5 Killer Belly Fat Burning Exercises

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http://trainerjosh.com/workouts/belly-fat-burning-exercises/ go here for the complete workout for these belly fat burning exercises.


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Arun Raghav says:

5 Killer Belly Fat Burning Exercises

TheAbStand says:

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@soundyone until you don’t have anymore belly fat

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Guvwna says:

I was told that you can’t really do muscle building exercises as it will
just tone the muscle behind the fat so jogging or something like that is
the best way.

bigboozhoo says:

my mom has the same weights in the background !! lol XD

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tysswe1 says:

there is nothing like belly fat burning. burn everything or burn nothing.

jabberman3000 says:

@zezimaking In how long?

Natalia Struhar says:

how long should i do this to lose all my belly fat?

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terrible burpee

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I love you Josh!

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