30min At Home Total Body HIIT Workout for Weight Loss & Muscle Toning | No Equipment Workout

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2 rounds
15 exercises per round
40s on 20s off per exercise
total workout time is approx. 30 minutes

in this workout we will be doing:
low burpee holds
one leg pushup twists with alternate toe touch
shuffles + frogger burpee
leg raise + toe touch crunch
walk out tricep pushup jump squats
right leg lunge pulses
left leg lunge pulses
jack knife crunches
mountain climber burpees
3 pulse jump squats
alternating ab roll over + (1 leg) get up
frogger hamstring stretch pushups
4 punch sit ups
alternating lunge back + forward + tricep pushup walk up
sit up burpee pushups


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thepflederers says:

Not going to lie Em. I had to look like 15 billion times at your Instagram
to believe it was you. Girl you got ripped, that is crazy! SO PROUD OF YOU.
Considering when we were best friends, you definitely weren’t concerned
with healthy eating, though that was years ago. Haha. It’s Arianna (Ashley
Dubovik) :D

By the way, I didn’t know if you knew, but me and my husband do daily vlogs
on this channel I am writing on!

Seriously, so pround of you Em :) 

Fatih Özeren says:


AntiqueWhitePanties says:

great vid

sandra m says:

hi Emily are you going to continue making videos ?

sabrina ryan says:

Hi Emely, I’m your fan, excuse my English, I’m Dominican and my language is
Spanish, I really like how you workout and I appreciate that you make these
videos, because it helps me a lot to do and take breaks when I need to take
care of my girl 2 years old, i had like 6 years not to exercise and have
disfilcutad to do the exercises for the stomach, plus I have not much
stability in some exercise. I wonder who would recommend me for that and to
lose weight because I want to lose 20 pounds, look at the video of the
proteins that you take but also I like to know what you eat in a normal day
and how many hours of exercise do. anything that can help me I would
appreciate. thank you very much

sandra m says:

pls do!!!

Danielle McFaddin says:

Awesome workout love your videos! Perfect for after getting home from
school for a 16 year old in Cali :) 

xxstay fabxx says:

nice wrkout

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