4 Ways to Lose Belly Fat by SLEEPING

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Here’s the FASTEST way to get Six Pack Abs:


Hey Guys!

It’s Mike, and today I’m going to talk about why sleeping correctly can get you ripped six pack abs. So listen up, because special tips and cutting-edge studies like this that can help you achieve the ripped body and abs of your dreams.

Video Breakdown:

0:12 When it comes to working out and losing fat, it really comes down to 3 things that you need to do:

1) Workout
2) Eat right
3) Recover

- And the majority of your recovery is sleep, so if you don’t get enough sleep, then you are literally not doing 1 out of the 3 things you need to be!

- That’s just like saying you want a six pack but you:

1) eat right and sleep enough, but don’t workout.
2) you workout like crazy and sleep well, but you eat like sh**
– It just doesn’t make sense and doesn’t work!

0:54 When it comes to burning your belly fat, you have to make sure that your body is rested so that you can function the next day.
– If not, then you’re going to find yourself fatigued and hitting plateaus all day long.

**No need to keep changing up your workout routine or your diet, you may just need more sleep!

1:21 When you sleep, your body releases growth hormones that help your body and brain recover as well as to help you burn your belly fat.

1:33 Another reason is that your appetite increases at night.
– You’re body is supposed to be at rest, and if you’re up doing stuff you’ll feel hunger during this time.
– Studies have shown that people tend to eat the worst types of foods at night, after your will power is exhausted.

2:20 Also, people who sleep less tend to workout less.
– Your workouts may tend to be a little half-assed.
– You won’t have the same focus or energy and won’t be able to push as hard as someone with full, healthy sleep patterns.

What you should do:
2:48 Get 7 – 9 hours of sleep.
– You don’t want to over do it though, because once your body gets hungry again it will begin to break itself down (the muscle) which will only work against you.

Things to remember:
3:30 1) Stretch before sleep.
– I recommend yoga, and actually do this myself.
– It’s a great calming exercise that relaxes your muscles.
4:23 2) You need the right environment.
– We live under the sun, right?
– So, if your area is bright then it will automatically trigger your brain into thinking that you should still be up.
5:00 3) Make sure that your bedroom is only used for 2 things:
– Sleep and Sex.
– The problem is that people use their bedroom for everything like work, studying, working out, etc…. and your begin to associate your bedroom with everything EXCEPT sleeping!
– Sex promotes sleep, so that’s ok to keep in the bedroom.

** Tips for better sleep – TODAY!
6:11 1) Do not leave ANY electronics in your room.
– I leave my cell phone out of my room at night and I purposely don’t keep a TV in there either.

6:35 2) Make your bedroom colder!
– Your body needs to be at a certain temperature to sleep.
– Ever wonder why when you’re sick you keep waking up at night feeling hot?
– It’s because your body isn’t at the right temperature to be sleeping, so you can fix this on a normal night with adjusting the thermostat at night.

7:20 3) Along with that idea, you want to make sure that you don’t do anything to heat your body up right before bed.
– Things like a strenuous workout or a super hot bath can hinder your sleep.

7:50 4) Lastly, do NOT sleep on a full stomach.
– Not only because you won’t burn off as much of it, but also because when digesting your body produces acids, and if you’re laying down, these acids will travel upward and that’s where you get acid reflux.
– And any sort of discomfort will effect your sleep.

These are some really basic tips that you can put into practice today. Don’t take this lightly as if it won’t help, you can look it up for yourself – You’ll find article after article on this topic!

So remember, make your bedroom comfortable and for a couple activities only, not for all of your daily tasks. For more tips, tricks, diets and workouts come back and check us out often! Leave your comments below and don’t forget to send in those progress pictures!

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Train hard,


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Six Pack Shortcuts says:

4 Ways to Lose Belly Fat by SLEEPING

BetterDontKnow says:

You should stop gaining muscle, stay like this. It’s becoming ugly.

selvmordspilot says:

this channel is a hoax. I visited his home page “crunchessuck” and on the
front page there’s an infinitely long video which keeps telling tyou how
bad all other forms of exercise and diets are hoaxes – but the video never
ever reaches a point where it actually gives you advice on what you should
do instead. This dude is a commercialized piece of shit, and listening to
him is a complete waste of time.

Seriously. If you have advice, SAY IT ! If you don’t, stop making videoes.
And if you’re trying to sell something, say it up front, so we can browse

PS. Fuck you for wasting my time with lots of nonsense and nothing

john remington says:

Fastest way to loose weight for fat people is to smoke crack…fastest way
for skinny peoe to gain weight is to smoke weed..you get serious appetite
from smoking weed..

Adam Barnes says:

Can someone please recommend or make a good eating plan for me. I’ve just
started out at the gym but the only thing i’m missing is a good eating
plan. I want to build muscle and burn fat. I’m about 190lbs and 5ft 10in.
PM me if you’re willing to help:) Thank you!

Cody Burnett says:

Don’t do yoga it is bad for you, for it has a spiritual side that leads to
demons, check out the YouTube channel TheVigilantChristian he explains more
and also he has a testimony for it. Pilates is like yoga without the
spiritual side or just do regular stretching.

NickFitness14 says:

I’ve been getting 4 hours of sleep a night. Eating Wendys after every

Masaru Katou says:

No one leaves their phone outside of the bedroom..

Just saying.

GKGraphicDesign69 says:

I really need this answered
Does masterbation affect workin out? 

BenbanksTV says:


Homer guy says:

cut. your. fucking. HAIR.

MrD T says:

Mike I have a question, if im 12 am I old enough to do your workouts
without the materials?

Peter Costello says:

I think you would make a great Lou kang in a mortal Kombat movie 

Emma Ly says:

Mike you’re so hot 

eL joQer says:

Oh man, even ur hair have muscles!! 

Sebastian Cirineo says:

jackie chan ? 

Neebz says:

Watching this when I’m supposed to be sleeping….

Randall Arana says:

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Infinite Break says:

Am I the only one mesmerized by dat bicep vein on his right arm (from the
video, left arm) 

TheSchmaandrew says:

You’re a fucking idiot.

Prince Williams says:

I do all my workouts before i go to bed is that bed?

Christcjgm says:

One question u said that if u do sit ups is just a wast of time but u said
to do them in a vid i am not really understanding am doing like 100-150 a
day is that going to get
Me results. 

Flamecrow1200 says:

Who’s the girl in the video???

TheBloodPainter says:

9:25 i’m gonna make a gif out of that

FlyWithDelta says:

cut your hair

Jeremy Fisher says:

Cut your fukin hair.

wareva says:

dude what the fuck are u saying? think ure jackie chan or something? if i
wanna sit at my pc until 4 am i nthe morning i can fucking do it
motherfucker. im just gonna go kill my mom and eat all cheerios i want
motherfucker. i could use glue and rope to make my fat look like muscle and
still get more bitches (fat bitches that is) than u.

/dr. seus

lady lover

6ytruyt says:

I’ll try that and let you know in 5 or 6 days.

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