Toning and Weight Loss Boot Camp – Total Body Workout Routine for Fast Results

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Ana .Rita says:

gosh, this was definitely harder that what I was expecting for! when I saw
that i needed to repeat all the round 2 more times I thought I was going to
die… xP

Silverscream Doll says:

I have muscles and over them I have a little body fat…and advice how to
make my muscles reveal and not to gain any more of them?

Konstantin Baramboim says:


Azka Gul says:

I love your videos, just one question. I’m 13 and about 5’0 and weigh 50
kg, I have a lot of fat around my thighs, legs and waist. I would like to
lose at least 10 kg within 3-5 months, could you suggest a diet for me?
Currently I’m drinking green tea 3 times a day and cutting down in sugary
things. If you could also recommend some of your videos to get a thinner
lower body it would be great! :) Thanks 

Goh Su Phing says:

An awesome workout worth trying and continue doing! After browsing through
different workout channels I still prefer fitness blender most. thank you
Daniel and Kelli!

Dindin Yu says:

it would be nice if you added background music to your videos.

Jessica Smith says:

Very good workout, I’m sweating bullets! 

Franziska G says:

my legs are burning like crazy now!

mina kalsi says:

oh my gosh this one had me sweating
love it
thanks FB

oh by the way i have chucked my scales away,,,,evil little thing! focusing
on a better body not a number on a scale and its working

Lisa Hogan says:

Love this workout!! I have been doing these workouts since Jan 2 and my
middle is shrinking!!! Yay:-)

moo5766 says:

Great workout! My body feels so good right now (: (lol) thanks!!

Hanel Watkins says:

anyone know how many calories this burns? Great workout though!

Joannabanana1989 says:

loved this style!! really fun. the exercises were so creative too. 

Crystal Lee says:

I can’t thank you guys enough these workouts are not only amazing and
creative in their own way but highly effective and they’re changing the way
I feel about my body improving my life I want to thank you

sheersendu rakshit says:

It would be a shame if you did not lose weight when other normal people are
able to lose weight so easily with Fat Blast Formula (go google it).It
would be a shame if you did not lose weight when other normal people are
able to lose weight so easily with Fat Blast Formula (go google it).

Gomba13 says:

I am a beginner at working out, and although this is a challenging workout,
against all odds, I completed it, without any cheating to boot. My guess is
that those who couldn’t complete it are lacking motivation.

I am hoping to get rid of tummy fat on an otherwise pretty healthy body. Go

atlantis2339 says:

how often would you recommend doing this routine during the week? and do
you consider one repetition of the entire routine to be a complete workout?
I’m still learning like what constitutes as a complete workouts and if I
should do more. I know that, of course, doing more would help me but I’m
still getting back into working out and would like to ease myself back into
it. Thank you for your videos. I’ve been using them for the last week or so
and have been loving them!

Maria V says:

more of these please

Untitledme1991 says:

that’s insane

Sheharyar Wasi says:

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You will discover the crimes we commit against ourselves. With “Xylphlike
Fat Loss”, you will discover how to burn off fat quickly.

TeacherMenchu says:

I am 47 obese and hypertensive. Do you have any exercise routine i can
follow? I have a gym membership and would like to make use of the gym

according101 says:

I love the fact these are full length vids. thank you

Melissa Shah says:

This program is excellent. I keep telling people that Fitness Blender is
like Mac for workouts. Simple, effective and to the point. I had a baby 6
months ago and was looking for something to start getting back in shape. My
husband and I do these together and love that we can put them on Apple TV
from our phones or iPad. The ebook was so worth the purchase. Even our six
year old is participating and asking, which workout number is next. We are
five weeks in and enjoying it! Thanks again!!!

Kim Snow says:

Awesome!!!…great video’s

Jojo JooN says:

I love u Keli xx

Venetsia Krusteva says:

If I do it 8 weeks … How kg am I going to lose???

FitnessBlender says:

Take rest days when you need to ! Remember, those are important too, your
body needs time to heal itself, especially if a muscle group is still sore

BabblingBeauty says:

Hard as F***

whtwolf88 says:

I’m so happy for you guys I wasted 60 pluss buck on kettleworx and I can’t
even do them now that I found you guys I’ll donate what I can you guys rock
and I’m 215lbs now and was 260 6 months ago.

FitnessBlender says:

Wow what a huge change, congrats to you! All of your hard work is paying
off. We so appreciate your viewership – you keep doing what you’re doing &
we will keep making new workout videos for ya!

FitnessBlender says:

Keep eating healthy & working out & give it time. If you have built muscle,
that’s a good thing. Now if you keep up the healthy eating & exercise over
time the fat over the top of the muscle will dissipate. Be patient!

FitnessBlender says:

Try something lower impact if you are sore.

lepetittofu says:

i bet you were, i’m just starting the 5x5x5, and you already gave me
another video, i think i’m gonna die D:

shapeurmind says:

I love that their workouts are in real time (makes is waaaaaaayyy more
motivating) and that their vids are so well explained and simple. Can’t
wait to see results :)

FitnessBlender says:

People that continually find a way to challenge themselves inspire me! Keep
it up.

amesdo says:

I got your 8 week’s program. I can’t wait to start it. it would be
fantastic develope another program with your videos uploaded on youtube to
be easier follow the boot camps. I’ll keep you uploaded about my progress
with your program. thanks!!!

FitnessBlender says:

Follow the link for calorie burn info :)

iSelenat0r says:

The link in the description isn’t working for me :|

FitnessBlender says:

Sore muscles; they still hurt or are stiff or tender/achy from the day
before. Hope that helps :)

caleche jeames says:

Hi Fitnessblenders , Is there a way you can make a workout video especially
for expecting mothers ? Some women ( like me lol ) still like to continue
working out during their pregnancy maybe you can make a video with very
light exercises so they can stay in shape?

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