30-Minute Total Body Fat Burning Workout Video | Chisel & Burn

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Burn fat and build muscle with this total body cardio sculpting workout!


Level: Intermediate – Advanced

Equipment: Dumbbells (3 – 20 lbs, depending on level)

Intensity: Moderate to High, Low Impact

This total body sculpting routine works the entire body with exercises like:

Warm Up
Rear Lunge
Overhead Press
Negative Pushups
Triangle Lunge
Bent Over Rear Row
Squat Chop
Abdominal Twist
Cool Down/Stretch

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Jen J says:

*throws weights at my TV*

Lidya Elkoby says:

I just did it i’m five month pregnant it’s FUN FUN FUN 

jessicasmithtv says:

Check out today’s brand new 30-Minute Chisel + Burn Total Body Fat Burning

Mr & Mrs Hollywood says:

Don’t go get water and not come back… I know who you are…..lol I LOVE
this workout – challenges me. Last time I was sore for days, lets see how
I am this time around.

MG Thomas says:

Thanks Jessica ! It feels so good to sweat :D But now I’m so done :D

akai neko says:

Thank you Jessica, this is hard work but , as you said, you feel great
afterwards. X

RobandKathleen Baggio says:

WOW :)

Guiro360 says:

aaaa i dead… i stop 4 times for drink wather kkkk 

Amie Charbonneau says:

I’m a sweaty mess!!! Loved it!!!

Len Baey says:

Whoa! This is tough. I really admire your posture and your energy level.
Very inspiring. Thanks Jessica for bringing us good workout all the time.
And your app is very helpful as well. I can still workout with you when I
travel, without my iPad or laptop. They’re heavy for me. And I don’t like
lots of stuff. Again thank you.

Maria Del Mar Mota says:

As always awesome and fun even the push ups lol xxx

Lina Sibum says:

I just love your walk and workout videos. I’m 63 and cancer-patient for 6
years, It comes and go’s and life became insecure. About a year ago I
started using weight-loss videos – walking workouts till I found your
videos about 3 months ago. The weight-loss set in and at the same time my
strength returned, my waist line improved (witch was awesome, never could
get that done), lost almost 4cm there. I have to add that my mental state
improved with everything else. in stead of battling against the over
weight, 66-67 kilos (I know it dos n’t seem much but I was and looked blown
up, puffed) to almost 60 kilo’s I used to be about 56-58 kilo. I use your
month chart for the exercises and love it. Thank you. I enjoy your session
very much and it s almost addictive. :-))

Maryia Sakhno says:

I was just looking for a total body workout to do today. I’m doing this one
– solved! Thank you very much, Jessica :) 

A Wholesome Approach says:

Chisel & Burn baby! How are you moving everyday? Thanks for moving with me
today Jess!

Lynette Robinson says:

Great way to start my day!

Afton J says:

I loved this workout!! Thanks for another quick, yet highly effective
workout, Jessica! I am all about getting the most bang for the least amount
of time. The shot of Peanut at the end was HILARIOUS!!

Michell Waterman says:

Oh my this was tough! I will say, I did want to curse at the laptop screen
when you said we were going to start all over with those over head presses
and lunges :P Great workout, hit all the major muscles and just the
perfect length of time.

Jenn Salib Huber says:

I have yet to be disappointed with any of your workouts. Looking forward
to this! Thanks again for sharing your passion and expertise!

01sharkfin says:

This is a really fun workout, Jessica. You’re workout tops are always so

Liliam Shell says:

Did this instead of the one on app calendar. Hard! 

Roxana Santaella says:

excellent and quick!

Molly Duerre says:

I am so excited to incorporate this into my routine this week! I am always
looking for strength-focused workouts. Thanks, +jessicasmithtv!

Kadee W says:

*throws weights at my TV*

Robin Ojay says:

Oh boy….this is the real deal ! Thanks Jessica !

Yogapazzo says:

Great video, thanks for sharing!!

Suzanne Labelle says:

Check out today’s brand new 30-Minute Chisel + Burn Total Body Fat Burning

cristina massaccesi says:

I loved it but I must confess I had to give up on the last repetitions
towards the end of the video… I couldn’t pull it through all the way
today…but I’ll try this again soon and conquer it!! :-) Thank you for the
amazing work you do for us all out here, Jessica! 

Tiffany Blair says:

Loved this one! Are you going on tour anytime? :-)

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