Jump Rope Weight Loss Routine – 20 Minute Home Cardio Workout

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Anne M. Chaney says:

You should never waste your time andcash and efforts on fat losstablets or
lotions since their results if any are merely temporary.

Liz whocares says:

Tbh, my workout didn’t even count because I kept messing up on jumping
rope. :(

ashley vorachack says:

Amazing workout!!!


just finished this workout, did it two times for two days

JustBabyGames -Tv says:




All4Reborns says:

Wow, I am getting stronger!! Made it…no problemo!! Thanks

AliceSagePorter says:

I liked this one, I like that it was all intense..All though I do like when
your videos have warm ups and cool downs, it does shorten the intense part.
(Which A LOT of times I like, though. lol..) I just have to make sure to
warm up and cool down with videos like these! Thanks. :)

ilham Hida says:

how many calories do you burn doing this?

Adriana Astorga says:

love it easy to remember im ganna do it im tryin to lose weight n be fit
but i never really exercise in my life but i really want to so i think this
is a great start for me 

caritoqd says:

Buen Cardio!!

Laxman Gurung says:

My family laughed when I told them I would shed fat with Fat Blast Formula,
but then they saw the results. Go and google Fat Blast Formula to see their

kbear704 says:

Very nice work out. Simple, convenient, and get the job done. Thumbs up!

cagohupu98 says:

I wish to learn how to do this just like you kelli im so jealous :)

Kimmie11223 says:

How much pain should I be in when I work out?

FitnessBlender says:

You’ll love it. It a sick & twisted way :)

FitnessBlender says:

Nope. This way you get to add whatever kind of music you like best & still
hear our instruction, plus it keeps the workouts free.

FitnessBlender says:

That’s completely okay, just push yourself a little further each time.

Devon Lavor says:

Thanks. :)

stefani99100 says:

You loosw from 198 to 285……i think that i will do this every day

Lindsey Kar says:

Will this still work the same if I don’t use a jump rope, just do the moves
the same?

FitnessBlender says:

You can find that information for any of our workouts on the link above :)

FitnessBlender says:

@LupeNadal Honestly it’s really hard for me to say without getting a lot
more information from you, but assuming you are doing workouts like this
one 6x/week, & eating healthily, you should start to see a difference in
about 2 weeks, but you may even see a difference in as little as one week.
Remember, don’t “diet”, diets don’t work. Eat healthily and plan on eating
that way for the rest of your life, otherwise, the weight will just come
back the second you stop dieting.

molly gray says:

hey look everybody its raining sweat!

MsSarah1411 says:

this may sound stupid >_< but is it ok to drink cold water during a workout?!!

Manjit Kaur says:

it is work for weight loss? :(

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