weight loss with no exercise

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My weight loss journey, using laxatives,with no exercise


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donte n says:

U should not take a laxative every night, maybe 1-2 a week. To cleanse your
body mix water and lemon juice. The fruit shake has sugar in it real or
artificial sugar. Finally, vegetables lettuce and spinach is a must. I hate
water to so trust that the water and lemon juice is a better way, don’t
believe do research on lemon juice, a big super fruit that is overlooked

Candice S. says:

Laxatives can become addictive. Please be careful while taking it. It can
damage your health. ;)

Alana Graham says:

Stop smacking ugh 

Sean Kreusch says:

Please take this down I’m sure you have no idea that you are influencing
people to become bulimic but you are their are people who can do harmful
things for a short while however if you’ve had a previous addiction no
matter what one or you even have addicts of any kind in your family then
you are predisposed to addiction laxatives are not healthy they strip your
body of essential salts and electrolytes which stripped too much may cause
heart attack eventually you will no longer be able to go to the bathroom
causing you to take more which just because you have relaxed the bowel
muscles to the point where they won’t perform doesn’t mean that you’re body
has built up a tolerance to the drug so that you won’t strip more
electrolytes and you will od or go into cardiac arrest if you’re lucky
enough to stop prior to that you will eventually have to detox from them
and it’s a two to four week painful process 

Vanity Haze says:

Green tea helps me go! Lol

Eva K. Schumann says:

Your body has the hormone that controls 100% capability to reduce fat, it
is Leptin. To losing fat effectively, you must know the best way to
accelerate your metabolism.

Gen Z agustsson says:

great. i am an ftm transgender. i just had fears of gaining weight, fears
of feminine body, and fears of growing fat including boobs. i tried
everything and this was no use. i’m dying to be thin/muscular.

jonathan b says:

It may be wise for you to consult a doctor. There was a show I saw this
morning talking about the dangers of women taking laxatives to loose
weight. Unfortunately a lot of women do it without knowing the dangers of
it. And you shouldn’t take it every night; I’m sure it mention that on the
label. Anyway, you can become addicted to it like this woman on that show
(Dr. Oz). She started off weighing 270, she became addicted and ended up
weighing 76 pounds. She even lost her husband in the process. I would
encourage you to do a little more research.

Micah Lemaster says:

Thes are some great tips and you lost so much so fast. Truely

Rebecca Smith says:

Lol I like this lady

Binod Bhujel says:

Have you tried “Xylphlike Fat Loss”? (check it out on google) It is a
quick way for you to burn calories fast.

Marcus Johnson says:

Darling your adorable!!!

MrsFabBeautyBlog says:

Wow! I have to check this out.

amomentofinsanity says:

Thanks I don’t no what I’m going to do for the holidays. But good luck to
you too.

lynngroll1 says:

Keep your zest for healthy life. Thank you for the tips :)

missanthropica7x says:

Is that your natural eye color? :DD you’re pretty. This is exactly what
I’ve been doing. Same vitamins, and I take Milk of Magnesia every day
before bed. Some times I’ll take it during the day if I splurged too much,
as unhealthy as it may be, I have tried to lose weight for two years, and
I’m 19 now! I worked in a kennel 6 days a week and ate a salad once a day
and only lost 4 lbs, and kennel work is extremely active! It’s ridiculous.
I’ve lost 7 already on this. :)

midgreen100 says:

I used to have bowel issues before I tried colonics. Amazing.

Happydimples39 says:

I am starting my diet again. I am definitely a sweet eating. Not candy, but
cakes, cookies, donuts, pies..I crave bad in the mornings. I have put back
on 10 pounds. I am trying to lose before the Holidays. Good luck on your
journey. I am with you on this..☺

shadowfairy4ever says:

you are stunning.

Creative Instincts says:

i hear u on fitting into the close u have already!

amomentofinsanity says:

Thanks I have also tried to colonics.

Samantha Johnson says:

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Ashley Ceciliano says:

Hi what kind of laxatives do you use?

nocturnalpianist says:

I thought I was the only one who could lose weight like this. A few years
ago I lost over 20 pounds solely by having daily bowel movements-no
exercise. I would only have one a day but it was huge (not being gross).

midgreen100 says:

Good post. Good luck!

Andriy Kuplinski says:

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