Aerobic Fat burning zone myth and true fat burning exercise

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Loading .... Science of weight loss exercise and fat burning. It is not what you think and easy than what you are told. weight loss is a science of what’s happening at the cell and with your hormones during exercise. Dr.Dan Pompa reveals the truth of how to promote fat loss, muscle gain and weight loss. It’s not the treadmill or aerobics exercise the science is clear. Learn why sprinters are lean and muscular. Learn why the right 10 minutes of exercise will remove the fat, gain the muscle and lose the weight more effectively than any aerobic training exercise.


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lass lassiter says:

Outstanding! This information should be BLASTED all over the WORLD!!!!

Cesar Jake says:

I enjoyed this video very much, but I’m always curious why there is so much
contradictory information out there about metabolism and burning fat.
Don’t universities do research studies anymore? I have watched three
other YouTube videos that totally contradict this. This is why I don’t
trust our healthcare system anymore.

sharifhhh says:

This video changed my life!

sokre86 says:

thnx for answer

Whats That Productions says:


Dr. Daniel Pompa says:

yes you can its fine

Dr. Daniel Pompa says:

You can do burst on the bike…rest every other day…OK to take 2 days off
in a row. Need to reach the necessary heart rate as the vids show to
initiate the hormone shift and activate the fat burning by burning the
glycogen stores : )

michman27 says:

so u are saying that no matter how long my workouts are which are normally
the aerobic classes like combat and step wouldnt burn fat …….no wonder
i look the same after doing classes for almost 5 yrs ………

BeyondVitality says:

Great information! Thanks for sharing!

Manuelcr7 says:

How should i do this in combination with weight training? directly after
the training? or on the next day? should i do 2 burst session a day? in the
morning and evening?

Rens Nijman says:

What about the diet? You talk about sugar all the time, so how important is
it to eat right before and right after your workout? I like to eat fruit,
apples and bananas, all day long. I love fruits. Do you have any tips on
diet? When to eat, what foods to avoid, etc. I hope you, or somebody else
could give some answers.

sokre86 says:

thank you for the answer :)

Dr. Daniel Pompa says:

Opposite…bust training increases muscle mass and burns fat…ads muscle
bc it is in fact a form of resistive training…moves human growth hormone
and testosterone up which helps you add muscle and not cannibalize it like
in aerobic training

Ben Maddison says:

Awesome, liked and subscribed. Thanks so much, very educational.

James Pateras says:

Hi. Can i do burst excercises on the bike? or does it have to be only
running or elliptical?

Dr. Daniel Pompa says:

Yes it would be but for weight loss burst training and rest is best…if
you walk light w/o raising you heart rate it will not work totaly against
you..but I doubt it will ad much to weight loss…great for your
heart…sounds like you have a big one : )

bigchris3121 says:

I have a question. So what if walking/jogging for about an hour (using fat)
AND also do aerobic things like lifting weights (using sugar) are included
in a workout. is this better than just aerobic activity by itself as far as
continually burning fat?

johndela1 says:

don’t confuse correlation with causation People that are thin have a
genetic advantage to others in marathons, people that have large strong
muscles, have an advantage to sprinting. This is also a factor. You don’t
know for sure all the factors involved in why certain top athletes look the
way they do. By the way, I agree with you main ideas.

sokre86 says:

hi. I would be thankful if you’d answer my question. So i worked
bodybuilding method (work in the gym and then 30 minutes aerobic workout).
Can I do weight workout and then do intervals? I herd it’s not a good idea

nocurves81 says:

Hi Dr Pompa, i like to do light yoga everyday, do you think this would
interfere with burst training?

vipsamsam says:

I was wondering, I only want to lose Fat, but not weight, If i consume 2000
calories a day, and lose maybe 300 calories doing Interval training, should
i replace those 300 calories, so my weight does not drop, or will it lead
to fat storage……..

alucard3161 says:

then how i lose fat? xD

Dent says:

I’m not completely convinced about the science but if I listen to him I
have to work out less… so thumbs up!

HowtobecomeabarberTv says:

wow great info thanks is this safe to do after weight training with out
burning muscle ?

Dr. Daniel Pompa says:

Absolutely thanks for posting that…it is a good for the public to
know…we are designed with body’s and a hormonal, vascular, cellular
system genetically that will affect the degree of muscle and abilities 100%

richcook99 says:

Can I burst train and still do my long runs? I’m a 40-year-old man who has
run for years. I’ve started doing HIIT sprints every other day and I
haven’t done my long runs. Is there a way to do both and still get the fat
burn you talk about?

kimwink12 says:

hi im trying to lose weight.. what’s the best excercise/workout to do?

Dr. Daniel Pompa says:

In the morning is the best time to eat fruits, especially before going to
work out. If you’re trying to lose weight, eat fruits in extreme
moderation. But before a work out, it provides the quick burst of energy
that you’ll need. You can also eat fruits in the hour after working out.
But after that, the sugar turns to fat if it’s not being burned off.

Dr. Daniel Pompa says:

The science shows it works against you to do bursting everyday. Stretching
or a light walk is fine. Enjoy life and do what you love to do….but burst
only every other day to maximize weight loss and fat burning.

Dr. Daniel Pompa says:

Fat loss and Muscle gain because of the cellular recover, HGG and
Testosterone spikeing…watch integrating burst training and resistive
training video I posted about squat thrust…if you did that everyday and
decreased or eliminated all white foods (rice pasta bread) or even
eliminate all even whole wheat and grains for a couple months you will
loose more than that : ) watch my video also on the healing diet.

Pat Asquith says:

What if you supplement protein?

drinner says:

if you are supposed to rest the next day, do you do something lite? or
nothing at all?

drinner says:

if you rest the next day, do you not do anything? or something lite?

Dr. Daniel Pompa says:

When you lose a lot of weight, it will shed from all over the body,
including facial fat. Keep at it!

magicsaf says:

I like to do activities everyday…Do I have to rest the next day aftrer
burst training? And what will happen if I will do burst training more that
3-4 times a day? And more than 3-4 times a week? Thanks!!!

Dr. Daniel Pompa says:

The chemical reaction/hormones that is initiated during the burst is what
burns the fat the next 36 to 48 hours. It works every time unless your
hormones are completely dis-regulated. If that is the case call our office
for an appointment 724-940-7733.

Dr. Daniel Pompa says:

For weight/fat loss do nothing at all. But if you like other things go
ahead and still do it but it may work against you for fat loss muscle gain
however it can still be healthy if you are not pushing it to hard. Plus
other activities like riding your bike etc. are just fun!!!

rhymeskill says:

It all makes sense now. I’ve just started doing the HIIT with my cardio and
I’ve been trying to make sense of it. I didn’t understand it and now it’s
all clear. Thanks!

Hugo says:

@PompaHealthSolutions Great video, I’ve certainly observed these principles
in action before and its nice to see everything summarized. One question
though – if one cuts fat from weight training, will they gain it back if
they do serious long distance running?

MissSugarize says:

What about first aerobic class and than muscle training with weights ….

superhowtoloseweight says:

You make it look easy…magic!

Dr. Daniel Pompa says:

no yoga does not get your heart rate up…just do not do power Yoga : ) so
light Yoga is fine…great job!

Dr. Daniel Pompa says:


msaleem478 says:

very very good and Excellent. i like this and thanks for sharing and
waiting for more. this video good reaction

Dr. Daniel Pompa says:

Correct…it is fine to do it after weight training when it is on the same
day….the fat will burn over the next 48 hours. Did you watch the burst
training video example Dr. Pompa and his wife demonstrated? FYI you can
burst with dumbbells and not run like in the video. See other comments.

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