Kickboxing, Free Workout Video: Kickboxing for Weight Loss – Full 15-Minute Fat Burning Workout

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Subscribe to DynamicZen for more martial arts tips, techniques and workouts: Kickboxing makes the perfect weight loss workout! Burn calories, build strength and develop flexibility with this 15-minute drill-focused workout that’s easy to follow and great for practicing form and technique. All levels. And don’t make any of these common kickboxing mistakes – check out Sensei Gomez’s form tips first:

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Lupe Piera says:

I really enjoyed this one, I did it again with the 12 min indoor power walk
with it. Thank you!

Robin Vick says:

This was actually fun once I got into the rhythm. I’m not very coordinated
so it took a bit of doing! I ended up a sweaty mess but still did both
workouts from the Strength and Balance DVD. I have Yin and Yang so I need
to do some of the workouts on it to hone kickboxing skills. Thanks for
helping me grow.

Joan Ude says:

Day 9 done. I enjoy kickboxing it makes you feel tough and powerful but an
exercise where form is important. This was a good teaching workout but was
still fun. I love the way you involve family, friends and pets in your
workouts Jessica. I also did Stride and Strength and Spicy walk with your
mom and a disappearing peanut too! All great fun! 

Marie-Annick Bordeleau says:

Agust Day 9 done, I really enjoyed this one, just fast enough to be great
cardio but no crazy fast kicks (it hurts my lower back).

Joanne Parra says:

Quick, but sweaty w/o love it!!

Yondainc says:

The breathing tips really helped!

Mr & Mrs Hollywood says:

Love this – great workout.

Mohsenah .s says:


grashopper says:

Thanks Jessica!! I want to get into kickboxing and will perfecto this great
workout!! Thanks!!

Karine H says:

Workout 3/day 3 August done. I’m glad to be pretty coordinated. Love the
mix up, with your husband! Thanks to both of you!

Raïssa Hans says:

Skipped the schedule yesterday for the barre video :)
Back on it today,wow sweaty mess,but lovely kick-*** work out!
Thanks Jessica and hubby Sensei Gomez!

Jen J says:

Oh my damn! I like it! This was great!

kimberly sturgis says:

I LOVE GUILLERMO GOMEZ. He had a couple workouts on demand! He doesn’t
put free workouts on youtube, so thank you!

lyss222 says:

this one is fun!

Lynn Malik says:

Haven’t done this one in a while. I forgot how much I enjoy it!

Babooshka00 says:

Day 9 done, I got a good sweat.

Prophectic Intercessor says:


Goh Xin Ting Michelle says:

nice sweat out after following this kickboxing workout!! thanks :)

florence Bhana-Sayring says:

Very puffed but feel great thx

Ela E says:

I feel great, thank you!

HappyGillian says:

Wow. This was a great workout in only 15 minutes. It had me sweating and it
was fun. He is a very good teacher and Jessica Smith is one of my favorite

shatara pease says:


Forth Offeb says:

very good short exercise. i sweat much more than my regular cardio
exercise on eliptical machine in the same amount of time. i wonder what is
average calories that was burned by this exercise.

Darka Darjeeling says:

i’ve yet to be impressed with kick boxing videos or teachers…i’m very
picky….this was excellent and i love the way you two look together and
hope that i see you two in the other videos….PERFECTLY DONE! 100% LOVE

Akansha Nathaniel says:

wow… This is great workout… i love kickboxing <3 gonna subscribe this
channel now :)

Lori Vanderweele says:

Didn’t think I was going to like this one but did it anyway….so glad I
did!!! I feel strong, powerful and worked out (in a really good way! ;)
)…thanks once again for the awesomeness that is jessicasmithtv!!

roxyarian says:


Lara Sparks says:

This is the second time I’ve done this workout, and I just love it! It
really works all my muscles. Last time I did it I was quite sore the next
day. I have a feeling I will be yet again! :)

SweetlyFab Sarah says:

Really enjoyed this one! Felling Tough afterward. Thx Jessica. Ohh..
you look like a Pro!

Vanniechan says:

That was super fun, thank you!!!

abbykins1991 says:

Hey Jessica! Is it ok to do this particular video a few to several times a
week? I do mix things up but I love to fit this one in!

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