Belly Dance Fitness For Weight Loss

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Mende D says:

Lol I have this DVD 

JL Peng says:


Rayne Hugley says:

This was awesome!

Gloria Thomas says:

LOL this video sucks

veridian mosaix says:

Ok, this is beautiful AND SEXY, BUT WHY the verbal explanation??? WE can
see it, so why bother? AGAIN I like it ….

Tammy Honeyblonde says:

Love this workout!!!!

Yara EL-gindy says:

boring video and models
just see body with technique no feeling >>> just moves

this video not related to belly dance

Somto Unigwe says:

Sugoi!!!! Had cramps at the end of this!

Marta Etrat says:

son todos los pasos de la danza árabe. Me gusta

Bea Blance says:

super like and sexy 

AP.Ravi Vani says:
Madura Arawinda says:

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Furnace. You are bound to get the body you deserve.

Sabin Shrestha says:

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Fat Blast Furnace so you can get started

Christine29LuvMe says:

I would cut “For weight loss” out of the title. This is hardly intensive

ดวงพร สุดชารี says:

how can I down load this video?

Fati Martinez says:

The most stupid video ever a seen.

wigwambam says:


Maricruz Montenegro says:
Melissa Gerber says:

Amber Mae, how rude! Number one, Oriental dance embraces all body types.
The original, native dancers didn’t look like this, and they ‘knew what
they were doing’!
Number two, she was referring to the backup dancers, not the teacher.
A realistic video has several body types and levels of skill. One person
can demonstrate modified moves for those who are just beginning.
Don’t hate on people who would like to see people who actually look like
them once in a while.
Just enjoy the dance, at whatever level you are right now.

caramelcutie007 says:

I love figure 8, I just did it!
Thank you for sharing your lovely video
Greetings from Australia

0ishi-KitCat says:

I love her so much, im improving.

Claire Simard says:

I would prefer some everyday people, not all skinny model. I would prefer
a regular cross section of America, not all perfect people. Boring.

Chary Fernandez Borboa says:


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