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What’s up Live Leaners,

Today’s topic is one of my favourites and one that so many people get confused on.

What’s more effective for fat loss…lifting weights or aerobic training?

Lets discuss…for all the traditional cardio lovers out there (who I have nothing but love for),
I’m sure your side of the discussion will weigh heavily on the point that the primary energy source that weight training uses is NOT fat…but carbohydrates.

That’s true, but here are the 3 reasons why weight lifting is far more effective than aerobic training for fat loss.


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Cut And Dry, Kevin MacLeod (http://www.incompetech.com)

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amir Giubran says:

hey brad!
i’ve started to train cardio about 3 months ago, on a low carb diet.(i
weighted 290 pounds, went down to 240)1.75Centimeters
so far i lost 50 pounds.
a week ago i started weight lifting,
i gained 10 pounds, and thats alot, im still on low carb, and because of
that i think my muscles get sore too much.
i have 2 questions:
if im on such a high weight should i continue on weight lifting for losing
weight or should i turn back to cardio?did you refer the weight training
for lean people or for everyone?
secondly, i wanted to know what do you think about NOT eating after weight
lifting session on low carb diet(doestn’t really matter if low carb or
not), just the fact if not eating, does it really burn more calories or
should i eat to build muscle?
thanks alot!!

Harry Flashman says:

Man I wish I knew all of this years ago. A few years back I dieted hard,
ran and did P90X for about 5 months to get ready for vacation. During the
whole time doing it I was sore, tired, grumpy at least a few days each
week. I got Baker’s disks in both knees and plantar that would come and
go. I was relieved when vacation time actually started. The first day I
relaxed and filled up on regular food. The very next day I finally started
seeing muscles! I could not figure out what happened. Forget cardio
unless you’re training for some specific sport or unless you just like it!
Heavy lifting and decent nutrition. Now, if someone would discover that
pizza and ice cream are daily staples in any great fat loss plan…

Mende D says:

I hate cardio gimme a kettlebell instead 

Alan Gonzalez says:

Hey brad quick question i was doing nothing but cardio. I was droping some
weight from 188 to 183 then i started lifting i hardly do cardio now i went
from 183 to 191 is it just muscle? I wanna cut down on weight i’m 5’7

Mende D says:

He’s funny as hell lol 

Ebony Browne says:

To lose the weight efficiently and keep it off, you must have a permanent
plan instead of bouncing from diet to diet.

Darren Gaudry... says:

I found the “how you doing” to be distracting…

TIffany Oakes says:

Metabolic Training! Move from cardio to weights with little to no rest! 

rida habib chorfa says:

I love your shape

Myeh-Amber Dillon says:

This video ALONE made me subscribe. Good job 

Saqib Siddiqi says:

not all weight training helps from what i have read, they say single muscle
training doesn’t help in fat loss, however squats or lunges exercises like
that do.
so what are you saying exactly we should not do cardio and only muscle
training ? or minimize cardio and maximize the weight training ? 

neohelena says:

Helo..your video was helpful but im confused if rubber resistance bands do
same work as weight lifting? And is 20 minutes daily workout is enough?

TeleQtricK says:

How you doin’ Brad! Love your videos, you’re the one that got me drinking
lemon water each and every morning and it feels good! Thanks and keep up
the good work!

Walid CHEIKH says:


Buttafly Jonez says:

I like the video. Good info. Funny too. Thank you

Dropsy517 says:

I’ve done all methods at one time or another and my gut feeling (no pun
intended) is that you are dead on. I’ve just spent the last week doing
lots of cardio for the first time in a long time after getting chubby again
and the results have just not followed the way I think they should. I’m
going to scale back and hit the weights for the next week and see how it
feels. I power walked over twenty miles last week and am very unsatisfied
with the results, frankly. And at my age…I’m now very tired and sore.
I’m taking the day off today from all activity, getting a good nights
sleep, and then hitting the gym tomorrow. 

gemu10 says:

This guy is a tool

getfitafter50 says:

I see fewer over weight runners than weight lifters in the gym. Brown fat
activation is not the whole story.

Darren Gaudry... says:

This is most annoying video of your I have ever seen… How am I doing? I’m
out of here… 

Combienne says:

I used to run an hour a day for a year and it did 1 thing for me…… Made
me good at running (I was quite slim but not toned or anything).
I then got into heavy lifting which made me Bulky, Strong but Fat.
But I finally found a niche. 1 handed TRX. Because I’m so off balance when
doing this and have to use my whole core and some legs just to keep from
falling. I’m much fitter now, better looking and stronger. In fact I’m
stronger now than when I used to do the heavy lifting.

The moral of this story – Resistance exercise is much better for training
and fat loss as long as you do compound exercises that work YOUR ENTIRE
BODY at once.

Cory Cool Dangerous says:

Ok I can’t concentrate on what you’re saying with all the winking nonsense

Pablo sin Carne says:

Lol love the vid sir

Anas Khattab says:

Hi Brad, i’m doing the low carbs high protien diet thing, i do jogging for
30 min in the early morning .. heavy weight lifting at 7 pm and HIIT tabata
for 4-8 min right after the weight lifting .. am i on the right track? will
i be able to see good results soon? noting that all what i need to lose are
max 9 Kilograms of fat not muscles. Thank you from the Middle East.. your
videos are pretty awesome :)

Paul Patel says:

Man this video is probably the funniest/best advice talk about how to melt
off that belly fat. I do cardio on alternate days from weight training and
the results are showing very highly. Paired that with some IF and damn, my
mom thought i was dying LOL.

Zulficar hamid says:

Will bodyweight exercises help just like weight lifting does ???

Ferrilove says:

hahahhahahhahahahha. giggity.

Isis Queenthe says:

LIFTING!!! Hands down has helped me shape and sculpt my body I”ve lost
95lbs to date and yes I did cardio but not being a gym member it was mainly
walking and climbing hills it wasn’t crazy hours on a treadmill. However
thanks to Youtube and people like you Brad I did lots of research watched
videos and came up with my own lifting program and seriously stuck to it!
Now I’ve been lifting for about 3years now, with Crossfit thrown in for
good ole Olympic lifts. I love it I find peace in the iron even on rest
days I think about and plan my workout constantly challenging my self to
lift heavier, and the results have been amazing!! When woman ask me (me
giving advice still wows me!) how to get arms like mine or toned legs. I
always, always tell them eat clean and make lifting the focus and cardio
the add on and not the other way around! Lift ladies LIFT!!!! Thanks Brad!

scarletbrezze says:

I subscribe after the first wink lol you give good information that I can

Md Munna says:

I wonder what I would be doing if I wouldnt have found about
*ExprezSliminizer* from one of the videos. I have a customized diet plan
exclusively for me which makes me lose without much efforts.

Ashley Hubbard says:
scarletbrezze says:

Ive been doing workout dvds like insanity and t25 following there plan but
haven’t loss not a single flippin pound, I cut out sugar i cut out carbs i
stop pen eating meat and still nothing.. so I was thinking of doing weight

Ponyboy says:

He is right about weight lifting increases fat burning hormones. I used to
weigh 210 pounds, my first mistake was doing excessive cardio ( jump rope
and treadmill) after switching to strength training and then slowly
progressing to weight lifting as my waist exponentially shrunk in size.
Another thing I noticed was decrease in appetite after weight lifting
session compared to my cardio session as would I could eat like a horse
after my workouts

Susan Yi says:

Great video! I started at the gym 90kgs heavy and started an intense cardio
workout, started losing weight, 10kilos to be exact and then for the
following 2 months my weight would not budge. My weightloss was at a stand
still. That is until I started incorporating heavy lifting both compound
and isolation. Within that same week my weight started to shed. I slowly
started to shift my workout more towards heavy lifting until my workout
ratio was 30mins hiit cardio and 50mins weightlifting. Now I do 15mins hiit
on treadmill and get straight into heavy lifting. So I advocate heavy
lifting to anyone, give it a go!

themadclown94 says:

You…are…a douche

Mahmoud Yahyaoui says:

a load of bullshit !!!

Husnane Ali says:

a load of bullshit i just wnted to know a yes or no or twm advice not this
bullshit science. 

ovj4 says:

its true weight lifting does burn fat faster! BUTTTTT when you couple
weight training and cardio together….WHOA! im disappointed he didnt
mention this in his video. i personally do body weight exercises and

MTGgirl2020 says:

Weight lifting!

avinash pydi says:

Are you making these awful mistakes in your diet? Copy And Paste Into
Google Skinnimaker System to find out.

Latinaista Latina says:

Very good topic. 

MrSweatyPants says:

Wayhay to much detail for the average Joe, I only clicked this video ‘cus I
was annoyed with the title. I had to stop when you started to talk about NA.

If you wanna lose ‘weight’ , stop putting so much food into your mouth.
Cardio or weightlifting for weight loss? Diet!’ Eat nothing but vegetables
(not potatoes)and drink nothing but water for a month and watch yourself
turn into skin and bone.

Of course if you wanna be ‘toned'(despise that word, build musce whilst
losing fat?) then yeh I couldn’t recomend weight lifting more. Squats,
deads.. presses. Girls that squat are hot!

Deadly Inquisition says:

Im trying to lose weight and was wondering if eating an apple was bad if im
cutting back carbs? And any advise will be welcome.

MrSpanishAustralian says:

thank you. great information. peace from Australia

rassledassle82 says:

I like this guy… thanks for the info :-) How you doin?Lol

Victoria Sun says:

I bulk..im a young woman..last bit of fat stays..i gain muscles easy but
the fat around it stays…eat healthy drink 8-10 glasses water a day what
can i do to lose that last bit of fat or am i just not pacient enough?

perrye71 says:

Did he “gigidy”? Lol

Rahim Ibssa says:

how u doin

Mitch Raymond says:

“How you doin?” Shut the fuck up! You seriously made me be done with this
video. Douche 

JanaJ says:

how u doing lmfao 

Steve st louis says:

Thank good i hate running

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