15 min “FURIOUS FAT BURNER 2″ Home HIIT Cardio Workout / Burn Fat Fast (Big Brandon Carter)

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15 min “FURIOUS FAT BURNER” Home HIIT Cardio Workout To Burn Fat Fast (Big Brandon Carter)


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jdbadazz08 says:

dude its 5am and I have been on your channel lol got me wanting to go beast
mode and do these workouts at the crack of dawn

Royce Sims says:

Yes another vi… Aw that one again : Lol JP. A B you should make a vid on
the types of foods, fruits , vegetables, all that shit that’s good for
bodybuilding. I started the fasting and I’m really stoked about the weight
loss in my stomach but damn the rest of my body is starting to look like I
smoke yayo! A vid about foods you eat would be G. I seen the one where you
made like 5 plates but were not gonna eat the same thing everyday. Ya dig?

Darren Williams says:

Thanks for this video homie it is my first day I made it to round 2 and
couldn’t do anymore. I am already feeling a burn and sweating I will do
this and the other fat burning workout routines every day but how often
should I switch it up so I lose the belly fat because I heard you stop
seeing results if you keep doing the samw routine is that true? I mean
people in jail stick to the same stuff why do they get major gain? 


And how long until you loose all of your fat and get fully riped with this
exercise 1 year 2 maybe 3?

andreifromupt says:

Wtf, i’ve been doing your workouts fully and properly for a month with
doing IF and a caloric deficit and still don’t have a 6 pack without
flexing hard

omega. says:

Is it better than 40min of Jumping Rope with 40sec of effort and 10sec of
rest ? I know that workout works a lot the muscles but about the fat
burning ?

telli01 says:

is this one good for burning belly fat?

Bex Tings says:

Hey, I’ve been doing this routine for a short while now but i hate planks
so i decided to swap out the plank parts for bicep curls, do you think this
will work out for me? 

Reza Klink says:

“get your mind out the gutter, we’re just warming up the neck” hahahah

Fawaz Naqi says:

I have to give a big thank you for Brandon Carter! I have always had a
pretty healthy body in high school and college. Things deteriorated for me
once I got married and had kids and began developing a very bad belly which
was disproportional to my body. I decided 2 months ago that I wanted my six
pack back, and started working out aggressively. And while my upper body
reacted very well, I wasn’t able to get rid of my belly fat. That is when I
ran into this great person who promoted these fat burning work outs and
that abdominal assaults. I started doing one of the furious Fast Burner
routines every morning and alternating between the three everyday. I
accompanied them with my regular work out in the afternoon of cardio and
weight lifting. I am amazed by the result in just about 2 weeks my love
handles have started to shed drastically, and I could actually see my
abdominal area developing shape. That is extraurdinary considering i was
doing very aggressive work out the past 1.5 months without notible results
on my abdominal area.

Guys, its tough at first to do these fat burners, but i started off with
the beginners version and i am now doing in between the beginners and the
beast mode versions. Results will come very quickly. I have not alternated
my diet at all. I just hope that I am able to post my before and after
images wearing the same shirt. In the before, which is 3 weeks ago, my
belly was almost popping out of my buttoned shirt! The after is not even
stretching that area anymore.

Thank you Brandon Carter, you are a real star!!!

Rafał Ralph Kiszakiewicz says:

Say you want to Maintain muscle and continue to cut but you want to lose
some body weight index based on the activity you are doing, what is the
best ways or ways to do it? would you recommend losing the body mass index
first? It’s kind of like everyone has a certain way they want to look like
i want to lose some size of my chest width is their a way? thank you for
any help 

atman5150 says:

Recovering from a lung infection & I am unable to do my regular workout
/cardiovascular /calisthenics routine.
I found this video (as well as a few others) helpful due to the shorter
spance of time to perform it. Thank you Brandon Carter :-)

jamie hazell says:

do this before or after weight training?

Fatih Yücel says:

Hey man im just wondering which one is better for losing belly fat; 15 min
hiit or 15 min running? Which one is better? 

Konrad Hui says:

Brandon Carter = Beast Mode Activated… FOREVERRRRR!!! :D Thanks for the
vids bruh! 

Andy Nguyen says:

Brandon can you do a video on how to improve on doing more pull-ups? Loving
the videos man. Keep it up!

Kaloian Todorov says:

It’s so hard for me :(. In 11th min no power and my heart rate is much… I
am with good health and i am traing often at the gym. Before 3 years ago i
had problems with the health and had to start sporting somethink and i
prefered the gym. (Sry for my bad english :D)

Ezekiel daguno says:

Can I do this on an empty stomach?

MrBBeastMode says:

great vids brandon respect bro!

Xbot4Life says:

Coolest dude i seen on youtube

vitalinov says:

man this one is pretty tough with the planks in between, focuses a lot on
legs and those spiderman pushups are difficult to coordinate. three weeks
in twice a week and i like this one! only gripe is brandon flails his arms
around too much like a wannabe rapper

Name Sake Pictures says:

This definitely was intense!

CrashCrate Job says:

what if you overweight and you need to take a break?

Vrečič Viktor says:

room temperature feet :DDDDDDDDDDDDD lmao

Timothy Verse says:

My hero

Shalanda Makalo says:

She came to be cute…not to workout! I’ll incorporate some of these moves
into my own HIIT workouts but I can’t even watch this whole thing…your
workout buddies back there are terrible!

Luke braga says:

C’mon where the real vids bbc 

Furburgers says:

I used to be a fat ass fuck but after viewing your videos and following
your advice for a long while now, I am proud to say that I can see my own
penis now without the help of a mirror. Thank you BBC. 

Anmar Hamza says:

that girl has a fine ass mayne 

XzoneX says:

Dat Ass on her Doh

Samuel Velasco says:

Just wanna get a shout out in the comments here Brandon! Big fan and love
your stuff been watching u sense ur first vid! Sam

Benceek says:

BRANDON CARTER … YOU ARE THE BEST :)!!! i did all your videos.. and right
now I am like ANIMAL!! thanks broo :)

EliteMiningSquad says:

Great man nearly had a asthma attack thats how you can tell its a good

Defalt 1⃣0⃣1⃣0⃣1⃣0⃣ says:

Hey bbc, could you tell me how many calories this burns?

YmB says:

4:48 take a 20 MIN break haha

Maegan Astran says:

Lmao is this a parody? 

Cokefiend says:

+Brandon Carter How can i get this workout done in 15 mins if i take a 20
min break 4:47 in? lol jk i know ya misspoke.

MooJoo5555 says:

exercise is not just about burning fat. can’t focus on anything else?

Christina butler says:


Boss Willz says:

4:47 Man said take a 20 min break, lol

meli Master says:

i think you gave muscles to my legs :3

AZn.aMen says:

Brandon carter is a crazy man dat got release from prison 

Dave Sanko says:

Doing this after a leg workout was HARD! Thanks for another good vid bro

Ernesto Mendoza says:

Damn carter..!

Dont get it twisted big homie but not even u feel this shit..! And u know

Btw .. most of the fools commenting look gay as hell..!!



translation. . Gaaaayyy asss fuuckk…!!!

JBL Pyro says:

this is more funny than anything lol

NolaKill_TGA says:

How many calories I could lose with this workout? calculating my weight?
How Can I calculate them? Please Answer. 

nike5246 says:

5:53am here…lol

Darren Williams says:

Thank you so much for all the videos you are one out of like 20 workout
channels that is actually dedicated and motivational. I am going to try
this workout tomorrow I am 19 years old weigh 165 and 6’0 tall with 20%
body fat from drinking at a young age but I have started working out 2
weeks ago and I have a 4 pack which is a little visible but my lower abs
have a pile of fat on top. What would you suggest I do should I do these
fat burning workouts everyday? And I am currently eating about 1500
calories a day I am supposed to be eating 2310. 

mnadeem mohd says:

I was the fastest runner at my age group
Then as I grew up I’m now 12 my body started storing fat and my foot became
sore then I started to plan a diet and exercise for the weight which I
gained I did many type of exercise but I was same as that then I started
doing ur workouts and after 2 days I started feeling good and fit and once
again I became the fastest runner thanks a lot thanks

DreamsIllum says:

This guy is so awesome, BBC always makes me smile while I’m watching his
videos and cry when doing his workouts. Thanks for that mate.

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