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Camden Smith says:

3X through it and I love it! When you put your mind into these moves with a
lighter weight you really feel the difference. Tracy thank you so much for
introducing me to connecting my mind with my muscles rather than just
moving as a result of weight. Now on to you Perfect Arms woo hoo! :-)

MSTeach says:

This is the best workout! I turned a cartoon on for the kids (no judging
other moms) and ran upstairs and cranked this segment out. Thank you!
Love, a busy mom :)

nisansala kusum says:

It would be a shame for you not to build muscle when these people do it so
easily with Ready Set Ripped (go google it).

1958gigi says:

Wow..,I am 56 years old and can’t make it through the first one. Will see
how I do the 2nd time around. 

Camden Smith says:

A lot of toning workouts with Tracy are just like cArdio weight circuits
but I would like to have a couple more of these to alternate with where it
is truly cardio strength circuit style…it works so well at trimming me.

Andjelija Ognjanovic says:

love, love, love your videos!!! love training with you as well!

mig malla says:

Have you seen Skinnimaker System? (check it out on google) It is a quick
way for you to burn fat fast.

Camden Smith says:

My favorite cardio so far because it’s cardio and strength alternating
evenly so you work full body. I tend to slim down much quicker mingling
cardio/strength rather than doing them separately Love this! Would love to
see you couple more like this unless I missed them?

frank s says:

i’m dying now in a good way thx fir that i needed it :)

angie fore says:

love this but when doing the jumping jacks and crossing your feet i
sometimes mess up and have to start over.

charyd76 says:

I did two rounds of this! Wow! I’m done for today, but when I have a little
more time I’ll go for the 3rd. Just subed you. Can’t wait to do more of
your workouts! Thanks.

Ashley Thomas says:

Can’t wait to start these workouts Thanks so much. I was 245 I finally got
down to 194 but I have really big big arms saddle bags thighs legs love
handles and belly. I had 3 c-sections but with these workouts Im sure I can
get a lean body!! Im getting married June 2015 so I am starting this today
and not stopping til Im finally down 70 more pounds :) Thanks again 

Pilar Talavera says:

Another awesome workout!! The first position out to a lunge feels kind of
awkward but will keep after it!! Thanks once again, Tracy!!

Gilly Lavelle says:

Tracy I love this video along side best fat burning workout. Im on a health
drive and wanted your opinion as to which video do you think would be most
beneficial for weight loss? thankyou and keep the vids coming there brill x

Clarissa Hampton says:

Can I do this without losing my butt ?

hannahcardinal4l says:

done :) loved this!

Cindy Barnes says:

love this, will be doing this on my session tomorrow. already finished
todays. Soooooo happy to find you. Best yet!


Great workout!!! Time flies by but it’s very effective! Thanks a bunch!

Tracy Campoli says:

Let’s BURN SOME FAT with this fun and challenging INTENSE interval cardio

mjcuyler says:

Awesome workout. Amazing sweat and felt the burn the next day!

Tracy Campoli says:

Great! So glad you liked the workout! Did you do it 3x?? :)

XxCrystaallizedxX says:

Yep! :)

XxCrystaallizedxX says:


Tracy Campoli says:

Such a great question Jen!!! Yes, I think that would be a great idea!!!
Perfect way to sneak in some more workout time;)

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