Best Exercises For Burning Calories

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On today’s episode of XHIT, fitness trainer Rebecca-Louise show you some ab, leg, and butt exercises to get body in shape for that little black dress! Learn how to get a flat stomach, strong legs, and a firm butt in just minutes! Follow along and let us know what you thought!

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Lacey scott says:

swating way more harder than i ever did whilst doing hiit…maybe thats
because you dont rest in this one? idk but i loved this

ilyHershey says:

Im going to try this. Im 10 and im doing this because i drank a whole
bottle of coke yesterday and realized that my tummy looked fat ( i think )
will this work? 

Caroline B says:

This lady makes me so pumped to exercise!

King Skyzure says:

Like what if you do this exercise every day in few weeks you will actually
burn 1,000,000 calories legit?

Safar I says:

please help ! I am 22 years old and 200 Lbs ; I started doing this workout
before 2 weeks, at the end of the first week pain started in my lower
abdomen and both ankles every time i start exercising , and that pain
prevents me from exercising any more, is there any solution ?

ExoticFaisal says:

how many calories does this burn?

Fashion Queen says:

Stop talking so much during your workouts! It’s so annoying!

Fever-Girl says:

I don’t know why she reminds me of Rose Tyler 

Fareeha Syeda says:

Lol Rebecca you are adorable. Thanks for making my morning workouts fun
with your constant encouragement and conversation. I love it when you said
‘I’m not ignoring you’ LMAO I almost lost my balance with the lunges cause
I was laughing so much!

rayna white says:

I’m 12 year old girl almost 13, I am pretty(really) heavy! My family says
its just baby fat but we all know its not. I’ve been trying to watch these
and do them but some of them r really hard and school is gonna start soon
and I was really hoping to go back a new person.
:*( soon i will probably be made fun of I Really Really want to change!!
But I seem to not be able to:( Does anyone have any advice?

Eunice Lee says:

Love this!!!

fay star says:

Wow those workouts r amazing and she is so slim!!!! She has the perfect

Makenna Elizabeth says:

How many calories does this burn

Aimee Coronado says:

Your so cool

justjuwei says:

The bicycle exercise really killed me ;(

Anna Pakhomova says:

Rebecca always says that the amount of calories you burn depends on the
weight you are, the age you are and the sex you are. So, if I’m 5”1′, 99.2
lbs, nineteen years old, do I burn more or less?

Dhanya Phadke says:

12 and doing this!!!

Sara Willer says:
Angela Stephanie says:

i cant feel my leg and i lost my breath x__x

Ivans Obuhovs says:

i bund 500 calories all ready

BaeebyGee15 says:

I hate his I’m really committed this time and I’ve been trying to work out
for the past year but always failed I started today and I’m really ready
but the moment I walk out of my room where I excercise my family puts me
down saying I will fail and I won’t loose weight

Alexis Padilla says:

hey guys i need some advice im 11 yeard old and im 4’11 and 135 pounds :(
how many times about weekly or even mothnly should i do this and do u have
any tips about how many minutes to work out to this i NEED help i wanna be
proud in a bikinni D:!!!

Tiffany Sum says:

Got me sweating a lot doing this workout. Thanks soo much!

Lilly Lex says:


Marissa Brennan says:

Do you really burn 1 million calories??????

Ryan Valente says:

This really helps thank you !

Camie Erlandson says:

I can’t believe how good I feel after that workout

Clare 7 says:

how many calories would this actually burn?

Jayvideos02 says:

If you do this everyday, in a week or two you might lose about 2-3 pounds.

zee matt says:

I am asthmatic but I think that developed due to my eating habits too. I
was a size 8 then went on to 10..but my belly is likw size 12. Bit of a odd
shape. Really want to get rid of the belly n hips… but tgis workout is
great . I cant do it all and have to keewp stopping coz I cant breathe even
after takin inhaler.. Can anyone pls help 

Sunny Night says:

Why i love you so much

Lina Schmidt says:

I really love these exercise it is not too hard and not too easy:) I ned
More Rebacca ! <3

gracie martin says:

That was such a good workout!!!! love love loved it and I love you, you
keep me going!!!!

Rachel Jackson says:

I can proudly admit that I just finished doing all of these excerices and
now I feel like I have been run over by a truck. I haven’t been doing
workouts in a long time so I definitely need an ambulance after this. But
thank you anyway! Your encouragnment is amazing :D I already lost a bit of
weight but being skinny and having no butt is really starting to make me
feel unconformtable so I’m trying to get my body toned. Hope this pays off.

Jane Nguyễn says:

Look simple but when i tried ……oh my god…………..why she can do it
easily ????? 

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