Chair exercise (Chairacise) DVD Weight Loss Warm Up Circuit

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Loading .... This video shows a chair warm-up circuit similar to the one in the Chair-A-Cise DVDs. The Chair-A-Cise DVDs are designed for quick weight loss, strength training and cardio. This video shows a wide range of unique warm up movements which prepares you for the actual workout. Regardless if you are already at a high fitness level, just starting off, obese, morbidly obese or just overweight this seated chair circuit is fun but challenging.

Daryl Madison


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Lifestyle Fitness / Chair-a-cise says:

This complete body #workout targets the upper and lower body with a variety
of exercises that can be done while seated to help you lose weight, burn
fat, tone, and improve your strength and cardio. Chair #exercises are
great for everyone including those injured, or stuck at the office so you
don’t have to give up your workout. In fact, you don’t even have to leave
your desk!

Not convinced yet? Why not give it a try? ;)

Daryl Madison says:

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