30 Day Fat Burn: Cardio Burn Workout

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30 Day Fat Burn: Cardio Burn Workout is an explosive, 14-minute full body fat-burning cardio workout that is designed to boost the metabolism to maximize your weight loss potential as you build muscle, burn calories, and tighten & tone problem areas through an effective blend of high intensity interval training that blends cardio exercise, plyometric movement and weight training moves to activate the core, challenge the abdominals and re-shape the body for defined results. This intense, fast-paced workout keeps your body moving with no rest periods, cycling between 45 seconds of strength moves and 30 seconds of cardio exercise to keep the heart rate elevated and work multiple muscle groups of the body simultaneously. Prepare to sweat and melt off the pounds with Expert 30 Day Fat Burn Trainer, Astrid McGuire as she keeps you motivated and helps you get the most out of each move with pro, step-by-step instruction that will promote proper form and effective results. Fight through the burn and transform your body with result-drive exercises that will tone the arms, legs, abs, butt, back, chest, shoulders, and obliques in this supercharged final installment of the all new “30 Day Fat Burn” Fitness Series, only on BeFiT! Tone up with unique combination moves like Front to Lateral Raises, Cross Punches, Tricep Presses, ½ Burpee Tricep Kick-backs, Lateral Lunge to Bicep Curls, Stationary Run with Weights, Squat to Shoulder Presses, Plié Jump Spins, Alternating Rows to Twisting Table Tops, Rotational Mountain Climbers, V-Sit Hammer Curls, Running Man with Alternating Curls, Chest Press to Leg Curl, Alternating Press Bicycles, Sit-Up to Twisting Punch and Russian Twists that are sure to build strength, boost confidence and increase endurance. You will need a set of dumbbells, a towel and a bottle of water to complete this workout that can be adjusted to fit any skill level by adjusting rest periods, and modifying speed and intensity throughout the routine. Look and feel your best as you build the body of your dreams in just 10 minutes a day right from your own living room. Click here for more 30 Day Fat Burn workouts: http://bit.ly/1dSyeul
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Workout Moves:
Front to Lateral Raises
Cross Punches
Triceps Press
½ Burpee Tricep Kick-back
Lateral Lunge to Bicep Curl
Stationary Run with Weights
Squat to Shoulder Press
Plié Jump Spins
Alternating Rows to Twisting Table Top
Rotational Mountain Climbers
V-Sit Hammer Curls
Running Man with Alternating Curls
Chest Press to Leg Curl
Alternating Press Bicycle
Sit-Up to Twisting Punch
Russian Twists

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This burn the hell out of my arms!

Roisin Thora says:

Anyone know what the recommended weights in kg are?

iceberg says:

She looks amazing, I love that type of body so long and thin… nice workout

pj shinelikeastar says:

do we need to do warm up for this?

Thuy Nguyen says:

Nào, dượt cho đổ mồ hôi xí còn cái vụ tròn thì vẫn tròn :):):) cái quan
trọng là có một thân thể không đau & một tâm hồn không bệnh, cái chân hạnh
phúc đơn giản chỉ thế thôi + túi đầy …xiền nữa là đời cũng đáng sống lém
oy….còn Tình ơi! Xin chào mi ! Hẹn kiếp sau nhóa !

Jansen Elo says:

Cool ! let’s continue, but where is the calendar ?!!!! I want do that
correctly but I can’t find it

Justice Jones says:

I’ve been away from my computer for a while but, as of today I am back and
visiting Youtube is the first thing that I’m doing to make sure that I get
all of my favorite workout videos… I missed this one but, I’ve got it now
and as always another Grand Slam…… this is AWESOME. :)

Valeria De Coss says:


Melissa Werbow says:

Anyone know how many calories these workouts burn? I’m not sure how to
enter them into MyFitnessPal

PerlaDiLuna88 says:

Love this workout!!!

Ngọc Phương Nguyễn says:

30 days with just 1 clip or different fat burn clips?

Alicia Olayvar says:

:3 astrid is soo beautiful! your body is an inspiration for mee! thanks for
these videos BeFit!

Sara Kheirdoust says:

I missed today’s workout (this workout ) due to lower back pain , is it
bad ? what should i do to makeup for it ?

Stacey Taylor says:

I feel like I worked out! One of my favorites!

Rachelann Harris says:

Zurich pretty, so they were

jazel ramirez says:

Hello I weigh about 165 if I follow the calendar and eat a regular diet how
much weight do you think I would loose in 30 days? 

stella tsoupi says:

day7 week1 done loved it!

ANNAlysiert says:

Great workout! :) I’m looking forward to do it, too :) One question: How
heavy should the dumbbells be? Greetings from Germany, Anna 

Monica Pederson says:

I have loved each and every one of your workouts. Please keep doing them!
These are unique and excellent for the metabolism. Thank you so much!

Katrina Seu says:

About how many calories does this work out burn?

Lovisa Jonsson says:

Great workout!

Sujata Gurung says:

I can’t wait for the calendar! Just one thing though…could you also do a
warm up and cool down segment? Thanks 

nusrat083 says:

how much calories u burn by this workout? it would be very helpful to

Ayume Wijaksana says:

Hello BeFit, will you kindly share the calendar for this 30 days fat burn

mohammed alhelou says:

where is the calender ??!

Blima Spetner says:


Chelsey Neff says:


Bhawna Gupta says:

calendar ?

Fatema Ahmed says:

Calendar please :(….

Stacey Taylor says:

this workout was awesome!

AlessiA Vettore says:


uriosdiliman says:

Wow!this is intense

rolach7 says:


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