Bodyweight Workout Video – No Exercise Equipment Routine

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Personal trainer Stephen Cabral takes Sarah through a total body workout that uses just bodyweight.

Build muscle and tone up. No gym required. This exercise video can be done anywhere.

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18wtrucker says:

that pussy is really distracting!

mun jamin says:


Nimra khan says:


Nimra khan says:


b3rrynice says:

Like it because of the cat! The cat is like “Meh, exercise~”

bvosman says:

is it me or is she cute

Leanneldok21 says:

Aww that cat really wanted some loving lol

noOne233 says:

I don’t know about you guys, but my full attention was on the cat O_O

Taty7659 says:

Good video!!

Rukia Kuchiki says:

ha ha liked the cat :-)

Ivanna2288 says:

hahahaha :)

Riftlol says:

I won’t have access to a gym for about a month this summer, so this is
exactly what I’m looking for! Thank you so much for this video!

BHSXTC says:

I want to ask, “who’s they?”, in reference to Stephen, Sarah and the cat.
It seems like the cat just “banged” up against Sarah there.

ravynwolfe says:

can’t there be ANY exercise videos with women in it without some goob
making sexual comments? get a life…get a girlfriend! sheesh.

Nadia Ithnin says:

I’m going to achieve sarah’s body real soon…. haha =)

elushka29 says:

Thanks for the video , nice kitty by the way

precious jumahari says:

i think kitty also needs workout..hahaXD

Zyan Binx says:

@lian1238 lol put it on a tread mill and hang a toy in front of it xD

gorgeousnitemare says:

Haha kitty!!

FootSoldier66 says:

is that plank right? i thought you had to have your body straight, not have
your butt up in the air.

217medusa says:

That’s great excercise but my body isn’t strong enough to do some of them.

Sillysamiy says:


broccolihart71 says:

Sarahs got a nice body though…she’s not too hard but just soft enough to
still feel nice to the touch….still feminine!! Good job ma!!

2014sportsgirl says:

Does anyone else call those squat thrusts burpies? Or just my school? Our
squat thrusts are when you jump(thrust) yourself forward while in squat

chibichibininjachibi says:

@TheKaiupono LOL, Thumbs up this guy.

Adeyinka Adeyanju says:


ExcuseProof says:

Glad to see planks in there. Lots of good stabilization movements make this
a pretty descent routine. Only thing that could be included would be some
back exercises which are pretty hard to do with only bodyweight (though
there are ways).

Raidenko91 says:


LuxuriousLuxembourg says:

the fucking cat kills me lollll every time lol what kind of work outs u get
from this? lol

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