25 Min Workout Without Weights – HASfit Exercises to Lose Belly Fat Workouts without Equipment No

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Work your butt off with Coach Kozak and this 25 minute workout without weights. The exercises to lose belly fat and exercises without equipment are great for both men and women of an intermediate to advanced fitness level. This workout to lose belly fat can be done in the comfort of your own home. Visit http://hasfit.com/workouts/home/body-weight/workouts-without-weights/ for the workouts to lose belly fat instructions, more videos, free meal plans, and other health tips. http://hasfit.com for the best free workout without equipment, exercises with no equipment, and work out without weights routines for men and women at home or in gym. We provide fitness programs for varying fitness levels because every heart and soul deserves to be fit.
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TimoLegacy says:

Made it to 15min. The rest i will do later when i can, step for step each

Rose B. Bowling says:

You need to regularly monitoring your weight, setting realistic goals
getting helps from family and friends to reduce weight safely.

Tylan Miles says:

Hey thanks for this video man! Ive been doing this for about a month and
ive already loss 13 lbs!!

James Lord says:

What other work outs are good to go along with this one ?

xXPuNkRoCkRulesXx says:

I can feel my fat burning just watching this video. 

Jack luis says:

hell its too hard D_D ill do it later haha 

Lilly Holt says:

There is no way to burn fat safely without work­ out cor­rectly and control
the eating plan. D­rugs and pills includes harmful negative effects.

Holly S. Woodward says:

It is poss­ible to lo­se 1­0 lb­s na­turally in 2 weeks, wit­hout fighti­ng
against cra­vings for foo­d

GhostGaming says:

hey I’m 12 is the OK for my body at this age. 

VimoFit says:

VimoFit, the only app designed for the new Android Wear watches is like
having your very own fitness coach on your wrist.
Download Free Now! http://goo.gl/g8LEp6

Fer Montenegro says:

Great workout, simple but such a challenge as well.

rich unggoy says:

this workout is hard…but good thanks

31415926535equalspi says:

Coach Kozak, your energy is the best! I’m very grateful to Hasfit for all
of the wonderful, free workouts. Great for us poor people who can’t afford
the gym :)

welshdragon2008 says:

Gosh im tired just watching this guy!

Im ready now for food!

carlos Beast says:

i got a question.. if i do this like at 3 pm and after i do this workout i
start playing video games… will it affect the workout i just did?

Anwar Bakhouch says:

thank u HASFIT allat i started doing this for 4 months i have lost 35 kg

Jason LLana says:

For how long do you have to do this work out to actually see a difference
in your body?Like just asking:)

Renna Parker says:


Bailey Benado says:

Seriously I hate working out in a gym, and have been searching for some
good quick videos to follow online, then I found you! You are so
motivating, know just what to say, the quotes in between are perfect, and
the workouts provide the perfect amount of challenge. I am so grateful to
have found HASfit, can’t wait to check out the rest of the videos! Love the
quotes and shirts too. :D

Kathleen Doris says:

Coach Kozak, I hate to disappoint you but this was way too hard for me.
Could barely get through the first set. 

Dan Bateman says:

I thought this guy was pretty cool until i got halfway through the workout
and I soon built up a hatred towards him! haha! good work out though cheers
for the free vids!

Jason LLana says:

This is beast!!Really hard but worth it!

nayudu adhikari says:

realy!! thankzz for dis video man ……its very hard to do but very

Azar Aftimos says:

Thank you for this video

Deanne Semkowski says:

My fat is sobbing.

LayZeeBro says:

Great workout!

Jeremy Karl Alboran says:

I did it! I feel great. Thanks!

James Miller says:

Wowza! I have been watching and subscribed to you and Claudia’s videos for
a long time, and have made a lot of Claudia’s recipes, and done some of
your workout routines in the past, but I’ve been going to the gym all
winter and wanted some body-weight workouts to do outside in the backyard
or park now that it’s summer weather- THIS WAS INTENSE! I run, play
tennis, and work out regularly, and this definitely kicked my butt. I love
the switching-it-up and circuit-style training. I’m a distance runner and
can sometimes just get stuck grinding out long jogs, which is awesome for
my mental clarity and therapeutic for me and I love getting the sunshine
and clear-headed-feeling a long run gives you, but this kind of stuff is
great for cardio and muscle toning! Sorry for the long rant but I’m high
after that workout! Keep it up and THANK YOU!!

YoJakeOS says:

Man I did the entire workout first try, with a few extra 5 – 10 second
breaks here and their, but let me tell you that was intense. It hurt to
walk up the stairs after

Eric Jones says:

Im 13 this workout is helping me alot thanksoach im super grateful for
finding this workout

MrsSwayze27 says:

OMG… I just finished this workout and im soaked i pushed through right
till the end.. Koach k your the best… its hard but its mind over

Azar Aftimos says:
BIGBOY8D says:


Maria Alexandra says:

I just love you :)) I lost about 55 pounds with your exercises in abaout
one year, in a healthy way with a good died plan . Thankies !

Cássia Marinho says:

Só de olhar eu fiquei cansada. Este treino é ótimo, mas muito dificil para
quem é sedentário ou esta começando. É um treino para quem já esta
acostumado e ainda não tem muitos resultados.

Alexander Alexiev says:

I’m dead : ( 

Ivandale Gundran says:

I’ve done this for the 3rd straight day already. Thank you coach!!!
After-workout feeling is great!

Beauty Health Experts says:

25 Min Workout Without Weights – HASfit Exercises to Lose Belly Fat
Workouts without Equipment No http://ow.ly/zgFeV

steve juarez says:

Very good workout man

Jamari Lawson says:

This one is crazy good.

casper13ist says:

Sweating like crazy after that, haha. I love it!!!

Bennie Anderson says:

My fat was crying real hard but I finally finished!!

x DamFast says:

How long we should wait for before the second round? and the others..

Juston Graber says:

Thanks! putting star jumps in my bootcamps now!

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