Yoga Exercises to Burn Fat and Lose Weight

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Paula Teixeira says:
Naushiin Ansari says:

Hi I am Naushiin ansari and I am looking great fat loss video and I sat
thanks a lot and I am doing request plz help me I’m having my over wait can
you make any seminars create then plz call me im request sir

Jorge Puig says:

How many minutes you do the 8 exercises? 

Basic Yoga Positions says:

Hi Anmol! Thanks for generously sharing this video! Very often the question
of whether yoga helps to burn fat, and yes, obviously it does! It depends
on what type of yoga one chooses to do, some are really intense and others
more meditative.

erikkarlo says:

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AbsLookGreat says:

Thank you for taking the time to give us this gift Anmol! I’m really
enjoying your meditation music, puts me in the right state of mind, thank
you! says:

Yoga is obviously a great way of keeping fit and healthy and is more of a
lifestyle than a concentrated fitness programme. If you have the time then
that’s great but sometimes you need to see fast results.

Stojanbugarin says:

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andrealucerfi says:

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Siti Rohaniah says:

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Veronica Belubia says:

i think you are fabulous!! thank you

Zeiji Ueda says:

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matrika siwakoti says:

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Yoga for the Beginner says:

If you are really determined to lose weight, exercise your mind.
Practicing yoga will do

andrej13mkd says:

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Blake Bradley says:

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Nishan Rai says:

My mate told me it helps people lose pounds.

Andreas Schiffer says:

This set is AMAZING !!! Not just for weight loss, I would say it is BEST
yoga for letting go of negativity, fear and anxiety !! especially the blow
out negativity exercise, I just love it, thanks for sharing :) Also your
website is amazing, I already feel that it will change my life!

MIckey F'in Mouse says:

I’m not trusting any of these posts regarding INSTANT weight loss…look
like SPAM to me..with pop up windows and viruses…heck no

mohamed alnussairy says:

i like this PopCorn :D:D

pj parkour says:

8:26 shake that ;D

miodrag br says:

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erosamuk says:


JohnPsallidas says:

Yoga is possible for anybody who really wants it. Yoga is universal…. But
don’t approach yoga with a business mind looking for worldly gain. ~Sri
Krishna Pattabhi Jois

WeightLoss Pill says:

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Randy Cawley says:

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janchen13 says:

great video and explanations! thanks a million for your effort+time….big

potzincu says:

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Niki Pantev says:

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Nishan Rai says:

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Andriy Siduyev says:

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Vu Bumaye says:

Dafuk xD 9:00

Parimala Vasudev says:

Thx, Do u need to inhale when u go down and exhale coming up???Pls clarify.

marianamaria342 says:

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Jatin sethi says:

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Mihindu Pulukkody says:

You haven’t said how many times or how long each exercise must be done. Is
it 16 times or 21 times or is there a time period to do each exercise? How
do you combine this with your Pranayama video, with wa he guru? Could I
finish the exercise series with Pranayama?

Umazes says:

Favorited this just for the end “shake and dance” bit XDDD

Vivien Wong says:

@Dayum Bro: I agree what you post … Becky’s story is great, my
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those are called “mudras” I also know little to nothing on yoga but the
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chanaka2424 says:

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rickym4rtin4life says:

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Courtney P. Newlon says:

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