Denise Austin: Total Body Burn Cardio Dance Workout

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Denise Austin: Total Body Burn Cardio Dance Workout is an explosive, 30 minute fat-burning dance routine that combines quintessential dance moves from an array of styles to Kick-start your weight loss potential and tone the entire body. Turn up the burn and prepare to sweat with Iconic Fitness Legend, Denise Austin as she shows you how to incinerate calories in this effective, aerobic segment from her top-selling “Body Burn with Dance & Pilates” Fitness DVD that is sure to sculpt long and lean muscle, slim the waistline and leave a smile on your face. Challenge the core and activate the abdominals as you learn easy-to-follow dance moves that will tone the hips, thighs, legs, butt, shoulders, chest, arms, back, and obliques as you boost your metabolism and target every major muscle group of the body. This high-energy exercise routine begins with a brief warm-up to lubricate the joints and prevent injury, and ends with a soothing stretching series to cool down and maximize results. Look and feel your best with this unique series of Mambo & Samba variations, V-Steps, kick ball changes, chasses, triple steps, lunges, jumps, grapevines, box steps, marches, step touches, slides, twists, kicks, hip thrusters, and Brazilian-inspired moves right from your own home with one of the most respected trainers in the business! Re-shape your body and develop a sexier, slimmer, and more streamlined physique with BeFiT. You will need a towel and a bottle of water to complete this exciting workout that is great for all skill levels. For more target-toning workouts from Denise Austin, Click here:

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medora purrier says:


lovatic_forever_99 says:

this is a great workout i lost 4kg i was 64kg and my cw is 60kg 

Tae Bo Fitness says:

you want to lose weight or stay in shape visit my channel, I have several
videos of Tae bo.

Lorie Short says:

I love the simple steps she makes…not complicated, unlike the others
which are very hard to follow by slow beginners like me…

Myat Thazin Aung says:

stupid :/ worst workout video I have ever watched and done. Her voice is so
annoying too.

vita puspita sari says:

love it,,

Olga Ponyu says:

magnificent, love it, going to stick to this workout, not giving up to
learn the moves, though, feel like a cow, but practice baby! practice 

Darcie Wired says:

How many days did it take you to lose that much? xx

Mary Smith says:

Tried to do this workout, ended up giving up after a while. You’re too
fast. couldn’t keep up. you’re showing a routine for God’sake, slow down
ma’am. Besides u don’t even have a mic so it’s hard to hear u giving
instructions in the first place.

amanda sammons says:


toñita ANDRADE says:

los pasos del baile muty bien y denisse estupenda como siempre… pero
pienso que deberia de cambiar la musica ya que el ritmo lo marca la musica,
ya que si no esta uno copiandola la musica no le dice a uno nada, la rutina
con otra musica… wow.. barbara… y si a eso le unamos la voz de ella tan

Selena Joefield says:

umm…….. i’ll just stick to walking

PrincessPumpernickel says:

I loved this workout.

Manoli Garcia says:

Mucha gracias soys muy buenas

lthornton79 says:

I’m really surprised at the negative comments. I love this workout – it’s
fun and it doesn’t stress my knee (2 surgeries on the same knee). There’s
no such thing as “proper” cardio, lol. Cardio is anything that works the
cardiovascular system .. so even sex counts. Take your negativity

ashraf tarek albastawesy says:

ارقصوا ي صبايا

Nichelle Archibald says:

anyone interested in health or beauty products feel free to visit my
website to place and order thanks u have a wonderful day

Jennifer Tabor says:

This wasn’t that intense, but it was super fun and I really enjoyed it. :)

Anise Salazar says:

for some reason I feel like a cheerleader’s mom when doing this :?

Dietas Club says:

Bom dia! Para não ficar parad@s no feriadão, aqui um vídeo para se
#exercitar dançando
Denise Austin: Total Body Burn Cardio Dance Workout

nithiyanandam subramanan says:
Shahriar Pezeshk Fallah says:

Thanks a lot Denise . I feel energy after a long time :) ;)

Shannon Whitaker says:

I read the comments that say this is stupid, and not enough of a work out.
Well for someone just starting out again, completely out of shape, and with
a bad back, bad knees, and bad ankle, it felt pretty good to me. Granted
I’m so out of shape that I couldn’t make it through the entire thing. But
I’ll keep doing it till I can, and then some more, and then will find other
videos to work out with.
Don’t complain either when it is free!

Babalo Rodolo says:

OMG this is good i onli did 20 minutes of it. ima try finish it all

Vaishali Nadkarni says:

I love dancing(when no one is watching!). I do this routine twice, two
times a day! Totally love it! I want more

Taraxia says:

Can you refer me to something that is good for someone who is fitter and
less coordinated? I do feel something from this workout… but not much.

Ashley Evering says:

I know no one cares but 100th comment

xXtaken011812Xx says:

4 mins in I would be dying from having bad bronchitis ._.

Allyson A.-B. says:

Pretty fun, and easy to follow.

vanessa huerta says:

love denise she help me a lot on my loose weight
she is the best 

Paul McGahuey says:


simmone smith says:

Thank you for this video.

Vjeverica71 says:

I love her, she is soo cute. I had to do it a couple of times until I did
it right. Don´t give up the very first time, try again and again and than
it will be big fun.

licyeoh says:

she does not know how to dance. she dances like a mad woman. 

Vaishali Nadkarni says:

great workout routine! very helpful…..lost 15 kilos

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