My HIIT Treadmill Workout – How I lost 83bs of Fat | Weight Loss Motivation

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HIIT for me is what I owe my fat loss to. I did this workout 2-5x a week as time permitted and never experienced a plateau.

My personal method was on the treadmill, but HIIT can be done on ANY machine at the gym & even outside. Just alternate 2 minutes of light work, with 1 minute of strength exertion for 25 mins!

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SheWillBeLoved says:

Thank you for sharing. I started doing this three weeks ago. Had to start
running or jogging at 4.5.. I’m so out of shape but I’m working my way up!
I’m trying to lose 80 lbs. 

Yulesko Y says:

Thank you! That was the video i was waiting for. I am in love with HIIT and
I totally agree with you. I didnt do a warm up first, starting from the
light jogging, but I will try from tomorrow. The idea of personal
customized speeding is great! I have been using the ready HIIT programmes
in the machines, adjusting them to how I feel. Now I will try and build up
my own one!

Kira Grant says:

How much did you weigh before you started your weight loss journey?

shellatx says:

Do you keep the incline at 1.5 the entire workout? How many calories are
you burning during an average HIT session? Do you eat back the calories
that you burn? About how many calories do you eat back? Thanks!! 

sugarandspice x says:

Loved this did it today at gym and nearly died lol so is this what u done
to loose all the weight then ? What other machines do you use at gym xxx

FashionLurk says:

How many times a week did you do this work out? Thank you! xx

igsvt says:

Thanks for the video, it was very informative. I was wondering if you can
do a video on protein shakes.

amynicolaox says:

I wanted to share my EXACT HIIT workout routine. This is the only cardio I
did and used to lose 80+ pounds of fat. I hope you find it helpful.
Apologies for my bra hanging out, what can a girl do, oops!

Bella Monti says:

Very helpful! You look fabulous! You hard work and dedication clearly has
paid off!

Kima Vina says:

Please do not waste your time andbucks and effort on fat losscapsules or
ointments as their effects if any are non permanent.

tricia_15 says:

Hi, you mentioned on instagram that you were doing the Jamie Eason livefit
routine? How did it go for you? I have 2 weeks left of the program!

Jessica Bond says:

So this treadmill routine is literally what you did every day for your
whole weight loss since you started? I’m just afraid it will stop working
for me after a period of time and I’ll hit a plateau. I lost 33 pounds and
then hit a plateau which mentally threw me off and I gained 15 pounds back.
I’m trying so hard to get back into the swing of things, but I just need a
good routine that will work for me that I can stick to every day, because
I’m successful with a specific routine to follow; I get overwhelmed doing a
bunch of different routines and activities at once.

Ana T says:

Not sure if you mentioned this, but how long are the intervals for? Also,
how long do you run for in total? Are your slower intervals at a walking or
running speed?

Catherine Millard says:

You’re amazing. Definitely going to try this hiit. Just plain running isn’t
getting me anywhere. Ready for your protein.. I definitely would like if
you explained why protein is so important. 

nathalie then says:

I had a plateau for about 3 months. I was already thinking of giving up,
and saw this video. I did this for one week and lost 2.4 lb. THANK YOU SO

Charlene McKen says:

I have been trying to loose weight for a very long time now, with no
success I am really depress and not sure if I can do this. I watch your
videos all the time for motivation. I really want to loose the weight but
I’m not sure of what I’m doing wrong. I really need help :(..

StacysSerenity says:

thanks soo much for this video! I will try it at my next workout!

skevola says:

You are a CHAMP, girl

Lydia Scott says:

I am about to head to the gym and will definitely be trying this! x

shaanu202 says:

Your video has helped me sooo much! I was wondering though, when you
started to incorporate strength training into your workout routine, how did
you combine it with hiit? Did you do them on the same days?

randomm1992 says:

Did u take BCAA supplements or do u recommend them? I workout fasted since
i am doing Intermitten fasting and I don’t know if i should take them since
they r pricy

Martha Lankford says:

how many days do you so hiit during the week. i would think 2x or 3x a week
is sufficient.

Tasha Harsanyi says:

How long did it take you to lose the 83 lbs? From time you started to time
you hit your goal

Fameyfoo says:

You’re such an inspiration and I thought “If she can lose the weight, I can
too” :)

MsGookette says:

was this all you did at the gym when you first started the weight loss? 

beautiful15 says:

Any suggestions on how to avoid loose skin during weight loss? Im barely
starting my weight loss journey and was curious if I should just focus on
cardio to lose fat or if I should include weights to tone or wait until I
reached my goal weight to tone. Thanks in advance

Cierra D says:

I do that as well every other day I’ll do intervals and it has been working

M Poshard says:

Your videos inspired me to start losing weight! I started at 211 pounds, so
right around where you were, and since watching your videos I have already
lost six lbs so far! Your tips have helped me a lot, and seeing that you
were successful helps me know it its possible. Can you do a video on how
you make your friday night pizza?

emma avdic says:

Great video! Are you able to put together a video on the type of strength
training routine you do at the gym? Thanks!

sara s says:

How many days a week do you do this for?

Priyanka Singh says:

Your so inspirational!! Love this! Can’t wait to try this routine!!

MisyRae364 says:

So extremely helpful! I have about 30 lbs to lose so I can’t wait to try
this!! (And mix it with myfitnesspal) Thank you! Did you do anymore than
that 30 minutes of cardio per work out? Or did you lose the initial weight
with only half an hour of cardio a day? I’m a huge fan, you’re such an

Kali Elaine says:

ok I finish your video looks like I have a new routine for the gym. hit!
30min , leg day no cardio, arm chest shoulder day 20 min hit I will try
this for a month! thank you!

MishuBaby14 says:

Thank you so much for trying to help others! Congratulations on your
journey to better health and quality of life! You’re good at answering
questions too. Thank you lots!!

ASAP Del Rey says:

For anyone that wants an app that can keep track of when to run and then
when to slow down and walk, C25KFree is available for iPhone products for
sure (i’m not sure about Androids). It tells you when to walk for 3 mins
then run for 2 mins until you get to 30 mins (or longer) of exercising. and
it keeps track of the days you do it so once you’ve done 7 days it will
move to the next week and get gradually harder. I started doing this 1
month ago and I’ve already seen a difference and it’s super easy to use
because I would not be able to keep track of when to slow down and when to
run on my own lol 

Silanethione says:

Beautiful black queen. Do you know how gorgeous you are? My God!

CrashCrate Job says:

im overweight can i do this?

kristela hernandez says:

Thank great vid!

cynthia sagar says:

OMG girl!! You r amazing. Ive been trying to loose 15 lb for the past few
yers with no luck. :( you have really inspired me to do it. Thanks

MrBrandon330 says:

Well done

MonkeyMagic88 says:

OMG you look awesome honey !
Hey are you of Greek heritage ?

Yollie'sWorld says:

Hi, what do you suggest for beginners? I’ve been walking on the treadmill
for about an hr 3x a week at a 3.2-3.5 I’m afraid if I up the speed I’m
going to fall. TIA

candylovesmakeupx3 says:

Wow you are very inspiring. I been struggling with my weight since I was
young. This deff helps, I’ve seen people at my gym do this I didn’t
understand. Please keep making videos like this. Much love

Erica Miles says:

Im truly inspired by you. You make me feel that nothing is impossible.

Sheila Larose says:

Thanks so much for this video. I started this last week and lost 2.5 lbs.
You really inspired me to keep going. I hurt my back running yesterday so I
might have to give the treadmill a break and use the elliptical. I hope I
get the same results. Keep your ideas coming. I love your videos :)

Daisy Fuentes says:

Great video you are an inspiration to other! This really make me more
motivated to start doing HIIT. Do you only do it for 30 min a day? 

Linda-Brenda Wansi says:

So inspiring!! What was the name of the website that shows tons of before
and after pics again please?
Your transformation gives me so much hope! I am tired of the ups and
downs….trying to mentally prepare myself for a lifestyle change!

sue lopez says:

Hi! Thanks so much for sharing! Ok so if I’m doing exactly this, (without
the treadmill), how would I also do the weight training? Like what kind of
weight training can I do with this HIIT workout? Also, why was it a big
mistake for not doing it?
-Please answer.
Thanks :*

Emily lee says:

Thank you so much for sharing!! I don’t want to gain muscles and I just
want to lose my fat and hopefully slim down my leg muscles, will this HIIT
treadmill workout help? because many people told me that running will make
your leg muscles bigger. How did it work for you at first when you started?

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