Fun Beginners Dance Workout For Weight Loss – At Home Cardio Exercise Dance Routine

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Fun Beginners Dance Workout For weight loss – At Home Cardio Exercise Dance Routine

This is dance workouts videos to do at home to lose belly fat and weight featuring Donnie and Cindie Corbin.

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This video was produced by Psychetruth

Music By Topher Mohr & Alex Elena
Song: Festival

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serena angel says:

if i do this everyday will i lose weight or should i change the dance
workout everyday
P.S sorry for the bad english
help plzz thnx ;) ♥♥♥

Chim Lumi says:

You can lose 10 pounds in 60 days safely & naturally even when you haven’t
lost weight for many years

Jamesa Santiago says:

i can’t i was going to bt then i noticed the rhythm got no better 

Samantha Morris says:

I loved this!

Sabrina Rae' says:

Only 2 minutes into this I was having sharp pains in my shoulder blades,
hips, and stomach. Is that normal? 

Candice Webb says:

I think i have found who im gonna folllow till i get better…wichll b
awile. Thnk u guys so much. Is there any hip hop dances w hip hop music
that yall do 4 begginers?

Shaina Umda says:

Thank you for this! It was fun watching you both! Im going to try this
later when i get home =))

Xarre Sonata says:

I’ve done this back, a couple of months before prom. It helped lose weight,
but can be tedious if you kept on doing the same thing, exactly, everyday.
(sorry about my bad English)

Aya Alamoudi says:

If I did this every day I will lose weight?

adam apple says:

Thumbs up if this gave you a boner.

Julia Kirchoff says:

The girl in purple has no rhythm

Carlos Ruiz Garcia says:

Excelente ejercicio para sacar las emociones del trabajo. Gracias

RainVine says:

Just finished this one! I will do all your vids ;) Love it!!!

Mallory Bates says:

Nearly half this video was “loosening up.” I didn’t like the dance moves at
all, plus they keep breaking the rhythm to show you a new move. I’m pretty
sure you would have to play this video on repeat for two hours a day to see
weight loss results.

mel dev says:

this workout is defiantly great for beg that are obese and trying to start
a calm workout….but if your looking for intense workout this is not it.

girl music says:

This is a pretty good way to lose weight! Thank you so much for this. I do
this almost everyday!!!!

Sophie Rees says:

It is possible to reduce weight without risk and avoid weight gain back if
you have the proper eating plan, without medications, hard exercises…

izzy mcgill says:

serena angel i don’t know if you wanted an answer from the people doing the
video or not, but yes any form of exercise will help you lose weight so yes
you could just do this is what i’m saying, make sure you warm up properly
first as you don’t want to pull a muscle and that you do it daily or a few
days a week. 

Kamil Witkowski says:

riends, are your weight loss plans not working? Get started with
ExprezSliminizer now and lose 40 pounds in 1 month.

Natalie Darren says:

VIDEO: #Cardio doesn’t have to be #boring! Try out this #dance #workout for

rubinai ahmad says:

hi .i have a scoliosis problem can i do this work out

Mich Elle says:

OMW someone who dances like me! lol

JCGrantatAC says:

Who am I kidding: Watching Donnie watch paint dry would be interesting.
#life #wisdom

Gabe Oitoucher says:

two pretty chicks having fun dancing, what could be better?

Jersey Schaumburg says:

What a workout feew

goodawsome girls says:

i had a great excerise

lily rose says:

The girl in the purple has me crackin up she looks like she wants to laugh
but can’t lol I’d be the sameway hahaha 

Tabitha Piper says:

does this actually work?

HumayrapDIY says:

@SaraRose Debbie gibson

RLoz76 says:

How do you know? You have zero fucking clue to what any of them are.

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