Full length workout video, fat burning strength training: 30-Minute Weight Loss Cardio Sculpt

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The key to shedding excess pounds isn’t just adding more cardio – it’s also adding more metabolically active lean muscle mass! Strength training at a heart-pumping pace to get more done in less time with this cardio sculpting workout from certified instructor Jessica Smith.

Music By: Power Music


Level: Intermediate

Equipment: 2 sets of dumbbells (1 light, 1 heavy, 3- to 25-pounds, depending on level)

Intensity: Moderate


40-Minute Metabolic Conditioning

30-Minute 2-in-1 Toning

40-Minute Superset Sculpt

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Katie Schmid says:

It’s Monday! I’m a day behind because I was lazy – yep – I was lazy over
the weekend..But the body felt like it needed rest. :) And oddly enough
you sent out the last post about “that time” of the month… I felt like
there was a radar right on me! Thanks for getting us motivated in all
circumstances! :)
I got this one done today – felt great, Thanks!

Robin Vick says:

Did this one today since I took yesterday off. This is one of my favorites
so I had a blast doing it. Each time, I feel more confident with
maintaining proper form for all the reps.

Joan Ude says:

Still keeping up with both challenges. Day 6 was good. Did this weight loss
Cardio Sculpt to start off. This is a really good weight training working.
Just managed to complete the reps using 4 and 2 kg. had to modify the side
planks though.
I absolutely loved Cardio Flow on the Total Body Balance DVD and the Core
Stretch was pretty good too. The kneeling oblique crunches was a fun
effective innovative exercise. How do you think up all these moves Jessica?

Carrie A Groff says:

Day 21 Summer Shape Up Challenge! Burning the fat off and toning at the
same time! Love 2-in-1 workouts!

Melissa Morris says:

I like this one..I had to use 5 & 3lbs (all I have) which is way too light.
I used the 5s the majority of the time. Still a great workout though!
Thanks again Jessica and Peanut :)

Claire Short says:

This was a tough one, but I enjoyed it! Finished up with Chair Workout 1 &
2 on a balance ball.

Joanne Parra says:

Day 28 abs challenge done. Sweaty mess here!!

smitha s says:

Day 27 done! Could not do this earlier, but its nice to be back. Thanks
Jessica for inspiring me to come back again :)

Amanda Hidrogo says:

Done! Much later than usual, but better late than never. :)

Lynn Malik says:

I think this is one of my favorite workouts! I love the cardio and weight
training. :)

Corrie fowles says:

Did this one late last night.That was fun but challenging. 

RobandKathleen Baggio says:

JESSICA!!! lol just kidding – I love this one :) Great start to our Sunday
and now off to our sons Championship football game!!

Lupe Piera says:

Day 27 complete! Thank you! 

Jennifer Lufman says:

Getting back on track, day 27 done! Great workout! Just what I needed

Marie-Annick Bordeleau says:

Abs Chalenge Day 27 done. It was pretty hard since I switched Floor Barre
to Saturday and that swan arms series left me sore in the chest and biceps
(I’m pleasently surprised).

CharlineLikesC says:

Day 27 Flat Abs Challenge: Fisrt I wanted to skip today, because my feet
suffered a lot of blisters walking in sandals all evening yesterday in
Cologne, but after a few hours being up and walking today I thought that I
would probably survive a workout and I did – now I’m glad that I still went
for it :) but I’m also happy that there was no jumping involved today ;)

Petra Stojkovic says:

Great workout! I couldn’t believe, when you said we’re already done :)

Amie Charbonneau says:

Day 27 done. I always love the complete workout that this one gives! Thanks
Jessica :-)

Sherry Lynne says:

Did this one today!

Maria Sutton says:

My day 24 part 3 done and challenge completed -Yayyyy I have loved every
single sweaty minute of it. Thanks Jessica x

Mary Elwart says:

day 27 completed love the 2 in ones!

bayerngirl63 says:

Day 27 is done! Awesome workout! Thanks Jessica!

Karine H says:

Workout 1/day 11 done. I worked out in the back yard this morning, because
we have very nice weather (and the attic is too hot). Still it has given me
a good sweat. Thank you!

Joan Ude says:

I was unable to do this workout yesterday as I was feeling very down with a
tummy upset. Happily I’m literally ‘up and running’ again today and did
catch up with both this Day 27 cardio sculpt ( though with smaller weights
) and also day 28 Standing Barre Abs. 

Robin Vick says:

Day 27 done! I love the combination of strength training and cardio. I will
be feeling this for days! Thanks, Jessica.

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