Best Weights Exercise For Weight Loss

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What’s the best weights exercise to lose weight? Fitness Instructor Russ Howe answers the question of the week and reveals how to get the most from resistance training if fat loss or weight loss is your main goal.

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Weights are often misunderstood, with many gym members believing they’re only useful if you want to get big and muscular. Many women are too terrified of getting bulky that they avoid resistance training completely. The truth is, however, using weights for women and men alike is hugely beneficial and you need to use weights if you want to get that toned look people crave.

There are numerous ways to use weights and one of those ways is designed for weight loss. To achieve this, combine HIIT cardio with basic compound movements such as squat, bench press, shoulder press and the other multi-joint exercises. For maximal results, shoot for the endurance zone with your repetitions (15-20 reps per set) and throw in techniques such as Supersets, dropsets and muscle sandwich sets (tutorials of each technique on our channel).

This will keep your body burning off far more fat and using a lot more calories than a regular cardio only session and also build your strength.

So what is the best weights exercise to lose fat? The basics!

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Robert R. Blevins says:


Zoe Sprong says:

Nice video!

Antonis Palos says:

Thnx a lot great video..really nice tips…because I really hate doing
cardio sessions and I will do as you said l…

Antonis Palos says:

Thnx a lot great video..really nice tips…because I really hate doing
cardio sessions and I will do as you said l…

roybaerPL says:

Hey, thanks a lot for sharing this video; in particular I’m interested in
the super sets thing for which I have to add a question: I usually really
like doing 3 sets of 5 reps compund exercises, but I’m really not sure if I
should do lower weights with more reps when trying super sets for weight
loss, like for reasons of concentration and therefore physical security; do
you have any thoughts on this?

RussHowePTI says:

Hi there, Protein is for your diet, regardless of what type of exercise you
do you should be getting protein into your daily diet. Whether it’s from
chicken, turkey, eggs, nuts, whey protein shakes, tons of choices out
there. It’s not so much about how many calories you eat, it’s more about
trying to get the right split of protien/carbs/fats in those calories. PS3
Move definitely makes you work hard. I’ve tried it before, and it is only
going to improve further over time. Russ

Un4givScap3 says:

Russ can you please help me? Im 17 and i weigh like 240 pounds, i see you
talk about eating protein alot. Im not ready to go to the gym yet but im
going to buy Playstation Move and buy the new Fitness game that came out.
If u have time check it out as you can see those excercises do make you
sweat. But i just wanted to ask is there any point to eat protein if i play
that Fitness game and Go for a walk outside later? And you Videos are
great, its a shame u dont have more views. Keep it up!

Aaron Boyum says:

Nice vid! thanks! :)

RussHowePTI says:

Yes, I’d recommend lowering the weights and shooting for more reps. In
terms of safety you will be ok (remember the focus is on quick rest
periods, the exercises still need to be performed with a weight where you
have good technique), but the shock to your muscles of suddenly performing
supersets & more reps than you are used to, will be excellent. It’s a
different kind of pain, and I’m sure you’ll enjoy that. Russ

WeightLoss Pill says:

cool video!

Un4givScap3 says:

Wow thanks for the answer, Today i picked up Move Fitness and Virtua Tennis
4! I like those protein drinks alot tho.. Today i had a chocolate one, But
i dont believe it was some chemical bullcrap because it was from Valio
which is a famous producer in where i live and they are known for healthy
stuff etc! Thanks again and good luck in whatever you do :D

AnneySings4You says:

my question is : is it okay to do the same cardio workout everyday or is it
not effective for weight loss. i do the elliptical for 45 min to an hour
everyday and then a mix of weights. is that bad? should i switch my
exercise routine up?

RussHowePTI says:

Your body will adapt to your training over time, this happens with both
weights & cardio. Usually you should change a program up every 8 weeks, but
you can do it sooner if you simply feel like you’ve reached a plateau. This
change doesn’t need to be extreme, it could be using different cardio
machines, using diff techniques (HIIT instead of regular cardio) and
changing up the weights (diff exercises, or diff techniques such as
Supersets). Best Regards, Russ

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