn your muscle when you have good diet and good sleep. Low intensity long
cardio burns muscle.these guys dont know shit!

Stephen Joiner says:

@The Nad – Sprinting is quick and brief. It is not long and intense cardio,
that is why a lot of sprinters look muscular. The Hodgetwins know their

Yanitza Gutierrez says:

lol run till ur freakin heart explodes alright lol

MrIamRapiid says:

Does it matter if you do your cardio before lifting weights?

Ryuu says:

this moment you understand that youve fucked up with your training TT~TT
well id try to fix it from now on thanks guys

naomi chambers says:

The reason that cardio has gotten a bad reputation for burning muscle is
that most often, people couple drastic diets with cardio in their effort to
“cut” after “bulking” – its why I hate the whole bulking and cutting
mentality. ) Its the drastic caloric reduction that is responsible for the
muscle loss, not the cardio! If you don’t consume enough protein and enough
calories, your body will cannibalize your muscles – a good safe limit is
not to reduce your calories by more than 20% below your TDEE (Total Daily
Energy Expenditure), to find a muscle-safe caloric intake for dieting
please use my calorie calculator.Proper nutrition while dieting is key to
insuring you don’t lose muscle mass. You can lose weight with an
all-twinkie dietbut you will lose lots of muscle at the same time!

nhaig89 says:

Lefty, your tank top is pretty effeminate. Is that a sweetheart neckline?

Hayde Moreno says:

LMBO!!!! you guys are to funny……but very knowledgeable…..thank you
for all your time and efforts you put into these videos…

RedLightningHood says:

Doing cardio prior to a workout can fatigue you which will make it hard to
maximize your workout.

dprague says:

Going to the gym in 20 minutes. I am in the fat burning phase and will use
this advice.

jason stroug says:

Running sprints works best for me. Lift in the A.M. sprint in the P.M.
Keep a high protein diet, suppliment good with BCAA’s and maybe creatine,
protein before bed and you will keep yo gainzzz, no bullshit.

steven murphy says:

I have a question should you do incline on the treadmill and how fast do
you guys usually go so I know at least a starting point ?

universalmine says:


Westley Cathcart says:

Is this crap supposed to be a joke? For real?

Qi Weng says:

humm … i dont get how jordan burroughs do intense cardio work out
everyday and he still buff like a hulk

Matthieu Chrone says:

what they mean is that lactic acid produced my aneamic respiration (or
however u spell it) will fuck up your muslces so u have to workout with
aerobic respiration

Dale Hadley says:

I like their videos but their advice is horrible at times.

RobTheSharkie says:

i cant break a sweat off brisk walking cmon man lol

Westley Cathcart says:

Is this crap supposed to be a joke? For real?

Newcastle360 says:

didnt arnold run miles everyday , done sprints and swimming ? 

Jay Smith says:

Walking for 15 mins ??? Wtf fat is that going no burn little to none if you
have a decent bit of fat on you you have nothing to worry about get on that

Cosworth504 says:

U stupid fucks. How the fuck u can say that u should be able to make a
conversation while doing cardio?!?! Are u a fckin sissys?!? The most stupid
advice for cardio in the universe fckin idiots!

Giselle Diaz says:

It depends on the person, I do interval training on the treadmill going at
speed of 8, but I can still talk to people. My legs and glutes have never
looked better. Find something that works for you. Cardio is a requirement
that most people fail to do. They can’t run on the treadmill that’s fine,
but don’t really tell others they cannot. The only cardio that would
seriously burn my muscles is 3 hours of cardio.

te eed says:

It’s unbelievable to me how widely the opinions range on whether or not
high intensity cardio burns muscle. Even college studies/experiments seem
to have varied conclusions. Seems like the only way to figure out is
through personal trial and error

mehrtash j says:

you cannot get a sweat with 15 mins if your doing steady cardio u gotta aim
for 45 to 60 mins its easy to put on love handles but hard work to burn it
off there are no short cuts 

Cosworth504 says:

U stupid fucks. How the fuck u can say that u should be able to make a
conversation while doing cardio?!?! Are u a fckin sissys?!? The most stupid
advice for cardio in the universe fckin idiots!

marcounder says:

Dont give wrong information… just look at sprint athelets and marathon
athelets. Btw, all i did for the past months was sprinting 20-25 mins a
day, i lost a lot of weight and gained a lot of muscle. For ppl reading
this, go watch more opinions about HIIT, and get your own conclusions. For
the guys on the video, stick with the gym thing.

shahab muharam says:

How come basketball player dont lose muscles then

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