Weight Loss Exercise Program Week 2

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Learn how to lose weight with our weight loss exercise routine program. http://diet.com/videos

Follow this workout with week 3 for a progressive workout plan to lose weight fast.

Check out the Love Handle Workout: http://www.diet.com/dietblogs/read_blog.php?title=The+Love+Handle+Workout&blid=15227

Find more fitness videos at http://diet.com/videos/

Join our weight loss challenge and watch your body get slim and sexy. Each week, the exercise routine will get increasingly difficult.
Perform this routine 2x a week on nonconsecutive days.

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StelmariaonE7 says:

When I was 180 I was struggling to become 150. Now that I’ve become a lazy
bum and reached the 200 mark, I’d kill to be 180 again, lol. Thanks for
these exercises, I hope they work!

Srabon Ritu says:

my sister loss 25lb by doing this exercise….

papaburger says:

nice body.

XLoveTheFireX says:

Im sitting here eating hot cheetos thinking” wow she is perfect, i wish i
looking like that.. i just dont have the time”

fortal12 says:

its good to start at that age so that you wont have a problem when u get
older.. not something extreme.. just exercise to keep fit…

redheadonfire2 says:

we arent trying to make it challenging for her, they are supposed to be
helping beginners. i want to see her do the crunch with her hands
underneath her.

Meli Michi says:

She’s got the legs of a horse…. Very sexy!!

Ashwath D Singer says:

does ur growth of height stop doing dis shoulder pass……..???

TheLaughingGamer says:

Bags of sugar maybe :S

rabiya123456 says:

how many times a week do we have to do these exercises?

Roger Guitar says:

you will never get muscle

srm0083 says:

There’s always got to be a cynic, huh?! I love these videos! I do them, in
combination with some other vids, 6 days a week and after only FOUR weeks I
am already noticing a difference. I love how Sarah and Stephen break down
each movement so you’re not “cheating” your way through the workout. I’m
lookin good, feelin great, and I still enjoy cheetos too!! LOL!! (and I’m
doin this all post-baby!)

meminus20 says:

i please follow my weight loss journey!

Thu Thuat May Tinh says:

If you think youre fat, you probably are!!! Visit bit[.]ly/a7XdjP

TheAcidMist says:

how many sets a workout do they do get back to me….well send a private
message plz

Shinuzi says:

Ok i don’t have dumbbells so what should I do?

SPA2TACU5 says:

If you can sit watching it, you can also sit-up watching it. Doing sit-ups
that is.

Spanishcastlemagic says:

obviously dumbbells are best, but you can make do with items around the
house like bottles or cans.

Re1Mu2R3 says:

Hot but I like a little skin on stomach. I don’t like touch a rock hard
body when having sex..

Brett Mac says:


TheCondemnedProphet says:

buy sum

jodylovesmanunited says:

briiiiiliant! hope it works ( :

28march85 says:

shes hot

Jens Boye Hansen says:

And how do you train so you can do the first two exercises? I cannot bend
my legs like that, I need exercises that train me to do that. Untill that,
the first two exercises are rather useless…

tinafey007 says:

Sarah: I stumled upon your site today. It doesn’t say about the cardio:
before or after and how long? I am afraid to make muscles with 15 lbs
dumbells, which I don’t want . what is the right weight, still to burn fat?

XLoveTheFireX says:

Not uh.. Ive tried and it is difficult to me. i watch t.v at the gym
instead :D

mxkid828 says:

this basically tones your body thats it cuz i been doing these workouts for
almost two years and im ripped and i gained weight but idc, i got a nice

jealousguyable says:

me too! I look and feel so much better! I would thoroughly recommend this
diet solution program offered by the site: WeightLossAction.info to
everyone. I love the encouragement and praise from other people. In fact
that i love everything about this course! A BIG thanks to this program!

Kylen Eyler says:

Not really, if ur really into the show and doing sit-up u miss parts of it
when u down and ur kness block the screen. All ur doing is putting others
down because they don’t work out as much. i bet ur a big fat ass loser, who
doesnt have a life. Honestly i think ur very rude.

Nabanita Majumder says:

gosh that man issssss hot

kim jones says:

squats will not make you have a “donk”, you can trim some fat and tone a
bit but the overall shape of your deirierre is from your family genes.. you
can squat and lunge all you want if you aint got , you aint got it… smdh
at all these folks trying to have a booty all of a sudden! and if you were
born with a flat butt and your mom has a butt butt.. you know what … you
will always have a flat butt unless you opt for implants or booty pads!

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