Best cardio exercise to burn belly fat

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Let me know what else you like to see in the future videos i will add my daily meals tomorrow so what else you want to know?

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avenger says:

Very good abs but chest is rather poor. But u still have a good build. 

Isobel West says:

You need to regularly monitoring your weight, setting realistic goals
getting helps from family and friends for losing fat safely.

Samantha Talbot says:

There is no way for losing fat safely without w­or­kout properly and manage
the food intake. D­rugs and pills include harmful side-effects.

mahardhika wijaya says:

on empy stomach or after weight session…?

Jennifer T. Roberts says:

It’s possible to lo­se 1­0 p­ounds na­turally in 2 weeks, wit­hout
bat­tl­ing with craving for food

Synsix says:

Got me down to 11% body fat. I used his other videos for a good workout. 5
hours a day. Strict dieting. 3 weeks in, decent six pack. Plan to go 6 more
weeks. It really does work guys.

James McCracken says:

Agree with avenger. You back is nicely built, but your chest isn’t equal.
It looks like you’re pulling your shoulder back a lot

Abraham Karr says:

Work your fucking chest out man. Damn what do u bench 135?

brent pruss says:

I was just watching boxing training and I was thinking of gettin a jump
rope tomorrow then I searched this and now I will for sure.

irfan mohamed says:

you look natural…

Chris LA says:

How much time do you spend on the treadmill s day?. Treadmill, bike, stairs
and then lift is how I go. . Pre work out really worth it?

Ky_kharise says:

Oh my :)

josh bainbridge says:
Patrick Valme says:
Preety Deluna says:

daaaaaaaaaaammmmmmmmnnnnnnn no more words to describe …..

Muzaffer Sarıtaş says:

ceyranda galdın o kadar nası ölmedin amk

paul bounthong says:

thanks so much for the info i just started bodybuilding and just discovered
jump roping… i think with ur poses if u ad a more cocky face it would be
better like u know u are strong… and u know it looks good… like arnold
does in pumping documentary

zamalek5007 says:

This Almost-Magical Exercise Method gets average guys stronger fast. Go
google Ready Set Ripped to find out more.

ULTRA-gaming-HUB says:

would jumping jacks result in near enough the same use as jump roping for
people that cant jump rope :/

Jorge Flores says:

I do mma 4 hours daily,
2 hours jiu jitsu en judo
1 hours muay Thai
1 hours box, this is cardio
I don’t see cardio!!!

CR4WLFC says:

you’re hot!

Steven Smith says:

Man! Thanks for the advice and the inspiration

alex .arseno says:

Yes ! Bouta do this everyday

biman sharma says:

Have you made these stupid mistakes in your weight loss regimen? Go and
google Fat Blast Furnace to find out.

Miranda Johnson says:

Sir…. you are Lookin Good! 

biman sharma says:

Have you made these stupid mistakes in your weight loss regimen? Go and
google Fat Blast Furnace to find out.

Anas Mohammed Salih says:

If you are looking to burn fat, you should search google for Fat Blast
Furnace. That might help you get the body you deserve.

sam jar says:

Do you know about the fat shedding system that lies hidden in your body.
Copy and paste into Google Skinnimaker System to activate it.

milk yeast says:

your a machine

Tony boy says:

how many times a week should you jump rope to get in shape like this? I
already jog and eat healthy

msowmith20 says:

If you desire to get rid of fat quickly, you should google Exyph Fat Loss.
That might help you get the body you deserve.

jenkyjenksWOW says:

good routine i do is 30 mins overall jump one min rest one mine repeat 15
times , so 15mins skipoing and 15 mins rest , do this once a day till u can
do 2 times a day

Keithen Woody says:

During you jump rope.How often do you rest?Do you do a certain amount or

Dato Skhirtladze says:

people I must make jumping rope 30 minutes every day to get result?

Chris C says:

Everything looks good but need to build the rip in the upper and middle
chest for frontal views and side angles.

Chris C says:

Bro you always wanna show the V-line its one of the hardest assests of the
body to cut as well as lower abs so yes show the V-line. Show it at every
angle possible. Front/Side even with your back turned to the judges and
turned slightly to show the V-line the lighting will hit it nice. Good

fall0rn says:

good vid, ill try it out!

MAX GPT says:

I Appreciate the Video! Forgive me for the intrusion, I would appreciate
your opinion. Have you ever tried – Loranzan Incredible Physique Builder
(do a search on google)? Ive heard some awesome things about it and my old
buddy Taylor after many years got really defined 6 pack abs and lost lots
of fat with it.

Alex Los Angeles says:

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