10 min Booty Shaking Waist Workout- Lose inches off your waist by shaking your hips!

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Lose inches off your waist with this hip shaking workout. Guaranteed to shrink your waist and tighten your core. Shake, stretch and roll your way to a sexy body. Join the INNER CIRCLE FitClub and have unlimited access to all videos, not available on YouTube: http://www.icfc.club/join-inner-circle-fitclub
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TiffanyRotheWorkouts says:

Visita mi FB en español… y obtén mucha información, consejos y mas!!!

EssiesWeightLoss Journey says:

Oh My Gosh!!! I just did this…stopped at 7 1/2 minutes!! I’m sore!! I
feel it in my sides already. I’m going to try to do this every other day

TiffanyRotheWorkouts says:

@ Padma Vathi, You can have all videos downloaded, even the ones not
available on YT buy joining Tiffany’s INNER CIRCLE FITCLUB.
http://www.tiffanyrotheworkouts.com/join-inner-circle-fitclub TRW team

maxy mofoo says:

I hope this works for me! I feel the soreness the next day, but I hope I’ll
actually lose some weight! *crosses fingers*

Rebekka Webber says:

I want to loose wight on my but but is jumping jakes work great fot that.

April Burtch says:

Why is this video no longer available? I’m using my iPad and iPhone, could
that be why?

Kendra Desmone says:

I just feel the pain of my fat rolls being squished from me trying to bend
that far lmao

Nikita Chavez says:

I just want to say THANK YOU SO MUCH Tiffany!!! <3 <3 <3 I have been doing
these exercised for the past month with you here on youtube. After my
pregnancy I had such a low self esteem I tried many other exercise routines
and even dieted I weighed 170Ibs at 5’2″ and now I am not sure how much I
have lost these past few weeks but I have seen a major change in my
clothes. I went from and XL in shirts to a Medium!!! I still got the same
size pants and my top (if you know what I mean) so I am extremely pleased
with this workout!!! Thank you so much you have helped me gain my
confidence back!

Chelsea Boyd says:

Your workout makes me feel so good! Thank you! :D

Anastasia Beaverheusen says:

This looks like so much fun!

Czy Angeline says:

Will you also lose the hip size?

kittytanwows says:

hi, i get chest pain while doing this, and i stopped working out
afterwards. anyone knows why am i feeling the pain ? im perfectly healthy
and this does not occur when im doing vigorous workout .:( 

Patricia Etienne says:

Im 18, 5 ft 7″ and usually weigh around 145. Recently, I put on like 5-10
pounds just cuz of my eating habits. I could barely squeeze into my size 4
shorts and even my size 6 were a bit snug. I was like heck no Im not going
like this to college this fall. Ive heard of TiffanyRothe workouts before
and have done them on and off but Ive never stayed committed. I was
determined to lose that extra weight so since last Thursday I’ve been doing
this particular workout 3x a day(if im running that day then 2x) as well as
Zumba. It really works! Ive lost those extra pounds and now I fit my size 4
shorts with ease. It really burns and tighten your stomach just after the
first day! My stomach is flatter and ive lost a couple inches off the
waist! Im SOOO happy. Remember you must keep a healthy diet, take your
vitamins every day and try the Raw Meal as a meal or snack replacement. I
hope this helps somebody!!!=]

july L says:

What happen to this video!!!!

Ashley Reika says:

Donno if I’m doing it wrong…I love the idea of the workout…but every
time I try this within’ a minute I have terrible stomach cramping. I warmup
and such, I also am in shape…maybe this workout isn’t for me?

Madeline Smith says:

If I do this twice a day, how long will it take to see results? Has anyone
seen results by doing this?

Ankita Priya says:

supa !!! loved it ! :D

Boo Michael says:

heres a headsup guys! if youre a beginner. (complete beginner with no
exercise video help) i suggest cutting this workout in half for a while and
only doing 6 minutes and slowly work it up. i was sore for DAYS after this
video, It was worth it and amazing though!!!

angel 90 says:

my lower back hurts like crazy the day after. any idea why? upper back as
well but nt as much as lower back. am i doing it wrong? did everything in
here. someone please help :(

Peter Ian Staker says:

i wish there was a rear camera at the back

karen porton says:

Has these workouts really worked for anything, is there any other workout
videos like this , after havin second child im just tryin to find something
to get rid of the baby belly as it were, :) im willing to put inyt the
efort for something that actually works ,,,, any other suggestions , thanks
in advance

Meagan somenameindaworld says:

I have a bit of extra weight on my hips, but I was wanting to know if doing
this after a while will not only help get my body toned but also loose that
weight and have it be to where my hips are formed down to the bone.

yungstud171 says:

I wish that mirror was see through, and I was behind the mirror naked with
a bottle of lube :D

Hina Naeem says:

Hello everyone. Im 5 ft and 5″ tall with a weight of 57 kg and im 22 years
old. I have belly fat as well on the sides. Will this workout help me
reduce it? any other tip for me?

I did this workout yesterday and now today when i woke up I can feel the
pain in my whole belly

Tinat Atifa Masood says:

Tiffany Roth workout! Pretty much enjoyed it!

FamousAnonymous says:

You definitely feel it the next day and that only tells you that its
working. I try to eat healthy and go to gym 2-3 times a week. I work out
every part of my body except my core (I use to do pilates but wanted to try
something different). This work out really woke up my mid section. Today is
my second time doing the video and I plan to incorporate it into my normal
workout routine. Thank you, Tiffany

Joey DeBow says:

i do this video all the time! lol

Maja Ancevska says:

hey :) Would you want someone to tell me what is song they practice?

White Tiger says:

The music playlist for this…
The first song: Baby Bash- go girl
No idea of the second one
The third one: Katy Perry- california girls
The last one is: Will.i.am- make it funky

Jennifer Necole Livingston says:

EFFECTIVE!!! This is a 43 yo mother of two, lupus, degenerative disc, full
time student, and employee – I have no time and limited physical
flexibility lol YOU are what I needed! Thank you :)))))

Sarah Buckley says:

Wow this really kicked my Abs into over time work out straight out of

emily hazel says:

Oh my God… I’ve been looking for something fun and easy but effective
like this forever… you are a life saver!!

prettyfunny14 says:

This was fun. Now I’m sore. But I think it will be worth it.

Nikky Boekema says:

It’s really fun and easy, thanks!

lopsu44 says:

daaamn, 10 minutes of that and i’m dying

Jennifer Collins says:

About how many calories are individuals burning in this workout video?

yumi moto says:

i badly need this…. :)

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