Advanced Kettlebell Workout – Calorie Blasting Weight Loss Kettlebell Routine

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jkand says:

One of my go-to exercises. Done this many many times.

Tanya Walker says:

I would only strongly advise on the around the world move to use a light
weight. I know he said but do it!!! Otherwise, great workout…out of
breath. I was afraid one more round was going to sneak up on me! LOL!

Glenn Bass says:

Holy smokes!

mming Lau says:

danger workout.

shannanya23 says:

Hello, love your workouts and use then all the time , mainly the kettlebell
ones. I attempted this one and its not my favorite probably my least. The
first thing I noticed was the swings, Daniel your doing a squat, nooooo say
its not so. You know you don’t squat its a bend at the hips. Second … I
tried that crossover thing and thank gawd I used a 10 pound cuz I pounded
the inside of both my knees. So without saying I stoped this video
instantly. I will stick with your other videos , keep’ em coming!

K Slone says:

Great workout and great beard!

Amiya Mahanta says:
kabita thapa says:

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advantage of it. Copy and paste into Google Fat Blast Formula to unlock
your weight loss potential.

dablackfly says:

Please please please don’t anyone try any of this…form wrong and these
are not approved Kettlebell routines…if care at all about your body then
don’t do this. And yes Justin you should wear yoga pants!!!

Justin Miller says:

Thtat was the funniest video I have seen. The form was so bad that I can
only assume that this was a joke. To do this, should I wear yoga pants?

doug moore says:

Its my understanding he is doing the swings WRONG!. The swing is NOT a
squat, it is a HINGE movement. you need the HINGE to get the forward
momentum to get the KB chest level. you are not using your shoulder to lift
the KB, but the momentum.

busterbarb says:

FANTASTIC workout! I have been active for a long time and this is a great
way to diversify your daily workout schedule

Gabrielle Rivera says:

Can I use dumbbells instead?

yaapaajalahya says:

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spot On there you will find a good free video
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Patrick Metts says:

Makes me sore and tired just watching this…

farcas millo says:

My classmates laughed when I told them I would lose fat with Exyph Fat
Loss, but then I showed them the results. Go google Exyph Fat Loss to see
their reaction. (You should see their faces!)

preciousmeli says:

i. am. sweating!

Nattoha says:

Thanks for this very thorough menu. How heavy are the KB you used for this
routine on the video?

carlosyamara says:

What brand of sneakers is he using?

Longbellytv says:

Tough workout but I really enjoyed it. Thank you!!!!

Lani Kelly says:

I am totally loving your kettlebell workouts! Fitness Blender is the best!
Thank you!

onokinegrindz says:

Thanks for the video gave me new exercises to incorporate into my circuits!
Thank u again

purttygirl82 says:

Also, it is very important to release the KB through your legs and behind
you. The jerking and forward drop can put a lot of pressure on the lower
back, creating the risk of strain to the lower back. When cleaning the KB,
it should come straight up the body, never coming away from the torso, like
you were zipping up a jacket. These are great exercises, it is very
important that the form is impeccable.

MrNardthehard says:

Great sh;t love the flow of the workout keep’em pumping . ? Are the hand
placement up to the person using the kettlebell pov has hes like you and
Steve use a different grip the thum is facing in

jamstrings100 says:

Is it easy to smack yourself in the balls doing this? Serious question.

gilgore says:

these wormouts are so great, thank you for doing them. more beginner
kettlebell vids please!!

johnnypragmatist says:

You’re right, that might be too much weight to start out with. Don’t go to
an adjustable kettle bell. Stop doing these exercises and concentrate on
standard russian kettlebell swings, cleans, and TGU’s, until you are strong
enough to do snatches and presses. The fault is not in the weight, it’s the
form and the supporting muscles.

XxMagicMezziexX says:

I prefure your other kettle bell workout. Did the lot with 6KG, not strong
enough to do it with much more but managed to do the whole video twice.
Really do love this channel thouggh!! Thankyou

Soncerae Lewis says:

I’m using a 10 pound kettle bell. Can you tell me approximately how man
calories I burn during this routine? Thanks!!

sol soll says:

I am surprised you did not throw in thrusters which i do with a pair of
20kg kbs real lung busters. some interesting ideas though i will have to
try them out, keep up the good work.

Drew Gazdecki says:


FitnessBlender says:

@cagohupu98 That’s a great idea, I’ve got it on the list right now. When I
do one it will definitely be a beginner level because I have not really
done anything with kettlebells before :)

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