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There is no particular exercise that can make the breasts smaller, but losing weight in general will mean losing weight all over the body. Subscribe for more great videos: http://bit.ly/Modern_Mom

Learn about the fat that is found in breast tissue with help from a personal trainer in this free video on breast reduction exercises for moms.

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Nadia Addai says:

My boobs are getting.bigger and bigger. Im only 15 and i barely find bras
that fit me perfectly. I even have to wear 2 bras at the same time:'(

Janaysha Brown says:

I’ll be 22 Saturday and I have had big breast since I was 12. When I
graduated high school in 2010 they had to be a DD. I got measured again
last week and now I’m a 36DDD. It’s weird as hell because I’m not fat or
anything I just have huge boobs. This video kind of made me sad lol. I want
them to shrink at least to a D

Hussnain Raza says:

ap kaha sy aye hain?

kurfufflebbg says:

Everytime i walk down the hallway at school or anywhere i go, i always get
looked at in the wrong way and im sick of it!! I NEED to loose this
weight!! :( im only 15 & i have big uppers :/ i always wear so many layers
to cover it up but it never works :( Helpp!! 

ian love says:

pls HELP me if anyone finds something helpful, pls .pls .pls!!! 

Manzu shake says:


NooberGoober says:

I did exercise for about 3 years :I My waist and and others parts went down
boobs stayed the same :I I’m probably doing something wrong maybe it’s my
diet :I

rakhma khalfan says:

I am 10 years old and have BIG boobs i really want smaller because BIG
boobs are hard! I hate boobs!!!!

nachala waters says:

Im 13 and have had 34Ds for 2 years. Older guys look at me all the time and
its disgusting. Some guys only like me for that and its so annoying i just
want them to be gone. 

Laqruisha Mondaine says:

I want to have small boobs again!! :(

Christy Santangelo says:

I need smaller chest
everywherd I go j get looked at funnh
im 12 and im a 36a and I HATE it

Ajay shakya says:

Hi there, have you heard about Fat Blast Formula? (Google it) You will
learn about the serious crimes we commit against ourselves. With Fat Blast
Formula, you will discover how to shed fat fast.

Maria Gutierrez says:

Im a 40H :'(. Waiting on my insurance to approve my breast reduction. I
can’t take the pain anymore.

Comfort washington says:

I’m 16 i’m 5’5 1/2 and i weigh 140 my breast are size 38ddd what the fuck
everyone looks at them cause my body is thin and then myy ass and breast
are Hugeee

Mimi Damur says:

I know how it is babe… I have the same problem and worst I can’t do
anything about it! :/

Jillian Ochoa says:

I absolutely hate the looks you get from stores clerks when you try on
stuff bcuz ur young

Nami1503 says:

I feel your pain

Alexandra Heinstein says:

exactly! you feel like guys just talk to you because of the size


I am 14 year old

elisebean1 says:

She’s built like a dude…yuck

Tanya Crous says:

The worst is trying to find a dress, always too tight on top and a baggy
sack past my hips!

Katerina Wincott says:

Im 14 and a serious dancer, and with a size of 30d this really helped!

optydufinatolal says:

believe it or not not all women were designed to cater to the heterosexual
male desires. your attitude is disgusting and is really one of the many
reasons why some women turn lesbian. go fap off to your porn you worthless

Katerina Wincott says:

*as it reduced my breast size so was easier to dance

Eponine Thenardier says:

I was drinking A LOT of water (it suppresses hunger) mainly because it was
hot in the ice cream truck and I had to keep hydrated during those summer
days anyway. I was eating a bit healthier. I probably drank less pop but I
didn’t cut it out completely. I love Coca Cola too much! I still indulged
in my guilty pleasures but I was too busy to do it as much as I normally
would. I also swam a few days per week/whenever possible. Swimming is
awesome cardio. Any resistance movement is good. Good luck!

gEnIoOhAzEl . says:

2 top comment reasons and its been proven guys (boyfriend) loves skinny
chicks with small boobs e.e

Esraa Ali says:

I;m 14 too but I dunno what size I am..but they’re big :/..but I’ve been
losing weight so they became a bit smaller

Yewande Decker says:

I feel your pain. I was a DD at age 15. I am 26 with an H cup, after having
my baby. I went on a diet and exercised and went down one cup size.

judelush says:

shes full of **** i had a gym instructor that told me u can tone your
pectorialis muscles (breast area) by removing you bra take your boobs an
lift them up hold for three crocodiles the slowly take them down have way
not all the way to were they naturally are and hold for 3 crocodiles and
continue to do that 20 times a day an it can tone them up an lose a little
bit of weight i have to do it as im 30hh an i cnt get any bigger cos
otherwise my back kills i was a j until i started this exercise

Maria Gutierrez says:

All of what your telling me is nothing compare to the pain i was going
through ever since i was 14! Sooo thank you for your commenttt butt i got
my reduction done and im feeling and looking great! NO MORE BACK PAIN! :D

90210550 says:

I am 15 i am a 36C cup, i get back pain a lot, sometimes i feel like i
can’t breath, its hard to find swimsuits cause my breasts pop out if it. I
want to be a A/B cup but i would be ok with B cup

seb sisi says:

thank u & God bless u

FoxWithTheVox says:

Looking for a nice bathing suit is so hard when your really busty!
Especially when your young, I wish I could fit into the cute pretty
swimsuits but they don’t make them in my size, so I always end up having to
buy one in the older women’s section that aren’t very flattering!

Holly Haffner says:

I know how you ladys feel … I’m 21 short and alittle chunky Lol I have a
38 DDD bust I feel like my boobs make me look fatter then I really am … I
have to buy bigger shirts then I should just so my boobs will fit… And
I’m sorry but its hard to find cute shirts for girls or ladys who need
bigger sizes …. It SUCKS

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