25 Min Insane Body Weight Workout – HASfit Workouts without Weights Equipment Bodyweight Exercises

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This 25 minute insane body weight workout is great for beginners all the way through advanced trainees. HASfit’s workouts without weights and bodyweight exercises without equipment are designed for both men and women. Visit http://hasfit.com/workouts/home/easy-beginner/workouts-without-equipment/ for the bodyweight workouts instructions, more videos, free meal plans, and other health tips. http://hasfit.com for the best free bodyweight workout, bodyweight exercise routines, workout with weights, exercises without weights, work out without weights, workout without equipment, workouts without equipment, workouts with no equipment, and exercises with no for men and women at home or in gym. We provide fitness programs for varying fitness levels because every heart and soul deserves to be fit.
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HASfit says:

This 25 minute Insane Body Weight Workout will BURN CALORIES FAST and is
great for beginners all the way through advanced trainees. 

Raging_Dogs7 says:

WOW this was harder than expected but i will do this exactly like him one

Yousuf C says:

done this workout over 30 times and its still kicking my ass

melissa tabanag says:

This workout killed me. Whew. I love the feeling afterwards. Thanks

Cindy w says:

oh goodness! have mercy!

Eric Imperial says:
Drea Murray says:

that was fun

craigdog says:

Superb variation workout – I’m advanced but this nearly broke me! Keep em

John Cheung says:

awesome. thanks!

John Cheung says:

Coach K,

Love your vids. Do you have a weekly regimen that you put together?

Frank Penalver says:

You guys are seriously the best! Thanks for everything you do!

j ho says:

Love the enthusiasm of these two!! Keep up the great work!

shelly sisters says:

I did the workout mostly with the lovely Claudia! Surprised i was able to
keep up! next time ill mix the two and see how well ill do.. Thank you so
much for the video! I am LOVING them xx

dudu atzly says:

Coach its absolutely great the you started to do workouts with two
difficulties and its way more fun to see you with Claudia. Very
inspirational, god bless you

Renna Parker says:

You guys are a great team!

MitchTube says:

Awesome workout guys. Love that core blast!

danny reynolds says:

Awesome workout ! Thanks guys 

janni cruz says:

I will def try this !! thanks guys you’s are the best! =D

ipponata hyuga says:

They are the best!!

Erica Villanueva says:

Thank you

Lon Diffenderfer says:

Wow! Thank you. I have about 60 pounds to lose and HATE going to the gym
and lifting weights. This looks like a truly feasible workout that will
help me really burn calories, improve my metabolism and get rid of fat.
Thanks again. I’ll let you know how I am doing. Tomorrow will be day one.

thereawakaning says:

Great workout

Punto Rojo says:

This is awesome. Thank u and please do more videos

xenia georgiou says:


Immersed Iguana says:

Hi there everyone at HASfit!
I stumbled upon your page recently, and have been incorporating your
training routines once a week between swimming and running.
I wanted to thank you very much for the videos, and being good motivators!
Keep up the good work!

Vanessa Vasquez says:

This is a great video, i love how she is doing the moderation for beginners
thats great..looking fowarding on doing this workouts,you should do more
like this one 

qutaibah aljarrah says:

your are the best

dudu atzly says:

Coach its absolutely great the you started to do workouts with two
difficulties and its way more fun to see you with Claudia. Very
inspirational, god bless you

fkusrnms says:

wooooooow that kicked my butt!!! awesome coach!!

Zach Parry says:

Can u do this workout every other day? If so how long before u see results?

LuvbleGemz says:

It was great watching you working together, can’t wait to do this one!
Please do more videos together :)

vo4ya4ger says:

Man this killed me ROFL

Big Dog Sensei says:


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