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Yoga Body Workout: SADIE’S BADASS 30-MINUTE YOGA FLOW: weight loss

A powerful sequence of only the best yoga poses, in the right order to optimize losing weight! You’ll target the fat-blasting Trinity of weight loss: cardio, lean muscle building, and belly work. Doing 30 minutes of this sequence is like 45 minutes at the gym, or any other yoga practice. It’s a multitasker’s dream workout which sparks a metabolic miracle. I recommend doing this flow once or twice through, 4-5 times a week. Cross-train with my other workouts, Detox and Energy for best results! To get them, email me at!

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Jennifer Hernandez says:

I look forward to the day I can be all that and a bag of chips. WOW props
to anyone who can do this whole video and poses

Linnea Testa says:

I recently had to stop running due to a leg injury so I tried out your
video…I think I got a better workout in one session than I have all
summer running! Thank you so much!

Juli Graziano says:

Thanks for such a great workout!! Glad to see this video back up!

RyoDwarpie says:

Missed this workout so much! Thanks for reuploading! My favourite flow ever

Jackie Noone says:

Namaste Sadie : )

sugaronsunday says:

This is my favorite yoga video of all time. Thank you so much for putting
it back up! 

TodaysAudrey says:

Totally awesome Sadie! Thank you. You have the key to unlocking my body
Sadie…I can’t do these things (slo-mo shakti kick to perfect forward
bend) on my own time, but with your instruction, BAM! I’m suddenly a
talented yogi, floating around, rocking my crows, floating
perfectly-suspended kicks to forward bends….it’s so exhilarating!

hocuspocus says:

it was so intense thank you so much lovely sadie! <3

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