Yoga Workout for Core Strength, Abs & Weight Loss, Home Fitness Training for Beginners, Fit Body!

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Yoga Workout for Core Strength, Abs & weight loss, Home Fitness Training for Beginners, Fit Body

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Filmed at Atomic Athlete in Austin, Texas

This video was produced by psychetruth

Music by iChill Music Factory

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MsDaicey says:

I do this everyday!

Katie Olson says:

Love your guys’ channel. I am never disappointed! 

Parvati Sharma says:

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Method to find out more.

David plascencia says:

She made me come

hhvbhbb says:

Dude ur fat! Wtf?

Jamesson Daniel says:

def gonna do this everyday in the am so worth it shes so good !

noga3113 says:

anyone knows what brand her sports bra is?

Paula C. says:

Don’t worry about weight loss. Just get fit. Read Linda Bacon Phd.

Jameela Ali says:

They laughed when I told them I was going to burn calories with Reborn Lean
Max”, but then they saw the results. Go google Reborn Lean Max” to see
their reaction.

Evie Lewis says:

this was awesome!

Brad Hitchcock says:

:This is my first attempt at yoga. It seems pretty straight forward but I
have to say, I ain’t as limber as I used to be lol. I am going to keep
persevering because my gold is to be the healthiest I can be during my new
era of turning 50. Thank you so much for offering a training workout that
even us novices are able to do. 

rollyman321 says:

There are only two things that cause weight loss. No magic pill, drink, or
snake oil.
Eat less and move more. 

dipesh giri says:

Have you heard about Muscle Maker Method? (Go google it) It is a quick way
to bulk up fast.

Yaasmine Campbell says:

Its only been about a week and already I feel and see results. 

bodybuilding says:

Beautiful works!

majusitshu says:

This almost-magical weight melting method melts pounds faster than any
powders, pills, or potions. Go Google Fat Blast Furnace to find out more.

0czarny0 says:

Not to get overanalytical, but if I want to improve my flexibility,
wouldn’t it be more optimal to hold a pose for, say, 30 seconds as opposed
to several deep breaths?

Tim BEGLEY says:


MultiPaulinator says:

Informative for women. Enjoyable for men. Corrina has to be one of the most
considerate writers I’ve ever come across. <3

PsycheTruth says:

Obviously the longer you hold the poses, the more it will improve
flexibility. I prefer thinking of it in breaths, because yoga is about
relaxation and focusing on your body, not watching a kitchen timer.

erbaktash says:

Hot n sexy

madlen malkavian says:

you are nuts… copying the same thing with the guy before you… hahahah

tdreamgmail says:

not like these stick insect creatures that roam hollywood.

SkyrimTube says:

Use beings with less perfect bodily structures for God sake. In my level of
consciousness (3rd density according to Ra material), mind tends to make
very interesting but totally useless associations.

Alexis Kraus says:

Lol at the hanging band aid.

cracktroop75 says:


PsycheTruth says:

The great thing about yoga is there is no set time, you can hold poses as
long as you’d like or move quickly through the vinyasa and repeat it
several times. When first learning poses, I like to hold them for several
deep breaths and really feel the stretch.

Nehemie Mb says:

Could you tell me why Dena uses those biotapes at those specific areas? Is
it for injury prevention or for recovery? That specific area is very
sensitive for me and I sometimes feel like I need extra support, is that
why? Thanks!

PsycheTruth says:

We have a video on Yoga for Pregnancy that went up recently, which gives
some alternatives. You can also omit those poses or do them standing up.

jmesa69x says:

could we please have Dr Echols crack Denas neck? Pleeeeeease?!

Erica Iles says:

I have NO arm muscle to do the chattarongas! I can’t even do a pushup! But
I’m trying!

Nevermore2007 says:

definitely coming back to this video, ive been wanting to get into yoga
this is good beginner videos : )

ChloeXlover says:

FIRST woohoooo

Gamal Hamdi says:

you are amazing lady , have a nice body , anyway thanks for your video,
good job . great like and subscribe .

Adrian Grant says:

Need to sweep the yoga hall, girlfriend.

Corrina Rachel says:

Obviously the longer you hold the poses, the more it will improve
flexibility. I prefer thinking of it in breaths, because yoga is about
relaxation and focusing on your body, not watching a kitchen timer.

Samuel Simpson says:

Look at all those bags and weights….that’s one hell of a torture chamber.

hotdrumchick says:

I’m not pregnant, lol; I have a large fibroid and can’t lie on my belly
like that. I’ll look at the video though.

madlen malkavian says:

did that helped you?

Chrissy Word says:

I appreciate the choice of music and pace of the asanas. This is
strengthening yoga that is also careful and calming.

muttr says:

Hey fatty how bout cardio?

Stephane Normand says:


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