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Join me on this quick Fat Burning Workout — all you need is your Body! Watch till the end for my Week4 Maxitoner review! Don’t forget to Like & Subscribe!

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Love! xox


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Agnes Oshiro says:

Do you gain muscles by doing this as well? 

Elizabeth Lemon says:

haha love this! great workout :)

Emily O says:

My legs hurt just watching 

sally warner says:

Omg this was harder than going for a halg hr run feel proud of myselfnfor
doing it got 1 more pound to go before ive lost my first stone :) only 6
more to go #iwilldo # willpower 

Morris Beckham says:

Carbohydrates are needed to fuel your intense weight lifting and cardio
workouts and they are also needed by the body to keep muscle glycogen
levels full. Your carbs intake should be adjusted based on your body type
and goals. Some people may get lean with carbs making up 50-60% of their
total calorie intake. But many people will have a hard time losing fat if
the carbs part of the macronutrient ratio is so high. If you usually have a
hard time getting lean, then you may have better success decreasing carbs
to around 40% or less of your total calories per day.

dcdhanushka says:

Have you made these costly mistakes in your diet? Copy And Paste into
Google Fat Blast Factor to find out.

Veeva Shakya says:

Have you heard about Nifty Fat Blaster? (check it out on google) It is a
quick way to get rid of fat fast.

Sarah Jane says:

I know I shouldn’t and I’m really going to remember that in the long run it
won’t make me happy! As you say new start; no more falling off the wagon
for me! Xx

xmisspoppinsx says:

Thanks for this! :D you are so lucky to have your own trainer living with
you haha!

Carly Rowena says:

Thank you so much kimberley, such a kind message – you will certainly feel
better once summer gets here – im sure you have a beautiful body already xx

Beckyyy88 says:

sorry I’m commenting lots but I just have to say thank you so much for
this! I’m in the middle of exams so have no time to go to the gym so this
is perfect! Thank you! Xxx

MsPili1 says:

ok thank you :D

Sarah Jane says:

I’m brand new to your channel but will be starting up my fitness again in
the new year so all your videos are really helpful :) thank you!

Carly Rowena says:

Haha, aww thank you xxx

Carly Rowena says:

I know the feeling, it’s getting so dark in the evenings that i just want
to get home! Work out with a friend, that normally makes the ‘public bit’
lets scary! xx

alexislexibaby1998 says:

I remember I had to do 2:25 – 2:56 in highschool all the time for our
workout days! I lost about 10 pounds just doing those once or twice a week
(those were our usual workout days)

Carly Rowena says:

Hehe, burpees are a killer! xx

kiddobitzh says:

Hey I’m 16 and I started in the gym I’ve never worked out before and I know
its normal to wanna throw up at first but can you give me any advice on how
to make it stop or at least make it less awful ? Thanks.

Michael Mastropasqua says:

looking fit :)

Carly Musleh says:

You 2 are the cutest xxx

Zoette Bellafiore says:

Well, what’s to be expected? How much in a month? What’s a number you
really wouldn’t want to fall under? I mean you’re claiming it’s quick?

Holly Evans says:

I chase a very rambunctious 2 year old around, he’ll be 3 in March. I love
taking him to the park, there is a bar attached to the swings he loves the
most that is perfect for pull ups. I love to climb up and hang upside down
and do inverted crunches. Those are fun!

Holly Evans says:

By the way, your abs looks incredible!

Nic An says:

I loove this!

Antea Radan says:

pls tell me how that works out cuz i’ve been looking for a good working 7
day routine

shelby driver says:

You are simply DIVINE!! I love how chipper you are about getting wore out.
I need to find this positivity and motivation to lose my lower belly fat.
The doctor said it’s genetic and i’ll never be able to lose it without
liposuction.. i refuse to believe that!

Teresa Olon says:

3 sets a day?

Kerry Moss says:

im super jealous! i want a body like u!!! im a dancer and ur in better
shape then me, not fair!!! :(

Carly Rowena says:

We all work at different rates so it would be impossible for me to give you
a kg per week as it depends on lots of different factors, try it and see
how you do! xx

Avirox123456 says:

you have such a gorgeous body and you seem like such a nice person! :)

Carly Rowena says:

I would presume this would be down to your food and water intake, are you
eating and drinking enough before you work out? I would also visit your GP
and have your bloody pressure checked xx

Mel Oostveen says:

How quick is quick? Can you give me the kg you will lose per week?

CWebbiewoo says:

Ha same!!! Except mine was a massive cheeseburger, with extra cheese!

Sophie Semmens says:

Haha you are so noisy when you workout!

Carly Rowena says:

Ouch indeed! Well done for trying it! Let me know how you get on xx

Summer Rivera says:

This is so great for those mornings I don’t have enough time to get my full
workout in. You are such great motivation, thank you doll.

s0ofr3esh says:

I will try this 7 days in a row ;will see what happens and probably will
share a comment :P:P

Carly Rowena says:

Aww thank you Beautiful xx

Carly Rowena says:

Thank you for your lovely comment, Love Tanya she is one of my close
friends as we live in the same town and her fiancé is my boyfriends, best
friends, brother (if that makes sense) So glad you subscribed, thank you xx

Carly Rowena says:

Thats awesome!!! So impressed!! xxx

Robyn Messenger says:

Carly, you are a beast…that workout is killer

Avengedstar1 says:

yeah, it’s great. glad your having fun :)

Leni Cornelius says:

not really they dont ship down under =(

Carly Rowena says:

Tell me about it – needed a cheesecake after that! ;-)

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