Ab Workout, Abs, Belly Fat, Weight Loss: 7-Minute Full Length Standing Abs Workout

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Lose belly fat and get flat abs fast – without ever hitting the floor- with this full length, 7-minute standing abs workout from certified instructor Jessica Smith.

Level: All
Equipment: None
Intensity: Low to Moderate

Standing Abs http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bVolITtS6f8
Standing Abs 2 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=shozdMPeQs0
Chair Abs http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m6fltMfES2I
More full length, professional quality DVD workouts are available at: http://bit.ly/11Cn9qo

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Jennifer Herman says:

i like these quick fit videos…. I can do a couple different ones and work
different groups! Great for getting back on track! Thanks for sharing!

Camden Smith says:

Followed up my hourglass work out with your seven minutes standing at love
love! It’s slow and very methodical in attacking visible ab areas and if
you tighten your abs the entire time which I’m hoping everybody does LOL
you really feel it. Thanks Jessica!

Carolina Di Marco says:

Great! I’ll start right away! Hugs from Argentina.

Anam Baig-Mirza says:

Is this a good workout if you want to lose just belly fat?

Willoughby Dee says:

great routine for limited time frame, music not so much! I lower the volume

juanita champagne says:

How many of each exercise are we doing?

Victoria Macpherson says:

That was great thank you Jessica. Any suggestions to help target the Mummy

Sandra Carli says:

Thank you for the exercises! You are a lovely person! Just one question:
why do all instructors use that kind of music? Personally, it makes me feel
stressed and I find it boring. I always lower the volume.

eyesignful says:

Jessica, all of your video shares are just the best! Love every creative
movement and wonderful simple instruction! You make me a better instructor
as well! Thanks so much! Shout out to Peanut!

Lynn Malik says:

First time doing this one and I really enjoyed it!

Eva Chan says:

Good quick workout, thanks Jessica!

Carole Ramirez says:

I did Concentrated Abs from Jessica’s Cardio Abs workout. It is really
good and doesn’t just work the abs. I’m feeling it in my legs and arms
too. I also did yoga. 

Bikram Gautam says:

To regular people who want to get thinner–but can’t get started. Copy and
paste into google Skinnimaker System right away.

Destiny Gibson says:


Syeda Hoque says:

Good workout

Sherraine Houston says:

Loved the quick workout. 

slick fee says:

nice workout& background

Laura Stavro says:

Thanks for this quick Ab work for Day 3 of your schedule Jessica. May your
Thanksgiving tomorrow be filled with love and laughter.

heidi white says:

I will start to work with ur videos ….you look amazing love the exercise

michaldvo says:

day 3 is done:)

Len Baey says:

Oh like this quick workout for this busy week. Thanks Jessica.

I Faber says:

lovin these quickies! THANK YOU!!

pinky taz says:

tnx for this workout, very helpful esp this very busy season. you’re
awesome jessica.

ajudd71 says:

That was super quick!

Mon W says:

fast and fun…. loved this quickfit workout

valchemist1 says:

loved this one. what’s not to love?

NightWolfWish says:

Really enjoyed this standing abs workout! Happy Thanksgiving Jessica and
Peanut! Very Thankful to have your routines in my life :)

Jennifer Lufman says:

Day 3 done! These quick fit workouts have been great for this week! Thank
you Jessica! Looking forward to #blackfridayfitness too

Donna Woodham says:

I love working out with you … thank you !

CoCoSheaCurls says:

I did this workout in between fixing my family dinner tonight! Love these
short ones as I can fit several in throughout the day.

jessicasmithtv says:

Love it – way to fit it in! Stay tuned, we’ve got lots more video coming up
in our Quick Fit series – just in time for the busy holiday season :-)

Marianne Cravo says:

Hi, I’m from Brazil! Abs on fire!!! Thank you for these videos. I love your

diana342910 says:

Like this workout

Mary Elwart says:

awesome! love standing abs!

priya khuli says:

It would be a shame if you did not bulk up when other normal people are
able to bulk up easily using “Burleex Muscle Booster” (Google it).

Alison Matthews says:

And just when I thought I must have seen all your moves, you do ones I’ve
never seen before! Your repertoire is HUGE! Thanks Jessica!! :)

jessicasmithtv says:

Thanks everybody! So glad you enjoyed this routine :) More to come!

Pradeep Prasad says:

Thank u Jessica..nice work out…,very helpful for me…

evachan21 says:

Great! Quick and easy, thank uou!

ggirl471 says:

I love this video!!!!! thank you thank you

sadyyatora says:

I read an article about your workouts on google, it was very motivating, so
I thought that, you must have a youtube channel. I have to admit, i love
all your workout routines, it helps wonderfully. Thank you for these lovely

cronintaylor says:

Nearly didn’t workout today, but found these quick fit videos. They’re
perfect!! Keep them coming!!

CoCoSheaCurls says:


siosiodow says:

good stuff :)

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