How To Workout At Home Without Equipment or Weights (Build Muscle Burn Fat) Big Brandon Carter

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How To Workout At Home Without Equipment or Weights (BIG BRANDON CARTER)


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valbona bergman says:


Alex Jones says:

Do you think this Will help me im only 13 though

Crimelife Dan says:

I gotta find some childs! Shit that didn’t sound good.

Yusef Ghanem says:

Do push ups help you’re arm get bigger?

Alena says:

awesome with a body like that we believe you lol

Theriffomaniac says:

Shit… You are a lot more muscular now !

ASAP Matt says:

AYE just to add to this..u can do weighted pushups with the backpack.just
put it on and start.u can even do decline weighted pushups to get hella
-ur welcome

Charlotte J. Coy says:

Everybody is able to increase at least 10 lbs muscles in 2 months and get

SETH wudel says:

Thanks man. Wan’t expectin much, but that actually helped a lot. The beauty
is, if I sculpt a good body, I can have the added pride that I can say i
did it completely on my own, at home, without having to go anywhere or pay
anyone. Did it myself. Totally self sufficiently self made body. Thanks
again, man.

Layla Shackell says:

Everyone is able to develop at least 10 pounds muscle mass in 2 months and
get ripped

Anthony Konstantinou says:

Im 12 years old just wanna ask nothing wrong if I do those right?

WiiU Sucks says:

Dude I don’t think you realise you have the perfect physique 

Hesham ElBahey says:

for beginners how much push ups squats and stuff like that? awesome job man

Dimas Matos says:

how many times should i do those exercises? every day? how many sets and
reps for each exercise?

John Ho says:

I don’t have any equipment, what should I DO??
I’m 16 and MY BMI is about 25…. 177.5cm/80kg or above(horribe)

RhettTheThreatMelvin says:


Mohit Vaswani says:

Hey! I am a skinny guy and will these workouts suit me because it may cause
to burn the body fat?

jonny bravo says:

this guy is troll u cant build muscle at home 

mustafa salih says:

good idea

Vladimir Gerson says:

For once school proves helpful

hillary daeyang says:

Omg it just killed. Me I’m a 13 year old girl and I want muscles!!!

Jarryd Yeoman says:

How long will it take to see difference if your skinny??

Nathan Bar-Fields says:

You just became my favorite workout routine.

PaxhaWho says:

Are you a young version of Victor Martinez??

ERROR says:

A little tip if you don’t have books, Fill up some bottles with water and
do them in a bag!

TheAlexmercer360 says:

glad you made a video on this,and with real good instructions,these things
are really useful for toning and often times strengthening(if one can
lateral raise for reps with 20 kg bags with nice form,they are strong,,they
will look like they hit the gym),with you showing these workouts with your
shirt off,many lazy guys will be inspired to look like you,and realize that
some work in home is better than no work at all,so an awesome vid as

lyrics beats and oj says:

Damn this dude ripped af holy shit I want a body like that or similar as
long as I loose this weight and gain muscles

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