Kelli’s Cardio Kickboxing Workout – Max Calorie Burn Workout with no Equipment

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Crista Exon says:

For some reason, I find kickboxing cardio “easier” than normal cardio, in
the sense that I can keep up longer and actually feel like I burnt a
million calories without being physically exausted. I admit I go outta
breath after 10′– even though I have never smoked in my life– ( I also
love the longer 25′ version of kickboxing) but physically speaking, I could
do this again and again if my heart wasn’t so weak. :(

Jacob Murray says:

I need to stop smoking. I’m only 4 minutes in and out of breath! These are
fun though

Syeda Hoque says:

Start doing Kelli workout soon

Thomas James Tom says:

How much does this burn? 

CbJmo says:

Great GREAT workout when I’m too lazy :p super easy <3

Syeda Hoque says:

Love this workout 

jason walker says:

whats her full name

alex weir says:

How often should you do this workout a week? Love it though!! 

Silverscream Doll says:

pppppperfect :3 

Ann Vill says:

Hello guys! Thank you for sharing these amazing workouts! I have a
question. when you say we are only doing one round, does this mean we
should repeat the work out 2X more? thanks! ana

Marie .C says:

great quick work out did it after work

kssama says:

Great quick workout! Also hilarious because the Can-Can song from Moulin
Rouge came on my iTunes library right when the knee + highkick combo
started. Really got me in the spirit, lol!

ivan ben says:

más lacia no puede ser la pobre

13speaknowtaylor says:

woah the weather change from 15°C to almost 30°C within a week really kills
me doing thoe videos. This one was ok but I am going to go swimming now,
need a little cool down and a little more sports for today

Autumn Grayson says:

Absolutely love this workout!! I felt like a bad ass while doing it. Haha,
thank you! Very fun.

Yin Boey says:

Thanks for this. It’s my intro to kickboxing and I really enjoyed it :)

Melissa McGillivray says:

Love your kickboxing workouts! I did 2 rounds, and had a good sweat going
by the end. :) Will definitely be doing this one again.

ratna tian says:

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You will learn about the crimes we commit against our bodies. With Fat
Blast Furnace, you will discover how to melt fat quickly.

Brenda Mejia says:

Women need to stop worrying about their calorie intake or not needing to
exceed a certain amount of calories per day. As long as those calories are
not coming from just junk food you will be on your way to loosing weight
fast! or toning up meaning gaining (muscle) you need to eat a lot and work
out therefore getting the body used to a constant food supply and not
having to put it in starvation mode, your body realizes its not getting
enough food and when you do feed it, it will try to store more of those
calories as fat because those are your long term energy deposits.

Sarah S says:

This might be one of the best stress reliever in the world; chocolate
cannot even compete with this workout and god knows I love chocolate.

Cilla Moke says:

Awesome work out!! Please Lord help me stop smoking!! 

Edell Cunningham says:

haven’t exercised in a few months and this really kicked my butt so thank
you….I think :)

Piggypinky yummyjung says:

Really fun work out !!!
Sweating and relieving.

Gloria Terry says:

This Kelli is a Witch! Boy! I almost did not do it but I decided otherwise.
I have lost some weight, I don’t know how much, since I started FB n better
eating habit. This boxing workout WOW! Something new. Thanks.

Llyrianna says:

I might have decided I’ll comment on this video everytime I’m done with
this exercise saying that I love you guys and you are the best for what
you’re doing for us! I love this workout. Ahh :)

heather mskiming says:

how long does this take for you to actually loose weight if you do this
once a day every day?

Cristina Pop says:

How many calories did this workout burn ?

independentmomma says:

Fitness Blender have the ABSOLUTE beeessstttt workouts!!! Love these
quickies but goodies!!lol

mlbm13 says:

omg this hurt so much thank you for the great workout it was very fun i
imagined i was kicking and punching someone ( iknow how awful) . but great
stress reliever! 

Nika Niles says:

I love how she has a flat belly without having a six pack 

Kay Brown says:

I’ve seen many comments here regarding “how many calories does this workout
burn?” There is no one concise answer to this. It depends on your body
weight, your body fat, your fitness level, you fat to muscle ratio, and how
much effort you put into it.

AmbidexJess1 says:

best channel on youtube!!!

Lelouch ViBrittania says:

Thank God YT recommended one of those so that i could subscribe this

charakageeth says:

To average folks who want to melt fat some day, Just go and Google Fat
Blast Factor and get started.

Kristina Conery says:

About how many calories does this video burn? 

InsterV says:

this is so fun!! time went by quite quickly i was bit surprised when u said
that the workout is complete! thank you again fitness blender!

Johanna A says:

I felt like dying after 7 minutes, I had to stop. lol

Cambodia1 says:

Breathing harder than expected . Awesome quick workout. On a side note, I
can’t stand those selfie ads in-between workouts .

nena bieber says:

I just did this and sweated a lot and i feel awesome right now.
Great video!

sweethope8604 says:

Great stress reliever workout!

Toledo Jack says:

kelli has a deep voice for a lady


Great workout . I would love it more if it had some music!

the bean says:

omg this had me like aaaahhh where is the water! where is the oxygen! i
loved it

TheMacky1992 says:

Yesterday I made a HIIT, and I felt like dying haha, never felt a kind of
pain pleassure :D
Today, I tought I was not going to be able to finish this, but I am so
shocked, because I could make it from the very beggining to the very end
wow guys! You rock! :D
thank you so much

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