Abs Workout for Core Strength, Fitness Training for Weight Loss, Home Exercise Routine for Beginners

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Abs Workout for Core Strength, Fitness Training for weight loss, Home Exercise Routine for Beginners

In this video, Jen shares her secrets about how to get flat abs and a strong core, great to improve posture and relieve back pain due to weak abdominal muscles.

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PsycheTruth says:

Yah! Abs day with Jen Hillman! Check out the hilarious Jen Blooper.So

Tamara Stevens says:

As a sufferer from lower back pain really badly for the last two years I
have finally started to feel a lot relief after doing Jens back stretches
for lower back pain. So now I wanted to start working on strengthening my
core but this video puts far too much pressure on my lower back for now.
Can you recommend any other videos that will support my back a little more
while I am working to strengthen core and stretch out my back? Hopefully in
time I will get to do this one without feeling it in my back!


Love your videos.

valgez1 says:

Foot fetishists, thumb up!

Tajinder singh says:

hi jen hilman I really like your videos. I found these videos effective. I
am a beginner. I absolutely love your videos. thank you for sharing your

Hasan Jibon says:

Hello there! Have you tried – Smuggs Amazing Diet Guide (just google it)?
Ive heard some interesting things about it and my friend got outstanding
weight loss with it. 

Sarah Smith says:

I absolutely love this workout. I’ve probably done it 20 times, and it
never gets old.

tortillitas18 says:

this exercises are wonderful, I feel it in my abs. however my lower backs
hurts really bad.

jrmp20thlover says:

Jen, I am a complete begginer in yoga, even though I usually do some abs
workout. Is it normal that I cannot do some of the hardest exercises? Do
you have anyother suggestion to stregthen the core with more basic
exercises, or should i keep training this video until I master it? Thank
you :) 

Venkata anil kumar says:

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Uzair Syed says:

Forget what being fat feels like with the help of ExprezSliminizer.

Marlon van Wissen says:

Very good! Thanks Jen!!

Getting to Size Fabulous says:

good stuff for beginners

Vilma Barreda says:

Hi Jen! Thanks a lot for sharing all your videos. It really really works on
me…AMAZING! I love you Jen.. (y)

Dark Spirit says:

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BossonB5 says:

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Uthpala Bandara says:

you always got my likes 

Prosperity White says:

OMG at the beginning of the video when the music started playing I thought
Miranda Sings was going to start playing

ethnie69 says:

I appreciate your patience with instruction which helps a novice like
myself. This first exercise you demonstrate I have done many times since
watching this only 3 days ago. Very low impact with lots of resistance.
Thank you so much! God’s Speed

Benasta Joseph says:

Hey Jen your abdomen exersices are simple and not require a lot effort. It
is a good start for a beguiner. Thank for posting this video.

Sabrina Glode says:

didn’t know you could workout your abs that easy and with little motion…
loved it. you should make a full class video that’s like harder :)

Birendra Maharjan says:

The most reliable way to lose weight is through ExprezSliminizer.


hai jen thanque for your show

Satyajit Hattangady says:

superb!!!! Thank you!

fred durkx says:

Perfect sole video! I love your soles jill. Keep it up. You make me feel

Aditi Moghe says:

Very helpful!very motivating.

Damodar Pandey says:

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Super Foods and get started.

OldPanterka8 says:

I am so happy that i find this channel and Yenn. I love all your exercises.
I have deep law back pain i start to exercise and i feel better. I work 10
hourse a day so i have a bell that i never had. I will try this video. I
need to look amazing when summer will be here. Thank you for save me from
taking pills.

FallenEvanescenceFan says:

This is so confusing 

GentilPinson888 says:

The definition of the word women in the dictionary should be replace by the
word Jen Hilman. My God , she’s a first class beauty

Satish Axlon says:

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Skinnimaker System right away.

Pratik Shakya says:

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